The “Cool” Place to Be: Lakewood, Ohio

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for Lakewood

Solstice Steps at Lakewood Park

Solstice Steps at Lakewood Park


Cleveland has many things to celebrate: being the host city of a national convention that showcased the many great aspects of the city, having the NBA World Champions and currently having the baseball team with the best record in the American League. On top of all of that, the job market in Cleveland is expanding and more college grads and millennials are settling in Cleveland.  A Cleveland Foundation 2015 study found that Cleveland is ranked in the Top 10 cities in the U.S. for college-educated millennials. The resurgence of downtown Cleveland and the expansion of downtown living options have helped spur recent graduates to move to the city. Another popular living destination for many, especially the younger generation is Lakewood, Ohio. This 5.5 mile square city is located next to Lake Erie and is the largest Cleveland suburb with over 50,000 residents.

A Cool Suburb

Lakewood, just a few miles west of downtown Cleveland, has always been a great city for families of all ages, but young professionals are drawn to the city for its proximity to many places in and around Cleveland. Lakewood is an affordable suburb which offers many amenities from food to culture to sports and outdoor parks. The city has been recognized nationally as a “cool suburb” by Thrillist and Travel and Leisure. Lakewood can be described as an urban suburb with a diverse community, century homes, apartments with historical character, cultural experiences, great food and a welcoming attitude.

There was an old description of Lakewood that stated that there was a bar and a church on nearly every corner in Lakewood. In most cases this is still true, but many of bars have turned into destination points in the city. The churches have parishioners with diverse backgrounds and religions holding services in historically preserved buildings. According to Destination Lakewood, Lakewood’s city planners want to preserve the sense of history meets modern life with street front shops, businesses and new home building projects. There are many community events for young and old that take place in Lakewood. Lakewood Alive, a non-profit community and economic development organization hosts events throughout the year including the Front Porch Series of concerts on the porch of Lakewood Library, Lakewood Summer Meltdown, Lakewood Wine & Craft Beer Festival (takes place next month), Lakewood Chocolate Walk, Light Up Lakewood (for the holidays) and much more.


Lakewood has over 17,000 housing units in the city including 12,600 one and two family homes. The over 4,000 apartments come in a variety of sizes from one bedroom suites to luxury penthouse apartments that overlook Lake Erie. The cost of living in Lakewood is very affordable compared to other inner ring large city suburbs, which makes it a great destination for recent college grads who are starting out their professional career. 

Eating Out in Lakewood

Earlier in the spring, we mentioned that Lakewood is a culinary destination with a variety of food options from bar food to high-end delights and everything in-between. Having many different places to eat close by to where you live is a major draw for residents of Lakewood. New restaurants are popping up in the city every few months to great acclaim. The newest group to open within the last three months are:  Woodstock BBQ, YUZU  and the re-opening, after an expansion project, of Thai Kitchen. Because Lakewood is a very diverse community, you can try foods from cultures all over the world.

Cultural Scene

Lakewood has a thriving cultural scene from artist studios to theater productions. The city is home to Beck Center for the Arts, a local theater group producing local and national productions as well as teaching future generations art, dancing and theater.  If you are looking for high quality productions look no further than Beck Center. Lakewood has many venues, such as Mahall’s, to see popular or up-and-coming bands and entertainers. Lakewood High School theater, with its great acoustics, has hosted everything from comedy shows to rock bands.

Park Life

You can’t mention Lakewood without mentioning its parks and close proximity to the Cleveland Metroparks. Lakewood Park re-purposed a construction landfill to create the Solstice Steps, a community space to watch the sunset, enjoy the Lake Erie breezes or just chill out with friends and family.  Lakewood is the northern most point of the Rocky River MetroParks system with biking and walking trails, picnic areas, sports fields, golf courses and much more.

Small Businesses in Lakewood

Businesses of all sizes from smaller industrial companies to candy shops make their homes in Lakewood. The city of Lakewood encourages small businesses and shops along its main streets. There are many grants and funding available through the city to help businesses get started in the city. Men’s Cuts is proud to be located in Lakewood.  Our Detroit Avenue location is central in the city and close to downtown Lakewood shops, restaurants and gathering places.  Stop in to see our salon and make an appointment today!! Men’s Cuts is hiring! We are looking for a full-time stylist to work Monday through Friday. The salon is closed on the weekends. Apply online at and resumes can be emailed to