Cleveland Needs An AllSaints Store

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for Men's Fashion, Uncategorized


photoI loved fashion and I always wanted to get the latest for a fraction.When I graduated college and worked downtown Boston, on my lunch break I would stop and check out Filene's Basement in downtown Boston. Filene's was known for top designer names at a bargain price. I went at least 3x a week, to see new arrivals. It wasn't just for women either. They had a huge men's section too. I was always interested in fashion regardless as to whether it was for women or men. Whenever I saw a great bargain of ties or shirts, I told my male colleagues. 

Today I struggle to find anything hip, reasonably priced for my husband. I can't understand why there are no boutiques for men when the grooming industry is such a boom. Young men today are definitely more aware of their external appearances. This past weekend I was in Chicago and walked into a store called AllSaints on Michigan Ave. I loved the ambience. It had this industrial, manly, yet warm, colors were calm, woody. What made the shopping experience so wonderful was the lighting and they did not have music blaring in your ears. The clothing in there for men was relaxed, hip and in muted earth tones.My husband got a pair of suede shoes. David can out shop me. But he never has time to shop, so I try to find things for him. Whenever he travels he doesn't think twice about making a purchase because he knows he won't find it in Cleveland. The price points in All Saints were comparable to Calvin Klein, not as expensive as Kilgore Trout. I would describe the clothing as casual upscale and not pretentious.I thought to myself, Lakewood needs a store like this. I tweeted it out too. You can shop their store online, but to get the feel you really need to go there.

photo 2

So what stores can a man find clothing in? Depending on your job and needs and if you just want khaki's and a golf shirt, I would go to TJ Maxx or Marshall's. There is also Jos A. Banks, Gentlemen's Warehouse and Geiger's. Theses stores carry all your basics, but you won't find hip and trendy stuff. Notice I did not send you to a mall. I do not like malls. If you see me in one it is because I am with my teen daughters.