Men’s Subscription Box Services That Save Time for Men of Cleveland

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imgresTies? If you love ties and lack the time to browse, now you can have ties mailed to you. You can sign on for a three, six and or 12 month subscription at  They will send you an assortment of ties including bow ties.

Need to add a some style in your wardrobe, but hate the idea of getting into your car, getting stuck in traffic walking, but want your own personal stylist. Your friends will wonder how come you are always to put together. You will pay the same as retail, shipping is free. The best part is you can do this all in the comfort of your own home. Try and trunkclub.comScreen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.26.56 AM

I have known a few guys who will literally go out and buy new underwear, just to avoid doing laundry.  Well, now you can have it mailed to you. Try and

If you can't get to the drugstore to pick-up more shaving blades, look no further. My husband loves this service. You really can't beat the convenience and price.Try

imagesOk, so now that you dressed from head to toe. What else is left? Your hair and skin need some attention. There are some things you can't just get mailed to you and that is a fabulous hair cut.If you live in the Cleveland area and want a hair cut along with a facial and neck massage, stop into Men's Cuts in Lakewood, Ohio. While you are at it, you can sample our RSVP skincare line just for men."Our clients really love the Simple, Relaxing and Friendly atmosphere. No, You can't subscribe to us, but we do offer online booking for your convenience. We'll even send you a text and email reminder if you can't remember when to schedule.