Men’s Socks Are a Fashion Statement

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for Men's Fashion, Uncategorized

Screen shot 2014-10-27 at 3.03.10 PMMen's socks have come a long way from the conservative shades of blue, grey, beige and black.  The fashion industry wants men to invest in styling-up their ward robe. You can be a bit more daring about color, just wear different socks in different colors and patterns. I think it works because it shows off your personality a bit. Men are experimenting & buying into this, coordinating socks with ties and shirts. Certainly, a boom industry. Imagine, socks sales grew 2%, a boom industry (2.8 billion industry). hard to believe, a 14% increase in sales over socks. Personally, I think socks can be a signature look and it's fun. Socks can add punch to a look or help tie a color scheme together.Screen shot 2014-10-16 at 1.36.57 PM