What is Manscaping with Remington

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for Men's Fashion, men's grooming, Salon News

www.remingtonproducts.comTo make it simple, manscaping is the removal of unwanted body hair. It seems more and more men are interested  in hair removal and in areas of the chest, back and scrotum. It use to be just body builders who waxed and shaved to show off their bodies. One good reason to remove excess body hair is to allow the skin to breath, not to mention when you sweat it will dry faster and smell less.  If you have excess hair, it traps moisture. So to make your life easier, I thought I would share my discovery. I found a F5 Foil Shaver with Interceptor Technology and Body & Back Groomer. This handy shaver does everything you want it to do and cuts up to 3 days worth. It comes with 60 minutes of cordless runtime, which is great for travel. This a must  tool if you are traveling on vacation to a sunny, warm destination. Most guys will wait til the last minute and want to shave before heading to a pool. When you are tanning it makes slathering lotion glide. If you want the chicks to notice you, definitely get rid of any upper back and lower back hair. It just isn't sexy.

Some guys might be interested in a back wax. This is when you lay down on a table and a stylist uses a spatula to smear hot wax on the hair and then pulls off the wax to remove hair. This is a great method if you have the time. It can take 1/2 hour. It does pinch, some men say it hurts bad. I would only do this if you want  permanent removal. The hair will grow back but slower, thinner and lighter as you kill the follicle. The follicle is the hair root. Once you destroy the follicle the hair stops growing. 

The Remington shaver is by far the easiest solution to a man who hates being hairy. "Always shave your excess hair before you jump in shower. This prevents any possible skin irritation." To create less mess, stand in your tub/shower and shave, get one of those suction-cup mirrors stick it on the shower wall so you can see the areas that are harder to reach. When you are done, the hair that is in the tub/shower flows to the drain with easy clean-up.