Tips in Finding a Great Men’s Hair Stylist in Lakewood and Cleveland Ohio

by Mens Cuts for men's grooming

imgres I love the fact that guys have discovered they can get real style with us. It happens each day. A man walks in, is unsure, but curious.  This man may have: 1. lost his stylist, relocated to Lakewood, driven or walked -by by hundreds of times. Then he walks in sheepishly and says" Do you take a walk-in?"

Once in our chair, they start to relax and see how different we really are. It could be the stylist personality, it could be the decor, I think it's the vibe and the experience of a real cut.

Hair cutting is an art, a visual and a technical skill. We don't use tape measures or rulers. Every stylist cuts a little different. It's like this, "We can all study the same material in school, but how we interpret and translate that through scissors is another story." So, if you are the kind of guy who is cheap and doesn't care about how you look, then you may want to go to a chain where they spend 10 minutes clipper cutting and you are out the door. Men who want a quality cut and great style spend more.

We have had a number of men who were jumping around before landing in our salon. Most of these men have never had a great cut from a chain or old barber.If they wanted a new style, it wasn't possible. With us you can bring in a photo on your phone and show us what you want. Interestingly, What many didn't know was they have to ask for the same stylist. I hate to say this but it is like a courtship. Let your stylist get to know you and vice versa.


1. Request the same stylist so she can see from the last cut what changes if any need to be made. Know her name.

2.Get your hair cut every 4-5 weeks because your hair grows a half within a 4 week time frame.

3. Give a your New stylist at least two opportunities to cut your hair and to learn your likes and dislikes. One hair cut is a good judge, but a 2nd chance gets you closer to what you want. Switch on the third cut if you do not click.

4.Go to a a salon that specializes in men' cuts or to a stylist who takes the time.

5. Book ahead. Walking in is great for the first cut if you are shopping around, but if you want consistency, schedule every 4-5 weeks with the same stylist.

6.  You get what you pay for. Tip generously if you liked your haircut.

7. Save a picture on your phone, show us if that is what you want. 

At Men's Cuts we got you covered. Hate to talk on the phone, then book online. Be sure to select your service ,then stylist and hours of availability will pop-up for you.

Last minutes guys, can walk-in but be prepared to be turned away. We have regulars who book ahead.

Call in if its easier and we will be glad to schedule you.

Leave a message if we can't get to the phone, We will call you back.