Cleveland-Lakewood Ohio Hair Trending on Detroit Ave

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Men are starting to realize if they want to change their hair style and if they want something different they are going to have to visit a man salon. It is a welcome relief to men who are tired of the chains and barber shops. Most chains do not spend the time needed to help you with styling and a barber has only one basic haircut. Any man that come into Men's Cuts is offered the option of changing hair styles and how to reach their style goal. And for all those men who are use to just a dry cut and walking out the door with hair all over their clothing and feeling itchy, we make it a point of being neat and providing a relaxing shampoo with all cuts.

The latest local haircut trends being requested are comb overs (Mad men) with tight fades & 70's layered, swept back with a comb. It is  great to see some of our client growing their locks out to meet their shoulders. 

If you want to grow your own hair, we have solutions to help you get through the awkward stages of growth. But, you will need to have some patience to grow it out to something new. Hair grows an average of 1/2" a month.

Do you remember the 80's look where a guy would buzz underneath and worn in a pony tail? I think some of that is making its way back on some our Lakewood residents.

When you have a hairstyle that's longer, you have more flexibility to wear a different style. If you are wearing it differently you will need different styling tools to create that look. One of my  two faves is the REDKEN Grooming cream & Pomade. It is greaseless, water  soluble and it dries with a soft, satin finish versus hard  and  crunchy, like gel.