TIPS for Any Man in Cleveland Ohio Who Wants to Host His Own New Year’s Eve Party

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for Salon News


imagesUnless you are really good at planning parties it can be a daunting task. I for one, have never been good at planning parties. I think of all the details and then just give up. Its a reason to get together with people you don't get to see much. You could of course call and get the food catered, but that in combination with the libations may blow your budget. Of course everyone has their own interpretation of a good time. 

1. Tips: Gather 20 emails or do a group text of your closest friends, family, neighbors. Try using the website It is a great way to send out fun invites free and it will also give you a good idea who is coming. Remember to give a start time and end time of your party.

1. Home is where the heart is. Clean your place.

Yes, especially your bathroom.  If you plan to have women over, this is especially important. Be sure you have toilet paper, hang a clean hand towel for guests to use. Purchase a (10) 2" candles, 10 candle holders at a Dollar store and light them for ambience throughout your kitchen, dining area, cocktail,  table & mantle.

2. Keep it intimate

Invite only a handful of friends say about 20 and under.

3. Ask your Guest to bring one favorite cocktail to share for 10

Remember to mention how many you have invited. Remind the guys to allow for two-3 cocktails per person.

4. Plates, forks napkins, bowls, noise makers

Go to any party store, Dollar store and purchase these items, they can be mix and match, colorful makes it festive

6. Appetizers ( turn on crock pots by 1 PM low then turn to warm when guests arrive)

Call your mother or a female friend and borrow their crockpot(s), go to any super market and pick up a large bag of frozen meatballs and 3 packages of italian sausage/keilbasa, 2 jars of your favorite tomato sauce, 2 large green peppers , and 2 large onions, two jars of  tomato sauce and some grated parmesan cheese by kraft. 

Toss the meatballs, 1/2 of chopped veggies & sauce together in one crockpot and in the 2nd crockpot, throw remaining chopped veggies and sausage together with 2nd jar of tomato sauce.

Buy party size chips, two dips, salsa, cheese cubed, crackers, spreadable cheese and nuts.Pour chips into a large bowl and layout crackers on plate with cheese.

7. Have Auld Lang Syne” ready to play at midnight

8. Party safety

Have coffee, cream and sugar ready for those who need to sober up before going home.

Have EXTRA blankets and at several pillows ready for any guests who need to crash at your place. Please do not allow any guests to drink and drive home if they have had too much to drink.