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data=U4aSnIyhBFNIJ3A8fCzUmaVIwyWq6RtIfB4QKiGq_w,HtmdG1VONlpieE0Liwpc3dM_xt6dYPQKNjLvuH4nmBft41OiFg4VwtqUEvEtBJWSoJxl8w0RgMrx4Wy9UaDnlu2HdlJP0PCRvDo5gbUvBt61J_ZwH40J7Hpk2c9zbMcbK45MhWmh1fAK9QtUiRUnjCXLEd9jTmSrsz1BVrpTjAvNxR98A711GfKdTNo1DyzYdQCMZ3svKsLooking for a for a change, wondering why some men just look good all the time, then look no further. Men from our neighboring towns like Bay, River, Westlake & Avon Lake travel to Lakewood Ohio to get their handsome looks. Our men come from all over because we keep it Simple, Relaxed and Uncomplicated.

If you have a mobile phone just Google and take a few moments to read the reviews..., our clients love us. If you have a mobile phone and find a haircut, save the image to your phone, then show us. This is especially helpful,  if you are new to us. We want to see what you want. It takes the guess work out, it tells us exactly what you are thinking. It also alleviates your stress in trying to find the words to describe what you want.

So take a moment and ask yourself..., Does your barber style you? Does your barber listen to your requests for style change. If you are getting the standard short, medium and long and out the door in 15 minutes, then its time to try us. Are you sitting there for over an hour waiting to get a cut?

At Men's Cuts, we take walk-ins and we also book and rebook advanced appointments. However, if your work schedule is tight and you can't plan ahead, we recommend you call us two hours ahead to see if there is availability. Your time is valuable, as is our. We do our best to work you into the salon because we know how busy you are. Our stylists make every effort to run on time. If a client is later than 15 minutes for his appointment, we have to take the next appoint scheduled. This is to ensure we run on time. A late client has the option to wait until he can be taken or reschedule. 

There is nothing more relaxing than a facial massage, a relaxing shampoo and or a skin rejuv. If you have never had one you need to schedule one. Yes, see for yourself. If you have a stiff neck try our hot stones after your haircut, it will loosen up the tension in the neck. The winter has been pretty harsh, take advantage of a hand dip. A hand dip is a warm moisturizing wax that helps with dry, cracked hands. Want to preserve your youth, come in an see us about hair color. Don't worry, no one will know you have color because we make sure it looks natural.

We know most men do not spend a lot of time on Face book...however we do post fashion tips, news and community items that may be of interest to you. We also have a blog. Hope to See you all soon.