Eight Men’s Grooming Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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8 Men's Grooming Mistakes and How to Fix it

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We all get lazy from time-to-time and do not keep up-to-date with grooming. Good grooming habits are developed over time and must be continued to keep us looking and feeling fresh.  Everyone has their own way of maintaining grooming essentials. According to Real Men Real Style, to keep up with grooming and avoid the dreaded grooming mistakes, you need to:

  • Develop a routine schedule to address the grooming mistakes
  • Have the right tools at home to correct the mistakes can save you time and money over

Men’s Grooming Mistakes and Solutions

There are many websites that list men’s grooming mistakes and how to remedy them.  Start off 2017 by setting up your own routine to correct these mistakes. Below are the top eight grooming mistakes from trimming nose hair to trimming nails and how to fix them:

  1. Unkempt Beard, Stubble or Mustache- Beards continue to be popular, especially during the winter months. Once a beard is grown out, they need to be maintained daily. The ends of beards and mustaches can look unruly very quickly. It is important to keep the ragged ends trimmed daily. The stylists at Men’s Cuts can also trim beards to keep them at a reasonable length. If you like the stubble look, then it also needs to be maintained, so it doesn’t look messy or un-kempt. Use a stubble guard or a shorter guide when trimming stubble to keep it looking like a few days’ growth.
  2. Nose Hair- Don’t ignore unsightly nose hair. Use nose hair trimmers at least once a week to trim these obnoxious stray hairs to just out of sight.
  3. Excessive Cologne- A signature sent is a good thing. But, going overboard with cologne can be an easy mistake to make. It can also be very offensive especially if friends and family are sensitive to colognes and perfumes. The best tip is to just apply (or spritz) a little bit of cologne to the chest at the base of the neck. The best time to apply is directly after a shower when the pores are still open and will absorb the scent.
  4. Ear Hair- Just like nose hair, it is important to trim ear hair every few weeks. Use ear hair trimmers and trim back to where the hair cannot be seen. Trim the hairs off the inside rim of the relevant opening, but do not go any deeper than that. Do not use tweezers as that could damage the ear.
  5. Unkempt finger and toenails- Putting your best hand or foot forward is very important. Hands are a point of focus all day long when you speak, hold glasses and shake other people’s hands. Having dry, cracked hands or fingernails is a major distraction. The same can be said when you are barefoot during the summer months. Investing in manicures and pedicures help keep nails looking and feeling healthy.
  6. Hairy Necks-Most men’s haircuts involve keeping the nape neat and clean. In-between haircuts, hair growth at the back at the neck will continue making the hair look untidy. Men can shave their neck at home with trimmers if needed. It can easily fit into a routine grooming schedule. The best advice is to have a smooth-shaven neck from the point where the haircut ends to under the shirt collars.
  7. Rough Hands and Feet- Callouses can build-up easily on hands and feet. But, shaking hands with someone with dry, rough skin is off-putting. The same can be said for excessively dry, chapped feet. Keeping hands and feel well-moisturized is a simple grooming habit to remember to do basis. Remove dry skin or callouses on the feet or hands during a shower by using a pumice stone, then after the skin is dry, use a large nail file to smooth the skin’s surface.
  8. Out of control eyebrows-Eyebrows are one of your most important features. They used to express a whole range of emotions. Cleanly-defined fully separated eyebrows can help you communicate better with others as they are not looking at uni-brows or out-of-control eyebrow hair. Trimming eyebrow hair is an easy-to-follow grooming technique that should be done weekly.


Keeping up with personal grooming in-betweens visits to the barber or hair stylist can be difficult. Setting a regular grooming schedule is simple, but the hardest thing is to get the routine started. Once that happens, following the routine is easy and can just take a few minutes each day or once a week. Ask your Men’s Cuts stylists about products and services which can help prevent some of the common grooming mistakes.