Stylist at Men’s Cuts Offers A Solution for Aching Feet

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for Salon News, Uncategorized

imgres-1As a Men's hair stylist, we stand for 1-3 hours on our feet. About several weeks ago, I was experiencing pain in my metatarsals. The pain started in nerve between the 3rd and 4th toe. The medical term is Morton's Neuroma. I somehow inflamed the nerve. This sort of thing can happen by wearing the wrong sandal. Some how the weight on my foot shifted because I was wearing Birkenstocks and fashion sandals. Usually side open sandals like Birkenstocks distribute the weight of your foot evenly. There is a little bump in the sandal that separates your sole and toes, that bump hit my fourth toe nerve incorrectly and I started to develop a callous there. Once the pain starts, I scramble to figure out what shoe I can wear. The first few days I had to ice the bottom of my foot, then I would massage the sole of my foot, but especially the area between the third and 4th toe. The ice and massaging release the nerve somehow and helps with inflammation. Afterwards I wear tie shoes, or shoes that have cushy inner soles under foot. The toe box should be roomy enough to let the toes spread. This helps with standing all day as well as preventing inflammation in the nerves of affected area.

I am a shoe horse. And by that I mean, I love shoes. But I now have to rethink my choice of shoes and comfort is a big dealIMG_3001. The fact that I stand on my feet so much, I now rank shoes by comfort first, then style. Another thing is the structure of my feet pad I think have thinned. What I wore 2 years a go, is no longer comfortable, so what do I do?

In the last year, I have purchased 7 pairs of new shoes and sandals. All of which have their short comings. The prices range from $19.99 to $398.00. Sadly each pair hurt for one reason or another. My sandals which ere designed to imitate Birkenstock, aggravated and triggered Morton Neuroma. Another shoe from the foot source was described as the most comfortable show, made my foot sweat and ache. The nylon fabric did not allow for breathing. I have relegated those to walking the dog. I purchased a pair of Cole Han flats. In my past experiences, well made leather shoes are the most comfortable. The mold to your foot. Well, I love my Cole Haans, but can't wear them daily like I did in my 20's. 

This fall I got a  pair of Frye Boots.  I figured out that I have to wear thick socks to pad my feet since Frye boots do not offer any padding for the sole. So far so good. Again,  tomorrow I will wear a different pair of shoes, just so my feet feel good.