Manly BO Solutions

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for men's grooming

imagesIf you have very sensitive skin, it is most likely the aluminum in the deodorant causing irritation. The only way around this is to try different deodorants to see which one's irritate you. Now if you are the kind of guy that sweats all the time you will need an anti-perspirant because it  helps to stop the sweat. An anti-perspiration will help you from getting sweat stains in your dress shirt. It will not help the odor. A deodorant on the hand will help with the stink smell exuding from your pits. Below are some recommendation for you.


imgres1. Tom's  of Main deodorant is all natural and vegan. perfect for an active lifestyle. It has a wood spice scent and is designed for the active man in mind.




imgres-12.Earth Science deodorant is another all natural plant based. It comes in 3 scents and unscented. It contains lichen extract that aid in soothing skin.




3. Arm and Hammer deodorant does not have aluminum and paraben imgres-2additives which is s plus for sensitive skin. It has anti- perspiration properties to help with men who get really sweaty. Think of job interviews and first dates.






4. Dove Men offers men both options. This is ideal for men who shower every other day and who need extra protection. It is good for sensitive skin too.