Haircuts for Men - Services

You're out to impress someone (even yourself). Or it's time for a change. Either way, guys need a trim more often to maintain a sharp, professional image. Every visit delivers a relaxed and satisfying experience. Look good, feel great. That's what happens with Men's Cuts. Below are some of the terms men refer to. But don't worry if you can't explain what you want. We got you covered.

Beard Trimming

Beard detailing and trimming available

Buzz Cut

Like your hair short all over, the simple buzz cut may be all you need

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is edgy, trendy and acceptable in most of today's workplaces

Man Bunn

You don't need to be a hipster to sport a modern man bun

Mop (Rom Com)

Trending now...longer hair, loose and carefree.

Other Specialty Haircuts

Just ask, and we can help with your perfect haircut.

man waiting for shampoo

Why choose a stylist over a barber?

Men who choose a stylist want the option and freedom to change their hair style and “look” whenever they want. A stylist has the ability to style more than one look depending on the cut. Stylists are open to change where at a barbershop most men wear the same haircut for a decade or more.

The stylists at Men’s Cuts are highly skilled at cutting and clippering any hair style (long or short). We can cut an entire haircut using only scissors if requested and or use a razor for closer cropped cuts. The options are unlimited. For those who have a beard, we are experts at beard care and trimming.

Men’s hair stylists are unique in that we have chosen to devote our styling passions to grooming men. Other added benefits are attention to detail with a gentler touch. We’ll help recommend products to help with thinning hair & skincare too. We want our men to always look their best. The only service a stylist can’t perform is a face-shave and line-up. Only a licensed barber can do that.


We carry a wide selection of hair and skin care products from these well-known brands.