Invest In A Professional Bottle of Shampoo & A Great Stylist

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for men's grooming

imgresMost recently there have been clients coming into Men's Cuts, asking if we provide scalp treatments because they have dandruff problems. My answer to these gentlemen are: Yes and No. If this is your first visit with us. I would take a look at your scalp as we shampoo, cut & style and ask you what products you have been using. It takes several visits to get to know your likes, dislikes and your scalp. I do provide some in salon treatments that are natural, like aloe and vinegar. But much depends on the diagnosis.

Unfortunately, men use, "Whatever is available to them that their wives, girlfriends, partners buy. Most clients don't even know the name of the shampoo they use." I usually ask them to describe the bottle? Some of the brands I hear described,"Garnier, Pert,Head and Shoulders, Selsun Blue, Suave & Herbal Essence." Men don't read labels. As a result of that, they are over using products that either irritate or exacerbate the scalp and many times it dries out the hair or leaves it flat and oily.

So here are 5 recommendations:

1.alternate  & invest in a professional bottle of shampoo. The shampoos above  medicated should be used 2-3 x a week alternating with a professional grade of shampoo by Redken for men. Yes, there are many brands of shampoo out there. But as your professional stylist, I shampoo many heads a week. My hands are never chafed, dried out. Even in the dead of winter, my hands are not dried out.Your dried scalp could be from overuse medicated shampoos. It doesn't nourish your hair.

2. Stop using anything just because its free or cheap. Avoid extra body shampoos if you do not not want fluffy, puffy hair. You should not use 2 in one. These products either strip your hair of nourishment or your hair never looks clean. I do not know any product 2 in one that do anyone justice.

3. What are you eating and drinking? You are what you eat. Drink plenty of water. Your scalp is an extension of your face. Treat it like you would your face. Use great products and nourish.

4. Invest in a great stylist. Get your hair cut every 4-6 weeks with the same requested stylist. Believe it or not, your stylist will notice any changes quicker than you will because it will show up in your skin and hair. Most men don't pay attention to those details. 

5. Alyssa, Nadine and Mae are here to help provide hair care & styling solutions.We are a great team. If after 3 visits your scalp condition doesn't improve, I have a chinese herbalist/ acupuncturist in Cleveland I send clients to. One client I sent had great results. The choice is yours. I go to this guy myself whenever something arises. Got a hair or scalp problem, stop in and see us.