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What Do You Know About Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day Stats and History

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It’s a big week for celebrating love. It is also a big week for florists, jewelers and candy stores. Even though the actual Valentine’s Day was few days ago, the celebrations continue the entire week. Valentine’s Day is a very big day for everyone whether you are single or in a relationship. In fact, according to Entrepreneur, there are a lot of people that buy gifts for their friends and even for their pets! People don’t plan that much in advance for Valentine’s Day gifts (unless you are making a much larger purchase such as an engagement ring, which we will discuss more later). They buy last minute gifts such as flowers or candy.

The Stats Behind Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a big retail holiday and there are many stats and data about spending for the holiday.  A 2013 CNN article, shares some eye opening statistics about Valentine’s Day from how much money is spent overall to home much someone spends on their pets for the holiday. Fortune also shares some fun information:

  • The average person spends $130.97 on Valentine’s Day
  • The total spending on gifts for Valentine’s Day is over $18.6 billion with $1.6 billion spent on candy, $1.9 billion spent on flowers and $4.4 billion spent on diamonds, gold or silver
  • 64% of men buy flowers on Valentine’s Day while 36% of women buy flowers on the day
  • There will be 151 million cards exchanged on Valentine’s Day
  • The most common items purchased on Valentine’s day are a box of chocolates, diamond earrings, a dozen roses, a dinner for two and a bottle of champagne.

Valentine’s Day Proposals

Did you get engaged this Valentine’s Day? If you did, you are not alone! There are conflicting reports where some people say don’t get engaged on Valentine’s Day, while other say that is the best day to get engaged. But, overall Valentine’s Day is a very popular day to get engaged. In fact, 50% of marriage proposals happen on Valentine’s Day. In 2013, Huffington Post  shared information that 6 million people expect or are planning a marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day and that isn’t supposed to change much for Valentine’s 2017.  The average cost of an engagement ring is around $2,500.  Each engagement is individual to the couple with personalized touches and speeches.

Valentine’s Day History

Do you know the history behind the romantic holiday? The celebration goes back centuries. The holiday can base its history on Christian, Roman and pagan traditions. The name of the holiday comes from a Catholic saint (Actually there were three with similar names), Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were martyred. One story had the saint marrying Roman soldiers, who at the time, the Roman government would not allow to marry and another myth said the saint helped early Christians escape persecution from the Roman leaders. The month of February was chosen to celebrate Valentine to coincide with the pagan celebration of Lupercalia set around February 15th. Lupercalia was a fertility festival dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture as well as the Roman founders, Romulus and Remus.

Written Valentine greetings can be dated back to the early 1400’s. American’s began exchanging hand-made valentines in the 1700’s. The first mass-produced valentines, made of real lace, ribbons and colorful pictures, were created in the 1840’s by Esther Howland.  Today, millions of Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged.

If you got engaged this Valentine’s Day, congratulations! As you and your finance are planning your big day, don’t forget that Men’s Cuts offers groom and groomsmen services to look your best on your wedding day.  


Men’s Subscription Box Services That Save Time for Men of Cleveland

imgresTies? If you love ties and lack the time to browse, now you can have ties mailed to you. You can sign on for a three, six and or 12 month subscription at broniandbo.co.uk  They will send you an assortment of ties including bow ties.

Need to add a some style in your wardrobe, but hate the idea of getting into your car, getting stuck in traffic walking, but want your own personal stylist. Your friends will wonder how come you are always to put together. You will pay the same as retail, shipping is free. The best part is you can do this all in the comfort of your own home. Try thechapar.com and trunkclub.comScreen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.26.56 AM

I have known a few guys who will literally go out and buy new underwear, just to avoid doing laundry.  Well, now you can have it mailed to you. Try briefd.co.uk and uniqlo.com

If you can't get to the drugstore to pick-up more shaving blades, look no further. My husband loves this service. You really can't beat the convenience and price.Try dollarshaveclub.com

imagesOk, so now that you dressed from head to toe. What else is left? Your hair and skin need some attention. There are some things you can't just get mailed to you and that is a fabulous hair cut.If you live in the Cleveland area and want a hair cut along with a facial and neck massage, stop into Men's Cuts in Lakewood, Ohio. While you are at it, you can sample our RSVP skincare line just for men."Our clients really love the Simple, Relaxing and Friendly atmosphere. No, You can't subscribe to us, but we do offer online booking for your convenience. We'll even send you a text and email reminder if you can't remember when to schedule.



Cool Men Over 50 Should Embrace Updating Grooming Habits and Participate in Social Media

If you want to stay current with your grown kids and still look hip, there are some things you can do to show you are not too antiquated.

Fifty is the new 40. After all,  who is to say you should just go grey just because you are a guy. It may be acceptable, but we've got news, " More men today are coloring hair to stay in the current jobs and to keep up with their kids." You want to remain relevant and not put out to pasture. It use to be that women were the one's who had to color their grey locks, that isn't the case anymore. Look don't be embarrassed. Time have changed. images

Oh and another thing, If you are divorced and heading back into the dating scene, a new fresh hair cut and style with color your hair will definitely  give you a level of confidence. Sure guys can wear grey hair, but grey hair washes out our features and skin tone. Go ahead, give us a call for a complimentary consultation. We'd be happy to talk to you to discuss what your styling possibilities are.

Gosh, for guys who are thinning with the beginnings of a balding, you may be able to remedy that with Nioxin hair treatment. It contains Minoxidil. It is a two step treatment that is done at home. Nioxin is known to help new, regrowth of hair. It takes about 3 months and committed use of the product. Don't wait,  stop in and pick some up. We will even help you monitor the changes.images-1

Balding men need to shave their heads smooth. It looks far worse to pretend you have some hair, than to see a man who is totally bald and proud. Your new focus is then to make the other parts of your image. You want to place the focus on an updated wardrobe.

Whatever you do, be sure to trim nostril, brow and ear hairs. It is a dead give away you look old older when those areas are not trimmed. These little things do make an impression on others. While you are at it, start moisturising on your face every morning after you shower to help with anti-aging skin. If you do not own any facial cream, try our RSVP anti- aging intensive moisturiser products and try our facial massage with your next cut.

When it comes to social media, don't follow text your kid's friends, that is creepy. You can of course have your own Twitter or Instagram account and hope your kids friends follow you. 

The next time you put on a pair jeans, unless you are trim, skinny jeans are out of the question. In the same breadth, don't wear the jeans you have been wearing the last 3 years, especially if they are worn and baggy. You will need to invest in  a new pair. Need some new shirts?

Please don't buy T-shirts that are tight fitting or full of graphic words. it will make you look like you are trying to hard to be younger. Instead, find a boutique men''s store in your area and invest in a cotton, dressier, button down shirt that offers details in the color, cuff and button area. Here is a short cut. Try The Trunk Club  No more mall shopping. All the clothing gets shipped to you and it is all personalized based on what you select. Men love this who hate to shop. The only downside is you have to have a a tailor because the pants only come one length.


Stylist at Men’s Cuts Offers A Solution for Aching Feet

imgres-1As a Men's hair stylist, we stand for 1-3 hours on our feet. About several weeks ago, I was experiencing pain in my metatarsals. The pain started in nerve between the 3rd and 4th toe. The medical term is Morton's Neuroma. I somehow inflamed the nerve. This sort of thing can happen by wearing the wrong sandal. Some how the weight on my foot shifted because I was wearing Birkenstocks and fashion sandals. Usually side open sandals like Birkenstocks distribute the weight of your foot evenly. There is a little bump in the sandal that separates your sole and toes, that bump hit my fourth toe nerve incorrectly and I started to develop a callous there. Once the pain starts, I scramble to figure out what shoe I can wear. The first few days I had to ice the bottom of my foot, then I would massage the sole of my foot, but especially the area between the third and 4th toe. The ice and massaging release the nerve somehow and helps with inflammation. Afterwards I wear tie shoes, or shoes that have cushy inner soles under foot. The toe box should be roomy enough to let the toes spread. This helps with standing all day as well as preventing inflammation in the nerves of affected area.

I am a shoe horse. And by that I mean, I love shoes. But I now have to rethink my choice of shoes and comfort is a big dealIMG_3001. The fact that I stand on my feet so much, I now rank shoes by comfort first, then style. Another thing is the structure of my feet pad I think have thinned. What I wore 2 years a go, is no longer comfortable, so what do I do?

In the last year, I have purchased 7 pairs of new shoes and sandals. All of which have their short comings. The prices range from $19.99 to $398.00. Sadly each pair hurt for one reason or another. My sandals which ere designed to imitate Birkenstock, aggravated and triggered Morton Neuroma. Another shoe from the foot source was described as the most comfortable show, made my foot sweat and ache. The nylon fabric did not allow for breathing. I have relegated those to walking the dog. I purchased a pair of Cole Han flats. In my past experiences, well made leather shoes are the most comfortable. The mold to your foot. Well, I love my Cole Haans, but can't wear them daily like I did in my 20's. 

This fall I got a  pair of Frye Boots.  I figured out that I have to wear thick socks to pad my feet since Frye boots do not offer any padding for the sole. So far so good. Again,  tomorrow I will wear a different pair of shoes, just so my feet feel good.



Beard Ideas for Men Who Want to Phase-Out Their Beards

Beards have been pretty popular the last 2 years. Everywhere you look men have facial hair in Lakewood, OHIO. Facial hair, like the hair on your head is an asset of your handsome looks, it frames your face & needs to be trimmed and cared for.

At Men's Cuts, we can't shave your face, but we can help you trim and reshape your beard for a different look.  And of course, If you are tired of the beard look and want to stand out from the crowd then consider changing the shape and changing your hair style.

If you have a white beard, you might want to tint it to match your hair color. It would give you facial definition. You would need to tint it twice a month.  Stop in to see us for a complimentary consultation.

Look for our beard oil which is also good for your beard skin next month.


Men Over 40 Fashion Tips

Ok so you don't have a 6 pack and you rarely get to the gym because you just don't have the time with work & kids.  Below Here are a few tips.

  1. Look at the your color palette. Are the things in your closet 3 years old. Pick-up a few shirts that are today's colors. The reason is your skin tone may have changed not to mention styles change.
  2. Fit. Do your pants fit your correctly. Dress pants to jeans...Are your pants worn looking? You should pick up a new pair of jeans if yours are worn or pilling.
  3. Don't try to be a trendsetter...update your wardrobe with the classics. Dress shirts should not be tight fitting, casual polos should be roomy enough, baggy is out. Please don't wear T-shirts your wore in your 20's. 
  4. Sports coat and leather jacket that are current can spruce up a dated wardrobe. Remember you don't want to dress like you did in your 20s.
  5. Shoes and sneakers should look current. Reheel and resole shoes, buff it up with polish. By all means buy some new socks, both sports and dressy.
  6. Lastly hair and skin. Go to Men's Cuts for an updated hair style with hot lather neck shave and while you are at it get their facial massage. A little pampering goes a long way.

Boomer Men 50+ Want to Look and Feel Good

cbe8ba8214b5afef7d503438ca523d5b_baby-boomer-grandparents-barbara-graham_featuredImageHow was your last visit at the neighborhood barbershop you went to as a kid? Chances are your childhood barber has retired or passed away. So where does that leave you? You are an accomplished guy, kids are grown, you are getting closer to retirement or have retired and want to look good. Your wife or girlfriend tells you to go to her stylist, but you hate the idea of sitting around a bunch of women with foils and nail polish. You float around in search of a a place and try different barber shops, chains and walk-out with a cut, images-2but with NO style and leave feeling like it was a chore.

Maybe, it is time to Google...Men's Cuts Lakewood. Go ahead read the reviews...this is where you need to get your next service. How about checking their Face book page. And if you are tech savy, you can even book your own appointment.  After all, you want service. You want quality and you want a stylist that remembers the details that make your look and feel special.

Why Men's Cuts of Lakewood, OH. We are not a chain. We are an independently, locally owned salon just for men. It is your best alternative to simple grooming needs. Mae, the owner and stylist opened the salon to give men an alternative to styling and grooming. She keeps it simple. You will just have to try it and see for yourself.

So what is the difference between a barber shop and Men's Cuts? We are stylists. We are trained & schooled completely different. A barber goes to barber school. A stylist goes to a cosmetology school to learn about hair, skin and nails. Female stylists are see things very differently than a male barber. Women are  naturally more nurturing, gentler  and more detailed with clients. We want you to look good in short or long hair. A stylist is just more versatile when it comes to service. 

Barber shops are full of testosterone with lots of talk of sports & politics. Most only operate on a walk-in basis. Some offer libations. If you have an hour or more to sit and wait your turn and all you want is a short haircut, then this is the place for you. Many close after 6PM. No wonder you have to wait til Saturday morning.

A chain as we know it, allows you to walk-in, sit for about 5-15 minutes and 99% of the time you get a a stylist, but you get whoever is available. In this instance, you are impatient, you are probably the guy who doesn't care about the cut and is frugal. You see no value in investing in your appearances. 

Men's Cuts friendly, relaxing vibe and convenient hours is what our Boomer customers enjoy. We don't want men sitting around waiting. So we now offer a solution, on-line booking. You can see what is available before driving to us and or walking - in.  It saves you time and gas. 

We know you would rather be golfing, doing yard work, the gym, or relaxing at home. Most men use a smart phone for everything, now you can book your appointment and see what is available from where ever you are. Another easy option we offer is rebooking when you leave. Don't worry, we will send you an email and text reminder. 

"It is more than a haircut" says Larry Gilbert, who is Mae's regular client. Larry is boomer, a semi-retired professional who discovered he could not get into his barber one day and did not want to wait in line. So he picked up his phone and made an appointment for Men's Cuts. He has never looked back. Larry had been going to the same barber for over 30 years." Most men can get a haircut anywhere. But when you walk into Men's Cuts, they treat you with care. The conversations are fun and light, its relaxing, especially the facial and neck massage. When you go to a traditional barber, you sit and wait your turn, it is perfunctory. You don't feel special."

Many of our clients relish getting a shampoo with the aroma therapy towel because it is relaxing. The Fix Plus with a facial massage  is the perfect solution to a boomer male who would like a little pampering and hot lather neck shave. When was the last time your barber pampered you?

Larry  is a perfect example of a very busy man, with  very active lifestyle and who wants to look and feel good when he leaves his appointment.  He always rebooks his next appointment just before he leaves so that he can specify the time that works for him.  Men's Cuts sends out a email and text reminders. Best of all, Larry gets a Larry got a got a thumbs up from his wife. 

imagesWe don't exclude men who are bald. Why let the guys with hair have all the fun. Men who are thinning or bald can come in and enjoy a scalp,  facial massage and beard trim. If you are in a wheel chair, don't fret, we are wheel chair accessible. There is no reason why any man can't look and feel good. Have you been recently hospitalized at Cleveland Clinic or University Hospital? There is nothing like a scalp & facial massage  to remove the scalp oils  and to add circulation back into your skin after being bed ridden. You will feel refreshed.

Have you gone completely grey and up for a job promotion? Hair color for men has changed. It isn't what your mother did and you won't look like you stuck your head in an ink well. We have color specific for men that will enhance. We do not DYE your hair. The best is it takes about 20 minutes and you can do it with every hair cut. Some men actually color their beards to match their hair. It creates handsome finish.

We value your time and expect the same in return. With that in mind, we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Should you need to change your appointment,  just edit your appointment on-line. However, if you make a same day appointment and suddenly need to cancel, you will need to call us to cancel. 

Ok enough said...go ahead....read our reviews and book now.





Mae Williams at Men’s Cuts Delivers Excellence

FullSizeRender Men choose Men's Cuts because they like the vibe and results. Mae Williams, owner/ stylist and member of the Rocky River Business Chamber provide men an opportunity to get a hairstyle they actually want. She welcomes men with short, long or medium length hair. Mae is accustomed to cutting all lengths of hair because her background started in high-end salons in Boston. She has over 20 years of experience with short to long hair for both men and women. "As a men's stylist I want men to know that we welcome change. Men no longer have to get the same haircut that a traditional barber provides. If you don't know how to describe what you want, Google haircuts for men and save it to your phone. Show us what you want. Mae books on the half hour and  delivers excellence in a timely manner. 

She has worked really hard, building her brand and establishing trust. Her communication style is direct. But don't take it personal. It is a unique combination of east coast attitude diluted with Midwest assimilation. Mae loves meeting new men & makes it a point to remember the little things and conversations she has with each client. Don't worry, anything that is said in the salon, stays in the salon. Her male clients enjoy her ability to talk about anything. Men's Cuts is like hub for information. This is especially true if you are a transplant to the Lakewood/Cleveland. 

Convenience today is so important to men. But let's not mistaken a rushed hair cut versus a haircut that is carefully crafted. We do accept walk-ins, but to save you the trip of walking in, we offer online booking. We book on the half hour.

To book online: Go to our website, create an account,

1. Select a service

2. Stylist

3.The hours  of availability pop-up

4. Save

You will get an email 3 days before your appointment and 24 hours before your appointment a text reminder will be sent.

Mae working diligently to hire more staff. Mae is extremely selective and only wants  the best stylists who can deliver excellence. We have a new stylist joining us Aug. 31st. Mae will be writing about her real soon here.  And if you are wondering, our clients travel from Bay Village, Rocky River, Westlake, Avon, Avon Lake Sheffield Lake and Downtown Cleveland






High Prices at Cable Companies Force Loyal Customers to Cut the Cord

Have you looked at your recent cable bill? My residential bill was close to two hundred dollars. WOW. I can think of lots I can do with an extra $200.00. Over the past 4 years I have called Cox and complained about the exorbitant fees with an interest to end the service. As soon as you say you are leaving, they immediately start introducing another package that is $20.00 lower for a year. Cox, incrementally raises the fees, $1-6.00 in the middle of each billing period. By the end of the year your savings is zilch and you are actually paying more. It is no wonder so many people have cut the cord to cable. I looked at Sling TV and wanted to consider that as a streaming service instead of cable, but my husband loves the Big 10 Sports package. We compared Cox to Dish, we would save $40.00 a month. If you were not aware, Cox has a loyalty dept. I tried calling twice and was put on hold for more than 10 minutes. I swear every Cox sales person is trained to up sell, defend their fees and to convince you their fee structure is worth your hard earned dollars.

Most recently we got a call telling us that if we did not upgrade to the new digital box we would not be able to see tv clearly. I asked the representative how much more I would need to pay per month. The answer I got was $2.00 per box per TV. I thought to myself...."What a rip-off." My current bill is almost $190.00. The truth is we don't need cable now that we can stream all our shows from Netflix, Hulu, SlingTV, Amazon Prime, etc.

It got me thinking...What do others use for Tv programming? I started asking customers in the salon how they watch their tv's. One guy swore by the Dish and another swore by Direct tv.

We are very frustrated with Cox's customer service and pricing tiers. Whenever you call you are screened by an impersonal recording of questions, then put on hold until the next available sales person can help. Sure you can go to their website, but there is nothing on their site that allows you to delete a service. It will only allow you to upgrade services and the website is confusing to navigate.

We will be looking to switch to Dish for programming for our home. But for the salon, I am going to look into a digital antenna, like the Leaf.

Read this to see to best indoor antennas. As long as we can get local news it should suffice since we play music all day anyways.


Men’s Cuts Lakewood’s Fast Fashion Fixes for Now and Later

1. Go through your wardrobe. Some of your favorite pieces get worn-out and faded. Go ahead and  toss out or donate  what you have not worn in two years. Then fill a spray bottle with some vodka and lightly spray your clothing. Hang sprayed items in a ventilated area to dry. This helps to get rid of odors in the fabric.

2. Are your clothes too big or too tight? Go to a men's clothier and get measured. Every couple of years you should get measured so that you can identify areas where you need to buy bigger or smaller.

3. Stuck in a rut? Pair up a T-shirt or button down with different pants, lay it together on the bed. Pull together 5-10 different looks. Take your phone and snap what you like. This can be your go to when you need an idea for a different look. Update this as needed.

4. Do you need to clean-up those shoes? Gather-up your shoes that are worth re-soling and head to a show cobbler. This can save money and will look brand new. Coordinate your shoes by color in your closet. This helps when you want to pull an outfit together.

5. Don't forget your belts. Get rid of any belts that your wore in college. Invest in a few new one's every couple of years. Donate what you don't wear.

6. Jackets, suits... both casual and dressy. Check for missing buttons, stains and  lining. Also check to see if they are currently in style. Some jackets really can date an outfit.

7. Eye glasses can really tie a look together. Frames today are really quite fashion forward.