Our doors opened December 2013. I am very excited to be located here. Lakewood is a diverse and very hip. The responses I have received have been just wonderful. "Guys are really happy that they have a place to call their own. It seems men relish the idea of a stylist who can barber. It is great to be in a place that offers solutions for hair, skin and fashion. "

It's getting cold again. Guys, if you are not using any moisturisers, come in and let us show you our natural line, BULL DOG & KYOKU. We have testers so you can try it. It is so important to keep your skin from chafing in the winter. It also helps prevent some aging and wrinkles.

If you are finding white flakes of dandruff on your collar, come in and get a scalp massage. At Men's Cuts we can loosen up some of the dandruff, get the circulation going in there, remove any product build-up that is in your hair. Your scalp needs to breath just like the rest of your skin to stay healthy.

Got questions, just stop in and ask. We are here to help.