Men’s Skin Care During the Winter

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Protection Tips for Winter Dry Skin

Its winter in Cleveland….the weather thankfully doesn’t seem like it, but there are definitely signs that winter is here. The biggest sign is the change in our skins. Both men and women skin starts to dry, chafe and get chapped during the winter months.

Why do we get dry skin in the winter? According to Web MD, our skin starts to get dry when the temperature and the humidity levels drop reducing the amount of moisture in the air. 


Winter Skin Care Tips

It is important to protect the skin from the elements that bring about dry itchy skin or chapped lips. The first line of defense is to keep your skin protected during the winter months by wearing gloves and a scarf when you go outside. Other simple tips on what to do during the winter months to protect your skin from getting overly dry is:

  • Take shorter lukewarm showers. Long steamy shows rob your skin of moisture. Limit showers or baths to 10 minutes.
  • Use a mild fragrance free soap that moisturizes as well as cleans. For men, body washes are a great alternative to bar soaps.
  • Apply moisturizer to still damp skin after you shower.
  • The face will need different moisturizer than the rest of your skin. Facial moisturizer should contain a moderate SPF rating.
  • Apply a good fragrance free moisturizer to your skin every morning.
  • Have lotion next to your bed. Apply this as the last thing you do before falling asleep.
  • Add a humidifier to the home to bring up the humidity level.
  • Wear sunscreen when you are outside. You might think that the sun isn’t as strong in the winter months, but it is, especially when it reflects off of snow and ice.
  • Avoid skin-care products containing alcohol.
  • To help prevent dry chapped hands, moisturize the hands as often as possible including after every hand washing. Use oil-based moisturizers, such as ointments and creams. Lotions tend to be more water based, which ironically takes moisture away from the skin.
  • Dry cracked lips are annoying any time of year, but they are especially worse during the winter months. Make sure to use a lip balm with SPF rating and a moisturizer as your lip skin is very fine and easily cracks.


Men’s Skincare Products

Men’s skin is different than a woman’s, but men still continue to use skin care products that are made for a woman’s skin.  Plus, most men don’t really worry about the condition of their skin until they are around 40 years old and then they start to worry about their skin showing signs of aging!

Many companies have started to realize the difference and make products specifically for men’s skin. Men’s Cuts partners with RSVP  for men’s skincare products. The RSVP product line features with more than 30 Certified Organic ingredients.  The products go through a stringent testing process and are approved by dermatologists. RSVP creates products that are all-natural, certified organic, alcohol, phthalate, sulfate and DEA free, contain no fragrances, parabens, dyes or gluten and is not tested on animals.

Men’s Cuts uses the RSVP anti-aging, hydrating cream and shave cream in the salon on our customers.  Our customers love it and how it makes their skin feel like velvet without a strong aroma.  Remember at this time of your, the most important thing to remember is to keep you skin moisturized and protected! Men’s Cuts can help with skincare solutions!  Stop in to give the facial products a try by scheduling a “lunch break special facial massage today!