Cool Men Over 50 Should Embrace Updating Grooming Habits and Participate in Social Media

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for men's grooming, Uncategorized

If you want to stay current with your grown kids and still look hip, there are some things you can do to show you are not too antiquated.

Fifty is the new 40. After all,  who is to say you should just go grey just because you are a guy. It may be acceptable, but we've got news, " More men today are coloring hair to stay in the current jobs and to keep up with their kids." You want to remain relevant and not put out to pasture. It use to be that women were the one's who had to color their grey locks, that isn't the case anymore. Look don't be embarrassed. Time have changed. images

Oh and another thing, If you are divorced and heading back into the dating scene, a new fresh hair cut and style with color your hair will definitely  give you a level of confidence. Sure guys can wear grey hair, but grey hair washes out our features and skin tone. Go ahead, give us a call for a complimentary consultation. We'd be happy to talk to you to discuss what your styling possibilities are.

Gosh, for guys who are thinning with the beginnings of a balding, you may be able to remedy that with Nioxin hair treatment. It contains Minoxidil. It is a two step treatment that is done at home. Nioxin is known to help new, regrowth of hair. It takes about 3 months and committed use of the product. Don't wait,  stop in and pick some up. We will even help you monitor the changes.images-1

Balding men need to shave their heads smooth. It looks far worse to pretend you have some hair, than to see a man who is totally bald and proud. Your new focus is then to make the other parts of your image. You want to place the focus on an updated wardrobe.

Whatever you do, be sure to trim nostril, brow and ear hairs. It is a dead give away you look old older when those areas are not trimmed. These little things do make an impression on others. While you are at it, start moisturising on your face every morning after you shower to help with anti-aging skin. If you do not own any facial cream, try our RSVP anti- aging intensive moisturiser products and try our facial massage with your next cut.

When it comes to social media, don't follow text your kid's friends, that is creepy. You can of course have your own Twitter or Instagram account and hope your kids friends follow you. 

The next time you put on a pair jeans, unless you are trim, skinny jeans are out of the question. In the same breadth, don't wear the jeans you have been wearing the last 3 years, especially if they are worn and baggy. You will need to invest in  a new pair. Need some new shirts?

Please don't buy T-shirts that are tight fitting or full of graphic words. it will make you look like you are trying to hard to be younger. Instead, find a boutique men''s store in your area and invest in a cotton, dressier, button down shirt that offers details in the color, cuff and button area. Here is a short cut. Try The Trunk Club  No more mall shopping. All the clothing gets shipped to you and it is all personalized based on what you select. Men love this who hate to shop. The only downside is you have to have a a tailor because the pants only come one length.