Impeccable Great Grooming Habits Include Brow and Ear Trim

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for Men's Fashion, men's grooming, Salon News

Ever wonder why your brow and ear hairs grow like weeds and quicker than the hair on your head? The answer is due to your testosterone levels. Testosterone is a hormone that accelerates hair growth.  As you get older, your testosterone levels increase with age. Take a moment and think about your father and grandfather. Do they have over grown hairs? Chances are, you will be just like them. Your genetics determines your fate.

Today's men are much more conscientious of these areas of unattractive, hairy abundance. Every man should  get a haircut every 4 weeks. If your job & lifestyle does not require your hair to be at its best, then 6 weeks is the longest I would wait. Imagine if you didn't shave for 6 weeks, you'd have a beard. At Men's Cuts your brows and ears are a part of the grooming service. It's all about those little details that are important to your image and we care about you.

Now, some men have very bushy brows and  have excess hairs that scatter and create a uni-brow. There is a remedy for that. We can remove the scattered hair with  hot wax and tweezing. Want to create a separation in the middle of the uni-brow?  No problem.  The idea is to remove the excess hairs and still keep the integrity of your manly brow. Don't worry, it is no longer a girly thing, more men admittedly hate the excess hair and get their brows done today.  If you are curious, just ask us the next time you are in the salon.

How long will your brows remain free of excess hairs? That depends on how fast your facial hairs  grow. It is individual. My recommendation would be to trim the brows and ears at every hair cut appointment, to keep your impeccable,  good,  looks.