What is Your Watch Style?

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for Men's Fashion

Men's watches styles

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Watches are still a big part of a man’s wardrobe. It is a good finishing touch to any outfit from casual to dressy. Watch styles can also very based on the need and the type of outfit. Watches are one piece of jewelry that a man can splurge on (if he desires) without feeling self-conscious.

Men can buy watches nearly everywhere from department stores to discount stores to high-end shops and jewelry stores. Men can be very choosey when it comes to finding the perfect watch. They would rather pick out their own watches and there are so many to choose from. Luxury and very high functioning and fashionable watches, which can cost thousands of dollars, are making a comeback. In fact, there was a private watch show  held in Europe in late 2016, which revealed some very expensive watches, but also shared some new trends of slimmer styles, and innovative watch technologies.  

Watch Movement

Traditional watches are defined by their “movement”. This not only means the movement of the hands around the face, but it also explains the inner mechanisms of the watch. There are three types of movements of a watch: mechanical, automatic and quartz.

  • Mechanical: A mechanic watch has movement that is powered by a mainspring and is wound by hand. These watches are usually the most expensive due to their engineering and quality and craftsmanship. The inside of the mechanical watch is filled with tiny gears and springs that make the watch have smooth hand movement and a battery is not needed. It is recommended that a watch is wound every day and kept out of water, dust and near magnets.
  • Automatic: Automatic watches are very similar to mechanical watches as they use gears and a mainspring to move the hands of the watch. But, these watches do not require daily winding, they are known as self-winding watches. There is a small weight, called a rotor, that moves as a man’s wrist moves throughout the day. When the watch is not being worn, it should be put in a watch winder. This device moves the watch in a circular motion in storage, so it stays wound. Automatic watches do not need batteries and have smooth movement, but they can be sensitive to the environment and expensive.
  • Quartz: The most common, accurate and affordable watch are manufactured with quartz movement. The quartz watch contains a battery which sends and electric signal through a small quartz crystal causing vibrations, which are converted into a pulse that causes the second hand on the watch to move. Most field and sport watches have quartz movement. Beside changing the battery, there is little to no maintenance and these watches are very durable.

Why Men Should Wear Watches

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Most men wear a limited amount of jewelry: a watch, wedding band and possibly cuff links, for dressier occasions.  In addition to giving the wearers a sense of time, watches can also give insight to the wearer’s personality. There are many styles of watches including dress, field, aviator, diving and racing which can project which are a form of self-expression for the wearer.

Watches are a perfect accessory items for men. It is an item that can be worn for years. But, a watch must be chosen carefully based on the need and the function. Dressy watches should only be worn with formal wear, while field, aviator, diving and racing watch styles can be worn with more casual looks.

Real Men Style listed some reasons that men should wear a watch.  Below are just a few of these reasons:

  • Time Telling Convenience: Watches are the most convenient way to tell the time. There has been talk that watches are losing favor because a person can easily pull out their mobile phone to get the time. However, it looks much “classier” to look at your wrist than to try to find your phone.
  • Functionality: Watches are functional and the power lasts much longer than a smart phone. Wrist watches were first used in the 19th century during military maneuvers, so they must function properly and be precise. Watches also contain functionalities, called a complication beyond just showing the time and date. Two popular complications are the chronograph, which a stop watch function and the moon phase, which displays the lunar phase.
  • Craftsmanship: Watches are a symbol of tradition and history. They also can be a piece of art, especially the higher end, luxury watches. There are many watch makers that are household names including: Rolex, Tag heuer, Brietland, Omega, Cartier, Swiss Army Phillip Patek and Tudor. Mechanical and automatic watches are a complex piece of gears and springs working together to keep time.
  • Heirlooms: A watch is an extremely popular gift item, but they can also be considered an heirloom. A good well-made watch can be passed down to future generations for many years of use.

Compliment Your Style with a Great Haircut

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