Grooming Boy to Man Starts with First Impressions and Male Validation

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for Men's Fashion, men's grooming, Salon News

IMG_0773For years, men learned not to fuss over their grooming habits.  Men went to barbers and that was it; or their mom's cut their hair. Today, men have more alternatives for haircuts & they have information at their finger tips to learn how to shave, what styles to wear, what deodorant, moisturizer and cologne to buy "Thanks", to social media, advertising & moms.  Yes, moms. Mom's are the one's that usually drive their son's for their first haircuts. Most teen boys defer to mom's because moms asks questions, moms usually know what they want their son's hair to look like. Most teen boys are too busy with school work and sports to worry about grooming. There are exceptions of course. I have begun to notice teen boys starting to take more interest in their appearances. They want to wear cologne to dances. They want validation among their female and male peers, even if they are not mature enough to date. The teen years is a crucial time to teach a young men good grooming habits because this follows them into manhood. Mom's are great, but teen boys need a male role model too. Let's face it, guys can talk about things that mom's can't. A guy can say," You need to wear deodorant and you need to shower daily because you stink!" It doesn't sound the same from mom. Dads, uncles, big brothers need to be the one's to show how to shave, put on deodorant, apply Gold Bond powder below when too sweaty and of course a where to get a great hair cut. Teen boys need to hear it from a guy, because you validate them as a man. 

I believe one reason boys defer to mom is  the lack of time for most men. Dad's get up very early and work all day. When it comes time for a haircut & grooming, it is mom's responsibility take their son's for their haircuts. You would think that because mom's in charge of the haircut that boys would grow-up liking the experience. It seems most boys grow up thinking a haircut is a a dreaded chore, when it should be a a positive experience because you look & feel better after. My own observations leads me to believe," Haircuts for boys,(click here for teen  hairstyle ideas) have always been an event that is rushed between activities and  require a walk-in versus an appointment. Boys are not taught the value & benefits of a good cut. Mom's do not fuss over boys, like they do girls. This explains why most men do not view a haircut experience as positive but as perfunctory. Men have been taught to think from their childhood that a haircut is a walk-in and not something that requires an appointment. Click here to see men's hair trends 2014.

Fast forward, something magically happens though when boys go off to college and hit their early 20's, they learn more about grooming from their peers, they are interested in women and care about their appearances. This is the turning point for many young men as they graduate into the real work world. Guys will say, " I need a haircut for a job interview." They realize that the $6-17 chain cut won't do, they want a great haircut, but where and who can they trust. Look no further, you found it if you are reading this, Men's Cuts.

Your haircut is a reflection of you. It is who you are and what the world sees- your hair deserves an appointment where time is spent. Oh, I know, you are a creature of habit and only want a walk-in. But, hear me out,  if you find a stylist you like, you don't want to show-up as a walk-in because she may be cutting someone at the very moment you walk-in or you can't get in at all because she is booked. You are the perfect reason to have a scheduled appointment. You are important.

Oh, by the way, your hair grows approximately 1/2" a month that means  you have to cut it every 4 weeks. You can not expect your hairstyle to look good unless you have stay on schedule and get it trimmed every 4 weeks. It's that simple.