Is Your Man More Desirable with a Beard or Shaven

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for Men's Fashion, men's grooming

I found an article that says, beards will be disappearing for clean shaven looks again. In the article it said that, "Research has found that a phenomenon known as “negative frequency-dependent sexual selection”, which is present in several animal species, may now mark the downfall of the beard.

If you put 30 men with, dense facial hair, in the room with clean shaven men, women chose the clean shaven guy over the bearded gent. In a study of several thousand men with beards, men were found to be less appealing to women, when previously exposed to bearded looks.It seems, when beards become trendy it becomes less appealing to the opposite sex. Some gents have more facial hair that grow at a rapid rate and so for that group, it may be just a practical matter and laziness with shaving. Looks like the clean shaven look overrules.

In Cleveland, It looks like we have a quite a few guys roaming the streets with beards. A beard keeps a guy warmer in January, February and March. I know this past winter more men did not shave and grew beards to keep warm. When spring approached, more men shaved off their beards largely because they were too hot in Lakewood. Like anything else, some guys look better with a beard, just as some look better shaven. You decide what's best for you.