Why Men Should Buy Quality Leather Shoes for Comfort

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for Men's Fashion, Uncategorized


images-1Shoes make the man. Shoes can really complete an entire outfit for a man. More importantly, they need to provide support, especially if you have a job that requires 8 hours of standing and walking. I have seen some guys wear the most worn out shoes. Every man should own two pairs of dress shoes, 2 pairs of casual shoes, 2 pairs of sneakers. Now this is a minimum recommendation. You are less likely to wear them down as quickly. 

imgres-1One of my first jobs in high school was selling very expensive designer shoes. I worked at a shoe store called Cuoio. There were two locations in Boston. One was  on Newbury Street and the other at Faneuil Hall Market. Cuoio means leather in italian. Cuoio sold only the best  leather shoes for women. All the shoes were all beautiful. Every pair was italian crafted & buttery soft leather. The workmanship and attention to detail was worth every penny. In 1980, shoe prices then ranged from $75.00 to $200.00. Today a pair of very nice leather shoes, start at $125.00.

imgresMy experience as a shoe clerk taught me the importance of our feet. We take for granted our feet. Your feet support your entire body wt all day. The type of shoe you wear affects your foot. Shoes that are better made, fit our feet better. This is especially important for anyone who stands on their feet for their job. You can develop all kinds of toe, foot and lower back pain issues from wearing  shoes that are too loose, too tight, pinch, too narrow.

images-3Back in the 80's, more shoes were resoled, kept for more than a year because of the quality of leather. I noticed the quality of finding nice leather shoes becoming scarce when manufacturers figured out how to use rubber and man made materials imitate leather 1about 15 years ago. Textile manufacturers have really gotten smart about how to assimilate leather goods. Great leather shoes will mold to your foot. Unlike the shoes we all buy today, which are disposable, rubberized,imitation look like leather, do not breath and can't be stretched naturally to mold to your foot. These types of shoes are what I call disposable and last a season. I personally believe you get what you pay for. 

Shoe tips:

1. Buy shoes that are leather, not vinyl

2. Buy shoes with great support in the sole

3. Never buy shoes that pinch when you slip them on. You will not wear them, unless they can be        stretched out over time. Most of the time they become dust collectors

4. Inner soles do break down, replace them after a year if won regularly

5. Alternate footwear to make shoes last longer

6. Reheel your shoes if they get worn down, this affects gait & lower spine.

7. Discard your shoes yearly if they are not leather and if the heels or worn.   

I use the Italian shoe cobbler of Westlake, OH for all my shoe and leather needs. You can usually find great leather shoes at Johnson & Murphy, Neiman's, Saks, Nordstrom Rack, DSW Shoes, Henri Bendel.