Fall Is the Perfect Time to Layer Up in Cleveland

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for Men's Fashion, Uncategorized

layer look 1layer look 2layer look 3 About two weeks ago, we had a spell of cold weather. Well we all know by the end of October it gets pretty chilly in Cleveland.. So now is the time to think about putting away your summer wardrobe. The clothing above is from Sears. They sell solid brands like Landsend and Timberland. Layering is  a great way to change up your style, mix things up to create a new look. A guy just can't go wrong with the ideas on the this page.  Casual weekend clothing to keep warm at football games or just hanging out. The closest Sears store is located at Great Northern Mall in North Olmsted.

If you are interested in designer labels there is a website called Trunkclub.com. for men. It is a website that helps men with their wardrobe based on the questions they answer about their style and fit. I am asking my husband to sign on because he doesn't have time to shop and they will send clothing to you that matches your style. You are not obligated to buy which is great. They do not send you clothing unless you ask them to. The fun part is you get to try stuff on in the comfort of your home and shipping is free. You are in control. You only buy what you like. No hassle.