Mae at Men’s Cuts Spends a Weekend in NYC

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for Men's Fashion, Salon News

IMG_2530Last weekend I spent the weekend in NYC. We stayed in Time Square at the Marriott Marquis, a fabulous location. There are people everywhere all day and night. It took me two days to adjust and get my bearings. Our room was on the 40th floor. We walked everywhere, took the subway and used Uber. The trip was primarily a mother daughter weekend filled with shopping and eating out with family. Every where we ate it was great. I have family who live in Manhattan and so they were city guides. The subway system is used because taxi's are so expensive. You could Spend $40.00 to go a several blocks because of the traffic. It is faster to go by foot or subway. You really can't get to know the city unless you walk it anyways. We walked from 34th-46, up 5-7th avenue and down to madison and as far as 56th....We ate and shopped  in Soho and West Village. Soho had so many great little shops like Brandy Melville and the area was filled with local artists who made and sold their wares on the street. I think my favorite stores were Steve Madden, Henri Bendel and Armani Xchange. I liked the interior vibe and how things were laid out. My favorite trinket store was Henri Bendel's. It was the perfect place to spoil teen daughters. Henri Bendel offered designer leather handbag, hair accessories and fun costume jewelry.

It was fun discovering shops with no name along 6th avenue; private labels that sell beautiful knock off pieces for women. These stores make the clothing for large company chains. The big box stores then slap their label on the clothing. We walked down 5th ave discovered the Today show and Radio City and sat at Rockefella Center Plaza.

There I was able to capture a glimpse all types of men going to work. I was looking at their hair styles and dress. Interestingly most men wore long layers, unlike Cleveland where we have been cutting a lot of  fades & comb overs. Most professional men wore longer, traditional tapered cuts.  A majority of men wore pale blue dress shirts. I was expecting to see more interesting clothing on guys and was disappointed. As far as men's hair,  I think we are pretty progressive in men's hair trends at Men's Cuts. 

soho bbshop My curiosity for information and what other barbershops look like was an eye opener. Most were about 400 sq. ft in size. The space is enough for two salon chairs, plus a table for a register,  room for small waiting room two chairs. Men's Cuts looks palatial. Men's haircuts start at $50.00. I would not be able to function in such tight quarters. I did not see any Sports clips, Best Cuts , Great Clips chains anywhere in NYC. You know it is all relative. Since everything in NYC is so expensive, $50.00 for man's cut would be the norm.