Cleveland: The Championship City

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for Cleveland, Cleveland Events

Cavs Championship Parade

Cavs Championship Parade

Cleveland is the City of Champions! Ever since the Cleveland Cavaliers won the 2016 World NBA Championship against the Golden State Warriors on June 20, 2016, the rest of the world has taken notice of what a great city we live in. The New York Times wrote a few articles about visiting the city. The Chicago Tribune also wrote a nice tribute to the city.  The night the Cavs won the championship, sports fans celebrated peacefully in the streets of downtown Cleveland. Fireworks and celebrations could be heard throughout Northeast Ohio. Three days later, the city of Cleveland and the Cavaliers put together a parade and rally for over 1.3 million people. The city was thrown back into the spotlight on how smoothly, (other than the parade taking double the amount of time because there were no barriers on the streets of the parade route), the event went. Cleveland fans smiled and greeted one another with the joy of a winning team throughout the entire event. Cleveland shined with how well everything was handled on such a celebratory day.


Cleveland Welcomes the RNC

Public Square in Cleveland

Fountain in Public Square

Three weeks later Cleveland is hosting The Republican National Convention and welcoming over 50,000 delegates, journalists and others to the city. After two years of intense planning, upgrades and preparation, the convention is finally here. As soon as the city as chosen by the Republican National Committee in 2014, the city began changes and upgrades to the landscape of the city. A $50 million project to change Cleveland’s public square began, new hotels were built and other older buildings were renovated to apartments, hotels and business spaces. All of these changes just enhanced what Clevelander’s knew all along, we have many buildings with historical architecture and newer buildings. Cleveland’s Public Square was officially opened to the public a few weeks ago and it is an amazing space to explore with the entire family. There is a fountain with dancing waters, a restaurant, benches in the midst of landscaping, a stage for performers and ample green space.

The Republican National Convention is the week for Cleveland to “shine” in the world’s media. This week, many television networks will feature stories on how much Cleveland has changed over the years and spotlight the many great qualities of the city. The morning TV shows have been introduced their audiences to some Cleveland food favorites: a corned beef sandwich from Slyman’s Deli, kielbasa and pierogi from Sokowloski’s and beer from Great Lakes Brewing Company.  They have also toured some of Cleveland’s other favorite sites from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to the Cleveland Art Museum and kayaking down the Cuyahoga River. Many of the restaurants, museums and buildings in town are holding special events during the convention.

What This Means to Cleveland

Cleveland from the Cuyahoga RiverThe NBA Championship Cavaliers will continue to bring basketball fans to the city with expectation of a return visit to the playoffs next year. Also, The Cleveland Indians are in first place in the American League Central Division. The Indians started a 14 game winning streak when the Cavaliers won and continue with their winning season. The economic boost of a winning sports team and a positive convention experience will help Cleveland for years to come.


Men’s Cuts  is proud to be a part of the Cleveland community. We are listed as a preferred vendor for the Republican National Convention. If you are visiting Cleveland for the convention, welcome and enjoy everything that the city has to offer!