Men Over 50 Want Customer Service, Come to Men’s Cuts

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for men's grooming, Uncategorized

Are you retired, tired of sitting at a coffee shop by yourself  or spending too much time chatting on the computer, you may be in need of human contact. Nowadays people have substituted their phones with text and email. The downside is there is no sound, no emotion, and no instant feedback. Men over 50 prefer relating over the phone and in person. They want reliability, familiarity and service. 

Wouldn't it  be great if you could see a live a person who  listened to you besides your cat, dog, significant other, spouse, look no further. A locally owned barber shop in the heart of Lakewood can be your answer.  Our customers enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. "You talk, we listen." "What you say in here, stays in here." There is no doubt that our older clientel keep coming back because of the gentle, human interaction that you can not find on a computer, a traditional male owned barbershop or chain salon. We have skilled stylists who specialize in men's grooming and the art of listening. If you are not getting compliments and not feeling better when you leave, then you need to come to Men's Cuts.

We pride ourselves in our customer service. It is especially appreciated because so little customer service exists today. So if you are need of a a new barber, want reliability, convenience and a little pampering, we are your solution.

Retirees really can benefit during the hours of 12-3 PM Monday -Thursday, when the rest of the men are toiling at their offices. They can beat the 5PM rush hour. Perhaps, it is time to try a new barber  because you are you re-entering the dating scene after 40 years of marriage and need a younger look, or maybe freshly divorced,  let us groom you. Female barbers are very different than male barbers. We know what looks good on a man. It will be the best $30.00 spent. 

Who knows your neighbor, colleague, best friend or relative may very well be already a customer of ours. Men of Men's Cuts travel from Avonlake, Avon, Westlake, Bay Village and Rocky River.