Be In-Style for the Cold Months With These 2017 Winter Trends

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for Men's Fashion

Mens's Winter Fashion Trends

Photo courtesy of newtrendmania.com.

We are in the middle of winter with a few more months of cold weather on the way. Now is the best time to find these trends post the holiday shopping season when winter clothes are on sale as the stores. Post holidays is the perfect time to find the best in winter trends, such as a new winter coat and winter accessories.

Since winter in Cleveland last sometimes to May, there are still many more months of wearing winter styles. GQ, The Trendspotter  and The Idle Man listed the biggest trends for men’s 2017 winter styles. Below are just a few of the trends that might be seen on the streets of Cleveland:


Winter Colors

Emerald Green is a big color for winter 2017

Photo courtesy of thetrendspotter.net.

A big color for autumn for 2016 was copper. This color adds to the popular winter earth tone colors that are always popular. Copper was added to the traditional autumn colors of blacks, greys and dark greens. Speaking of green, emerald green is another popular color for the winter. Emerald green is a very versatile color and can be paired with many different winter hues including copper, grey and black. The color can be seen in suits, jackets and winter coats. An emerald green scarf can also add a pop to any winter style.



Prints and Patterns

Men's Floral Prints and Patterns

Photo Courtesy of thetrendspotter.net.

One of the best things with winter style is that it is so varied. Tartan continues to be a popular pattern for men’s clothing. Men on the streets of London or New York are wearing tartan suits in more traditional colors. However, some bolder colors have been added into the tartan mix including reds, mustards and bright greens have been seen being worn to make a more daring fashion statement. Another winter print trend for the more daring men is the floral print. Floral prints can come in a variety of bold colors that can add a bit of brightness to the dullness of winter. These patterns can also be worn in the spring and summer months.


Polo Layers

Polo Layers

Photo courtesy of. gq-magazine.co.uk.

The winter is also a perfect time to layer up different styles of shirts. A knitted polo shirt is always in style, but in the winter, this shirt is a great layering tool. Wear the polo over a long sleeve button-down shirts or t-shirts. To dress up the look, add a jacket over a polo. Colorful polo shirts also add a splash of color to the darker winter colors.




Winter Coats Trends

Men's Duffle Coats

Photo courtesy of gq-magazine.co.uk.

The few months after the holidays is a great time to buy winter coats. There might be a limited selection, but the jackets are usually highly discounted. Most winter coast style trends do not change, so buying one now is a good investment for the future. There are a few jacket and coat trends that are big for Winter 2017. The duffle coat is very popular for this winter.  Duffle coast are made from duffle, a heavy wool, usually are hooded and fastened with toggles. It is a style that has been in and out of style for decades. This winter, earth tones are the popular color for duffle coats. Another trend for winter coats are statement jackets, which are covered with bold graphics and statement slogans with bright colors. These jackets are found on the streets of New York and perfect for people who like making their own statement.

Shawl Neck Cardigan

Shawl Neck Cardigans

Photo courtesy of thetrendspotter.net.

One of the most popular sweater style this winter is the shawl neck cardigan. This sweater is a staple piece for the winter. The sweater is good for layering and gives the man who wears it a more rugged look. The sweater is very versatile and can be worn with dress pants or jeans. The sweater can come in a variety of colors and fabrics.




Wide Legged Trousers

Wide Legged Trousers

Photo courtesy of theidleman.com.

Wide Legged Trousers have made a comeback. Skinny jeans and trousers are officially out. Trousers can come in all color, cuts and fabrics, but the most popular style is khakis. A popular look for these pants is to roll up the cuffs and wear with sneakers or dress shoes.




Newer Fabrics for Men’s Pants

This year, several stores started introducing wicking fabric and stretch into threads of men's pants. Pants do not require dry cleaning, do not wrinkle and they can be worn for all occasions. This fabric is especially great for guys who need pants that “give a little” in the seat. The pant styles range from five-pocket to flat-front. The fabric wicks so men never sweat. The pants are wash and wear, shrink-resistant feels smooth to the touch and do not pill. Men traditionally are used to wearing nylon and a polyester mix for dress pants. Casual pant fabric for men usually has been stiff and just uncomfortable to the skin. With new technologies, fabric mills are continually looking for ways to improve fabric. Manufacturers and designers also want to offer a better product at a better price. It’s a win-win for consumers.

 Men’s Hair Styles for 2017

We recently wrote on the variety of men’s hair styles for 2017.  The hair styles are more casual and messier than they have been in the past. Consult with your stylists at Men’s Cuts to discuss a new look for the New Year.