Scent of Man Can Rock A Woman’s World Cleveland

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Are you looking for ways to smell good without having to wear cologne. I use to think guys were just lazy. I know the faintest whiff of a cologne for me, can bring back rush of great memories. And of course, different scents evoke different memories. Men are not scent driven unless it pertains to food. Women on the other hand are scent driven. Almost every woman I know wears some form of perfume. So where should a guy spray his scent if he going to wear any cologne?  I am going to suggest misting the neck, chest , shirt collar and front of shirt. The reason being is if you are on a date or hugging a friend, the scent lingers and leaves the woman a scented memory of you. It's subtle, yet powerful.

Credit: Google ImagesMost men need some help, whether it is in a body lotion, soap or after shave. It certainly doesn't hurt a  guy if he has his own special scent. A guy dressed in a clean, t-shirt or button, down shirt, a pair of jeans and loafers with a subtle scent can really rock a woman's world. I was reading  April's issue of GQ and wanted to share with you what products men can use who choose not to wear cologne.

Imagine a deodorant 's scent getting stronger as your pits sweat. You'll need to sample Dolce Gabbana Sport, it will keep you dry and  smelling great. You can pick this up at Macy's. Read on....

Let's say you don't wear a scent. Maybe you find it excessive, or always forget to spritz it on your way out, or simply think it's a pain in the ass. There are other ways to up your scent game. Here, our 10 favorite smell-goods