Men’s Hair Trends for 2017

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for men's grooming

Men's hair style trends for 2017

Photo courtesy of modern-hairstyles.net.

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to update your look? An easy way to do that is to get a new hairstyle!  Just like with fashion, each season brings new trends in hair styles and looks. Changing a hair style is an easy, cost-effective way to update your look. It is cheaper than investing in an entire new wardrobe and easier than doing every day workouts (even though this is good for you to do for health reasons).

According to Men’s Hair Style Trends, 2016 was a year of creativity and experimentation in men’s haircuts and they predict that 2017 will continue that trend. There was a wide variety in men’s hairstyles and men want more and more to have a look that could make them stand out in the crowd.


Men’s Hair Style Trends for the New Year

Fashion Beans listed some of the big trends for men’s hair in 2017 include longer hair-including all along long hair or just longer hair on top. Faded and undercut haircuts are still popular for straight, thick and curly hair. Below are a few of the trends that started off on the fashion walkways and are now appearing on the streets in cities around the world:


Textured hair styles are trendy for men in 2017

Photo courtesy of fashionbeans.com.

The slick, neat and tidy look has been on the outs for the past few years. For 2017, the messy look is becoming much more popular. The look includes keeping the sides and back of the hair short with longer length on top as the main focus point. The longer hair is cut with scissors for an uneven, textured look.





Longer Hair


Long hair men styles for 2017

Photo courtesy of fashionbeans.com.

Longer hairstyles for men are popular on the fashion catwalks and streets of London and New York. Longer looks include shaggier hair to hair that reaches the shoulder and beyond.   An example of this longer look would be Kit Harrington as Jon Snow on Game of Thrones. For the more daring, the “bigger” hair styles of the 80’s and 90’s are making a comeback. No, we don’t mean the mullet, more the grunge look.  As men get more adapt using hair styling tools and products there will be more complicated longer styles.



The Undercut

Men's Classic Undercut Hair Style

Photo courtesy of thetrendspotter.net.

The undercut has been a staple look for men’s hair for a few years. It is popular in fashion magazines, popular with film and television stars and still popular for street style, particularly with younger generations. This style works well for most hair types from straight to wavy to curly and can be adapted into either a classic or more modern look. The Trendspotter lists different undercut styles that still remain popular in 2017. These looks include: the classic, slicked back, side-swept or pulled forward.



Disconnected Undercut

In the past, men who had the disconnected undercut slicked back their hair. Today, this style is cut and styled in a variety of ways with different lengths of hair on top and in the front. The disconnected undercut haircut is defined as having a contrast between very short or shaved sides and longer hair on top. The disconnection of the short sides and more hair on top is exaggerated even more with a hard part or a shaved side part. This style does now have a fade.



Lightweight Products

With men moving away from the slick look and the growth in popularity of the messy look, there will be a need for lightweight products that achieve a more natural finish. If you go with the textured look, you will need a hair product that will enhance that look that won’t weigh down the hair. Men’s Cuts carries a variety of styling products. Ask your stylist which is the best product for your hairstyle.

With so many different hairstyles, 2017 will bring new men’s looks to the streets around the world that could be considered throw-backs to the 50’s, with the undercut, and the 80’s or 90’s with longer, messy hair. The best thing with a change in hair style is that you can always change up the look after a few months of growing the hair. Consult with your stylists at Men’s Cuts for ideas for your new look for the New Year.