Men’s Hand and Foot Care Tips

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for men's grooming

Men's Hand and Feet Tips

Photo courtesy of the Karma Day Spa.

A common mistake among men is not taking care of the skin on their hands and feet. Well-groomed hands go a long way to give a good first impression. Unkempt nails, frayed cuticles, hang nails and foot fungus are some of the issues that can occur if proper hand and foot care is not followed. By following some simple tips, men’s feet and hands can both look and feel good to the touch.

Men’s Hand Care

In the days when a good handshake could mean a business deal or a mentoring relationship, it is very important for men to take care of their hands from the skin to their nails. Below are some tips to keep both the hand and nails properly groomed.



Hand Care Tips

Let’s start with skin care tips for the hands:

  • Make sure to hydrate your hands every day with a moisturizing lotion. Using a men’s body lotion 1 to 2 times a day can restore moisture levels and the appearance of dry, cracked skin (especially in the winter). Ask your Men’s Cuts stylists what skin care products will work the best for your skin type. 
  • Washing your hands in hot water is great for killing germs, but terrible for the skin. Hot water can rob your skin of moisture and contribute to dry skin symptoms like redness and roughness. Opt for lukewarm or even cold water when washing hands.
  • Protect hands from the elements when outside for an extended time. It is important to always wear a sunblock with at least SPF 30 protection when being in the sun, even the winter sun. This will reduce the risk of developing sun-relating skin damage from sunburn and sun spots. If it is cold out, wear gloves. Wearing gloves also helps to protect the hands when doing lawn and garden work.
  • Exfoliate hands 2-3 times a week to help maintain the hand’s youthful appearance and leave them soft and young looking.

Nail Care Tips

Along with taking care of your hands, it is recommended for men to get a manicure to keep their hands and nails tidy and trim. If a man doesn’t want to get a manicure, it is still very important to take proper care of their nails. Below are a few nail care tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t over clip the fingernails. Rest nail clippers on the nail and clip no more than 3 to 4 times per nail following the natural curve.
  • Smooth the nail with a file to even out the edges. Use a metal nail file to shape to a slightly rounded shape and squared off at the edges.
  • Push the cuticles down. Cuticles are the tissues at the back of your nails, which connects to the skin. When they grow out too far, they become fray and scratchy to the touch. Dry cuticles can get caught on clothing and bleed. If the cuticles are rough, soften them with a dab of oil and then push them back to toward the nail bed.
  • Hangnails are annoying. We all get them. Hangnails are the piece of skin that sticks out between the nail and the skin near the tip of the finger. They are attached to skin and hurt and bleed when not removed correctly. It is recommended to remove hangnails at the base right after a shower when they are still soft.
  • Nails can completely regrow every four to six month, so there is no need to live with bumps and cracks in your fingernails. Use an oil on your nails and then rub a buffer flat across the nails until it feels soft to the touch.

Foot Care Tips

Men’s feet can always benefit from some basic foot care. Rough skin, bad odor and ugly nails are big turnoffs for anyone. Below are tips for keeping your feet in good care:

  • Hydrate your feet with a body lotion, which will be helpful at keeping dry patches, calluses and rough skin away. Use lotion immediately after showering to maximize moisture absorption and prevent dry skin.
  • Clean between the toes. The area between the toes trap dirt easily and can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Athlete’s foot can develop if you don’t regularly clean between the toes.
  • Rough skin on the feet can be the result of wearing shoes that are too tight. The tightness creates friction that can contribute to calluses. Wear shoes that are appropriate for what activity you are participating in. Plus, always wear sandals or shoes in communal locations like gyms and public showers to help prevent the spread of athlete’s foot.
  • Trim the toenails the right way because long toenails can be unattractive. Trim them straight across and not rounded. Rounded nail cutting can increase the risk of ingrown toenails. Trim toenails at regular intervals, every few weeks, to prevent the risk of breaking and becoming infected. Do not cut nails too close to the skin.
  • Exfoliate the bottom of the feet 2-3 times a week. This can help remove dull buildup and other debris that can attract bacteria. It helps to deep clean the feet and leaves them feeling refreshed.
  • Get a pedicure. Yes, a men’s pedicure can help with relaxation and good foot care.
  • Use a body and foot powder to help keep the feet smelling fresh and not stinky after wearing shoes all day. The powder will also help with feet that sweat.

Taking regular care of feet and hands should be a part of a man’s regular grooming routine. Ask your stylists at Men’s Cuts  about products to keep your hand and feet looking and feeling good.