Discriminating Men Like Kevin Choose Men’s Cuts

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unnamed Kevin, is 32, a handsome, Cleveland resident, professional chemical engineer, conversationist armed with lots of wit and humor.

Prior to coming to Men's Cuts, he was a  regular at a Cleveland barber shop. Kevin was diligent about hair maintenance.He got his ends trimmed every 6 weeks along with his beard. When at work he wore it pulled back in a pony tail and some times in a man-bun(tie knot). Then one day, Kevin grew tired of his shoulder length hair because of its daily care, but wasn't sure what to do; that was until he met Nadine. Nadine is a stylist at Men's Cuts. She was a customer of his at a downtown restaurant hot-spot. 

Nadine suggested Kevin come in for a hair trim. Kevin gave it some thought & took the plunge, set-up an appointment in January 2015. Kevin at the time did not know what he for style. He placed complete trust in Nadine. Kevin was nervous at first. This was a big change for him. After all he's had long hair since 2009 - 2013.

Kevin rebooked his 2nd appointment for February with Nadine. This time, Kevin went a little shorter.

Nadine's hours at Men's Cuts changed and so to accommodate Kevin, we transitioned him to our other stylist Rachel. Each stylist has a a different approach. Both are very good. Kevin has gone shorter with each new cut. It took Kevin about 3 cuts, to feel totally comfy. It can take several cuts before a guy settles into a cut they really love.  At Men's Cuts, we welcome new styles and change. Owner and Stylist Mae says," Show us any photo online on your phone. We will help you get there. Guys are blown away because at a traditional barber shop "styling isn't the norm."Change can be be a positive experience."

Below are some of the compliments Kevin has received. 

IMG_24251. "Wow you look hot!"

2. "My son is back."

The guys will comment: Nice hair.....

Kevin has morphed into a new look on his terms.

Kevin- "If you are nervous about changing your hair and style, don't be."