Keep Wrinkle Free

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Keeping a suit wrinkle free

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A suit should be a part of every man’s wardrobe. Starting during college, young men should invest in at least one suit to have for weddings, funerals and job interviews.  Also, it is very important for a groom and his groomsmen to be wrinkle-free on the big wedding day. The biggest issue with suits is how to keep them wrinkle-free after wearing or when packing. When driving, the most important tip to keeping a suit look wrinkle-free is to remove the suit jacket and hang it in the backseat of the car.

Tips for Keeping a Suit Clean

Suits can also be difficult look fresh and at times to keep clean. Most suits require dry cleaning, but you dry cleaning after every wearing can be expensive. How can you keep the suit looking and feeling clean between dry cleaning? Follow the tips below for easy tips to follow:




  1. Hang a suit on a wooden hanger away from clothing. Doing so will help retain its shape and allow it to air out.
  2. After each wearing, brush the suit off with a suit brush to remove lint or hair. Brush lengthwise from top to bottom.
  3. Steam clean your suit after wearing to clean it and remove wrinkles. Only professionally clean a suite if it is dirty or stained.
  4. Only dry clean the suit a few times a year. Excessive dry cleaning will cause the suit to lose shape.
  5. Always store a suit in a ventilated garment bag. This will allow air to move through the garment bag and prevent the suit from getting musty or moldy.
  6. Use wrinkle-free sprays to get rid of wrinkles. Spray the solution over the clothes and smooth out the wrinkles with your hands.
  7. Do not leave clothing in a dryer for too long. If they are left in a dryer for a long time, cool air will start setting creases in them. As soon as they are finished in the dryer, take the clothing out and hang on a hanger.

How to Pack a Suit

Keeping a suit wrinkle free

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One of the biggest challenges is to keep a suit wrinkle free when traveling. Many travel sites such as Travel and Leisure and Fodor’s offer tips on how to keep a suit and other clothes wrinkle-free. One suggestion that is seen throughout the many sites is not over-packing a suitcase. Putting too many items in a bag is one sure way to have wrinkled items. Lighten the load in the bag to give a bit more space to the clothing in the bag. For additional space when packing roll items such as pajamas, jeans, t-shirts and socks. Socks can be placed into shoes. Place rolled items and shoes in empty spaces in the suitcase.

With today’s new microfibers and material, some suits can actually survive travel with no much of a wrinkle. Two-ply combed cotton and stretch micro fiber of poly viscose and lycra do not wrinkle easily. For those suits that are cotton or linen based you will need to take extra precautions when packing it for travel. But, if you pack it correctly, the suit will look fresh when you remove it from the suitcase.

Start with the pants: Hold pants upside down from the bottom hem and find their natural break. Then lay the pants down along their natural creases and fold them in half, then fold in half again.

Packing a suit jacket: Hold the jacket upright with hands on the shoulders and the liner facing you. Fold the jacket in half, shoulder to shoulder then turn one shoulder inside out over the other shoulder so that the lining is facing outward.

Pack together: Fold pants inside a jacket and pack in the suitcase.  

Doing these simple things will decrease the chance of having a wrinkled suit when you are traveling.

Complete the Look

When wearing a suit, you want to have a complete professional look. The stylists at Men’s Cuts are here to consult with you about your professional (or even everyday casual) hair style. The fall is also a big season for weddings. Ask your stylist about groom haircuts, beard trims and freshen-ups so you and your wedding party will look great on your wedding day.