Realine Is An Easy Solution to Achieving A Handsome Smile

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imagesAs a kid I ate a lot of candy like most kids but I was the unlucky kid who got cavities . By the time I was 14, I had  2 root canals, but my teeth were fairly straight. I never gave my teeth much thought until several years ago. I noticed my bottom teeth becoming crooked.I talked to my dentists and  he suggested I try Realine. Realine is a method to straighten teeth with the use of clear plastic trays. The entire process takes about 10 weeks. It requires a person to visit the dentist every two weeks to change out trays consecutively. It also allows the dentist to tweak the trays if the teeth do not move in the desired direction.

Women look at teeth and smiles. Men who include their teeth as a part of their grooming routine is just as important. Your teeth are extension of your overall appearance. Going to the dentist regularly, brushing and routine check-ups are very important.

Dr. Michalos, my dentist took impressions of my teeth to make a mold for the 5 sets of trays. He snapped pictures of befores and then developed a series of 5 trays. Realine trays must be worn all day, everyday and overnight to to be effective for 10 weeks. You can't eat or drink hot liquids with the trays in your mouth. Otherwise, you risk warping the trays from chewing. You also have to rinse and or brush after each meal. There is no pain.

I started Realine at the end of July. The trays are clear, so it isn't really obvious to others when you are speaking. When I first started wearing the trays, I spoke with a slight lisp. But once I got use to it, everything was just fine. I think the hardest time for me was I wanted to snack or chew gum. I ate less candy. It's October 10th, I have just one more week before I get my over night trays, that I will wear to sleep with. It feels like an eternity, but when I look in the mirror, the results are so worth it. The costs are approximately the $1500.00. I am fortunate to have dental insurance.

So, If you are interested in trying Realine, you can  contact  Dr. Michalos. He has a great staff and they are very personable.