Haircuts For Men That Take the Years Off

by Mens Cuts for Men's Fashion, Men's Health

While it may be hard to believe, men have bad hair days too. Although they don't usually complain about their hair, they may notice that they are unable to comb and style it the way they want. Most men care about the way they look, and like many women, their hair can define their looks. The type of men's cut must suit the shape and size of a man's face. There are several men's haircuts that can make a man look years younger. Styles can be short, long or mid-length. However, shorter hairstyles seem to be the most popular for men from all walks of life. Some of the more popular cuts that make men look younger include:

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a very close-to-the-scalp cut and is very popular with law enforcement and military personnel. It is easy to maintain and gives men a fresh look.

Julius Caesar

The Julius Caesar haircut is another popular hairstyle for men. Celebrities, such as Russell Crowe, have sported this haircut. It gives men a charming, boyish look.

Businessman Style

The businessman haircut is a popular cut which features tapered hair on the sides and back with longer hair on top. Men will typically use a gel or mousse to style their hair and create a unique look with this men's cut.

In order to maintain a younger look, a man will need to keep his haircut current. For those with thinning hair, short haircuts, like the ones previously mentioned, are a great choice because the shortness of the hair will make the thinning less noticeable.


A Note on Barbers vs. Hair Stylists

The best way to maintain a current hairstyle is to visit a stylist. Many men get a quick cut at the barbershop so you may wonder, what is the difference between a stylist and a barber when it comes to men's haircuts.

A barber is trained in giving short haircuts that are easy to maintain and do not require styling products. If you want a basic, classic cut then you may want to visit a barber vs hair stylist. However, if you want to keep up with the latest styles and receive a trendy haircut, then a hair stylist is the number one choice. A hair stylist will identify the proper cut for your face that is most flattering. If your hair requires a significant amount of maintenance or you need styling products, your hair stylist will be there to guide you through what is needed to ensure you look your best. A stylist can also add color to your hair if desired. This service is not provided by a barber.

Since hair is the first thing people usually notice, it is no surprise that most individuals, including men, want to maintain a trendy cut and always look his best. The right men's haircut can take years off his age and make him more attractive. If you're a man who's looking for a stylish cut, visit to find out more and schedule your appointment.