So, You Want to Grow a Beard?

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for men's grooming

Growing a BeardMost men have tried growing a beard at some point in their life. Some only last a few months, while others will have beards for years. It is all a matter of the guy’s preference. There are some reasons why men like growing a beard, especially during the winter months: 

  • Staying warm in the winter and protecting skin against the elements.
  • It started off as a suggestion or for a cause, such as Movember, Decembeard or even Manuary
  • Being lazy-too lazy to shave every day-on vacations and don’t want to shave
  • Growing a beard allow a man to easily change their look or make a statement.
  • It is fashionable. However, the beard growing trend is beginning to fade in the Cleveland area.)

Whatever the reason that men grow a beard, it is important that beards are taken care of by proper grooming, including cleaning, trimming, moisturizing and using beard oil.

Beard Growing Tips

Growing a beard is a commitment. When growing a beard, it is important to set a date for how long you want to grow the beard and stick with it. Don’t give up after a few weeks. A good beard could take a few months to grow in properly.  When starting to grow a beard, let it grow and do not shave for at least 4-6 weeks before trimming or shaping. If the end goal is to have a goatee, a full beard should still be grown before shaving it down to the goatee.

After 4 weeks to 6 weeks, it is time to shape the beard, by shaving the neckline and cheek line. This can be done by a professional or barber or done carefully at home. Leave the cheek line, the upper limit of the beard, natural. Only trim hairs that are too high on the cheek. The beard shape should complement the shape of the face.  

The “not-so-fun” part of the beard growing process is the itching. The skin on the face is going through a transition when you grow a beard. This is usually just a temporary phase during the beard growth, but during this time, it is important to keep the skin moisturized and clean. A beard is a magnet for all types of debris including oil, bacteria and skin cells, so the beard needs to be cleaned the beard daily with a gentle shampoo and a conditioner. There are special conditioners made just for beards which help to hydrate and beard and the skin below it to prevent dryness. 

Beard Oils

Men’s beard hair is prickly (especially when it is first growing) and oil helps to soften the beard and the skin. At Men's Cuts, we use beard oil to moisten and soften both beard and skin. Mae Williams developed a beard oil that is used and sold in the salon. The beard oil is rich, gentle and easily absorbed in the skin helping to soften the skin and the beard. A lot of beard oils on the market only treat the beard. The beard oil offered at Men’s Cuts can be used on facial skin and can be applied to tattoos to make them more vivid.

The best time to apply beard oil is after a hot shower. This is when the beard hairs are cleanest and softest. Dry the beard completely and then apply 2-3 drops of the beard oil in the palm of your hands and then work it through the beard. This should be done every other day if not more depending on the condition of the beard and skin. 

Trimming and Shaping the Beard

It is very important to keep the beard trimmed and healthy looking even if you are no longer shaving. Trimming helps to maintain the type of beard that you have chosen and will help it to grow in the right shape.  Have a professional trim and shape the beard the way that you would like it with scissors or clippers. Men’s Cuts performs all kinds of beard trims with scissors and clippers. A beard will grow just as a fast as the hair on the scalp, so it is recommended that when men get their hair cut that they also include a beard shaping. Don’t forget to keep the moustache trimmed as well as the beard. If you are doing beard trimming at home, invest in a good trimmer/clipper. Choose the right guard for the length of beard that you want.

By following these simple beard growing and grooming steps, men can work on growing their beards and look good while doing it.