7 Fall Fashion Tips for Cleveland Men

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for Men's Fashion

Most men shy away from from florals thinking that it is a pattern just for women. It is a pattern that is fit for any guy. This fall, Cleveland men will see florals everywhere. You won't see loud summer tones. The colors are of autumn or neutral in palette. The key to wearing florals is to wear them as a detail just as you would wearing a tie. I think it looks great if worn as a shirt under a dark jacket, under a vest or sweater, on a tie or just as shirt sleeves. You can dress it up or down. be sure not to mix a lot of patterns because it will clash. Below are some tips.

1. Choose a small pattern with a dark back background. Stay with neutral tones and wear it under a jacket with a black or navy suit jacket. It adds interest. It especially makes it look dressy with velvety fabric jacket, paired with a pair of jeans.

2. Feeling a little bold, try a larger pattern and throw on a jean or leather jacket. 

3. Tired of the same old look, and tight on budget. Make your out fit look new again with a brand new tie with a floral pattern.

4. If you have so me cool new shoes and you want to play it off, why not choose a pair of socks with florals. When it comes to socks you can be more daring in choosing brighter colors, just be sure to pick a tome that goes with your shirt.

5. Shirt sleeves in a different  floral fabric pattern can spruce up your wardrobe.

6. Any sweater vest with floral detail tone on tone can certainly create a visual texture interest. The floral affect is created by the weave. Its perfect for someone who is extremely conservative.

7. Hand-kerchief in  floral pattern that pull the colors of your shirt and tie together is a another way to add interest.