Men’s Cuts is a Sponsor for Lakewood Alive’s Lumberjack Bash

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for men's grooming

Lakewood Alive's Lumberjack BashMen’s Cuts is very proud a member of the Lakewood business community. Lakewood is a thriving community with many small and large businesses, restaurants, pubs, parks and things to do. Lakewood Alive is a non-profit community and economic development organization that fosters vibrant neighborhoods in Lakewood by hosting large-scale community events, pursing community development initiatives and administering a Housing Outreach Program. Lakewood Alive promotes community in Lakewood by sponsoring such events as Lakewood Wine & Craft Beer Festival, Lakewood Chocolate Walk, Light Up Lakewood and the summer concert series on the porch of Lakewood Library.

Loving Lakewood: Lumberjack Bash

On Saturday, February 25 from 7:30 pm to 11 pm Lakewood Alive is hosting their winter fundraiser, Loving Lakewood: Lumberjack Bash at Bottlehouse Brewery in Lakewood. Guests to the event are invited to wear their best Lumberjack attire and grow their best beard to help support Lakewood Alive’s programming throughout the year. The Lumberjack Bash will have lumberjack-themed drinks, décor and entertainment including music, games and activities fitting a lumberjack. The event is co-sponsored by Geiger’s, Cleveland Property Management Group, MVP Valet Parking and more. Tickets, ranging from $40 to $75 a piece, are available via Lakewood Alive.org. 

Lumberjack Bash Epic Beard Contest

Men’s Cuts is excited to sponsor the Epic Beard Contest at the Bash Attendees can compete for the opportunity to win prize packs in four bearded categories:

  • Most Unique Beard
  • Sexiest Beard
  • Longest Beard
  • Best in Show

Any attendee, both men and women, are eligible to participate in the contest. This “Most Unique Beard” category rewards the most creative beard that is not necessarily comprised of hair. Participants can register for the contest during the event with judging taking place at 9:30pm. The winner of each category of the contest will win a prize. There are specific rules  for the contest at the Lumberjack Bash.

Beards Are Still Big

Beards continues to be a big trend for men in 2017.  Men are continuing to try growing a beard to see if it fits their style. The winter months are especially good months to grow a beard as it helps to keep a man’s face warm, but there are certain tips that men should follow when growing a beard. The important thing to remember is that if you want to grow a beard, you need to commit to doing so. It could take a good 6-8 weeks to fully grow a beard (depending on how fast a man’s facial hair grows). If a man wants a longer beard, it will take a longer time to get to the proper beard length. To keep the beard looking good, it is vital to keep them properly groomed and trimmed.

What about the Moustache?

Men's moustache styles for 2017

Photo courtesy of hairstyleonpoint.com.

What is about the moustache that it still continues to be popular as part of a beard or on its own? A proper moustache look needs to be paired with a great haircut to achieve a man’s certain look. Moustaches are very distinct and there are some top styles that continue to be popular for 2017. They require the same grooming as a moustache. A messy overgrown moustache will just not do. Some of the popular moustache looks include the following:

The Horseshoe: This type of moustache stretches across the upper lip and reaches down either side of the mouth to the chin. Its shape is similar to a horseshoe.

Moustache Meets Beard:  This style goes along with growing a beard, but the moustache is longer and grows over to the beard. Longer moustaches and beard give the man a more “lumberjack” look.

Full-Length Moustaches: Since facial hair continues to be a popular look, men are growing out their moustaches to run the length of their mouth and longer. These styles still need to be tidy and groomed.

Trimmed Moustaches: Men can grow their moustaches, but keep it thin and trimmed, but not overbearing and full. The edges of the facial hair are kept neat and clean. The style works with a beard or without one.

Keep it Groomed

When growing facial hair, it is very important to keep it properly groomed. Trimming helps to maintain the type of beard you have decided to grown as well as help it grown in the right shape. Have a professional trim and shape the beard the way that you want it with scissors or clippers. Men’s Cuts offers beard and moustache trimming and shaping.  Consult with your stylist for the beard and moustache look for you. Men’s Cuts is looking forward to judging the ever-popular beard at Lakewood Alive’s Lumberjack Bash!