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The Male Mindset When Choosing a Stylist

In the last several weeks we have had an increase in men who are switching from barber & chain to our salon. I think it is safe to say, they are seeking better service and attention to detail. 

Historically, men have gone to barbers for all their grooming needs. In the old days, it was a place for men to catch-up and chat about the news and things happening in the neighborhood. Fashion for men has given men more options to look outside of the barber to capture a different look with hair, especially men who desire to have longer hair. Today, men have many choices for getting a haircut. Those other choices are discount chains, female salons, men salons. The male mindset has really changed in that, men care more about their haircut longevity, over all appearances and convenience of time. Most salon cuts will hold its style 4-6 weeks, versus a weekly cut at the barber. Guys today do not all want to sit for hours at a barber shop. They want to spend more time doing other things. Clients are busy and with that in mind, men like to book appointments that fit their schedule. With current technology, online booking is available for convenience  at menscutslakewood.com. Not to mention, more men are willing to pay more for a different and gentler experience. Of course, guys won't admit it, but they want a little pampering too. Women sees things esthetically different than a male. Most women are licensed stylists and so the education & training is more about fashion, styling and looking your best. In addition,females stylists are generally more on top of sanitation of tools due to the fact that we are required to take CEU classes to maintain out licensure in Ohio.

Is a ten minute $10.00 cut going to hold its style? I would say, "No." If you want a great cut, invest in yourself and spend a little more. A stylist with 3-5 years who continually is educated will be a better choice.One has to remove the discount mentality. Discount hair chain salon concepts have destroyed the the respect stylist deserve in our salon industry. A  10 minute haircut will never garner the same results as a 30 minute focused haircut. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.  If you get your haircut at Men's Cuts in Lakewood, it will cost you approximately 76¢ - $1.00 per day to look your best.  Don't you think, you are worth $1.00 a day. So go ahead, book online now. We look forward to seeing you.


Men’s Facial Hair Grooming in Lakewood Ohio

Do the stray hairs on your ears, brows and T-shirt collar bug you? You know when the fuzz just pops out of the t-shirt color. Most men are embarrassed by the hair on the back of their neck. Well, look no further. We are here to help. Did you know wax services for men are the norm today? Women are not the only one's who get their facial hair waxed and removed. At Men's Cuts, we provide services from the neck collar up. Most recently we attended a class about Cirepil wax. Can I tell you after our 4 hour, hands-on class, I fell in love with the product. The only way to know a product is to actually experience it on yourself. Anna was equally excited to try the product. She prepped my upper lip and then applied the wax & minutes later lifted the wax off. The results were spectacular. I was not red and it did not hurt. The finest of hairs were lifted and gone. I was so amazed. After seeing these results, I was convinced that Cirepil is the best wax product for our male clients. After all, our men deserve the best. So you are reading this and wondering what stray hairs? Go ahead and grab a mirror and look closely at your face. Men often get stray hairs on the cheeks, some men get fuzzy hair on the perimeter of the ear. Also take a look at your brows. The stray hairs above and below the main brow & between the brows (unibrow). Finally, strays in the area of neckline. The benefit is when you remove all the distracting, stray hairs you look cleaner.This enhances your appearance.

I have been in the business for over 20 years and have tried other wax products by other manufacturers, Cirepil, hands down is the winner. Since we love the product so much for men, for the month of June, July and August, Men's Cuts will be offering complimentary brow, ear and neck to T-shirt collar line waxing services. We only services from the neckline and above.  Ceripil changed my perception of wax and my hope is it will change yours too. So, book now at www.menscutslakewood.com  and get groomed with us.


Hair Thinning Solutions

Hair thinning in men is an occurrence that is as old as time. Unfortunately for us men, it doesn’t only affect men who are as old as time. In fact, it can beImage result for male hair thinning found in plenty of men in their 30’s or even their early to mid-20’s. Some teens even experience thinning! As men, we have a tendency to over analyze these things. A few hair strands on the pillow? The world is ending. The question then becomes, in the face of hair thinning adversity, how do we take control of the situation? It’s easy to hit the panic button and either shave it all off, or go for the Fabio look and try to grow the longest and most luscious hair we can. Both are moves of both desperation with a touch of denial. In reality, we are typically the only ones who notice our hair thinning since we are the only ones taking such a hard look at it every day. Many times, your stylist doesn’t even see your thinning to be as severe as you probably do. 

So why don’t we take a rational step back and take a look at the situation with three key questions: what causes hair thinning, what can I do about my thinning from a haircut standpoint and what can I do from a hair product or medical treatment standpoint?

What Causes Hair Thinning

Typically, hair loss is triggered by dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a breakdown product of the hormone testosterone that causes miniaturization of hair follicles. That’s a lot of science talk… basically, hair thinning and balding is hereditary and if you have the gene, there’s not much you can do to prevent it. On the flip side, studies show there are a few external factors that can push hair thinning, such as smoking, stress, certain medications, poor diet or other unhealthy habits.

Haircut Solutions

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about haircuts for thinning hair is probably the buzz cut. And to some extent, you’re right. The buzz cut is certainly one effective way to hide your thinning hair and forget all about it. But you have options! For example, the high and tight is a great way to make your hair look fuller, while still going short in the thinning areas to make it less noticeable. Try using a blow dryer, rather than product, to give the hair more volume.


Another good haircut for thinning hair is “The Barista”. This is the combover over the back of the head, which has been very common over the past couple of years. This is especially good if your hair is thinning around the crown of your head, because the healthy hair is able to cover the affected area.


For a longer haircut, consider the simple “mop cut”. The messy and busy look of the cut will make your hair look fuller and as an added bonus, it’s easy to maintain. Again, a blow dryer can do wonders for this cut to give your hair that added volume.


Hair Product/Medical Solutions

There is an enormous number of products or procedures out there that claim to be effective means of defending against or recovering from hair thinning. Bosley is a common option and a very effective one at that. There are a number of options offered by Bosley, both surgical and non-surgical. While this tends to be a dramatic and advanced solution, for some men who are serious about preventing any further hair loss or thinning, this can be a great solution. Rogaine is another reputable brand that is highly effective at stopping thinning hair in the process and rebuilding the hair follicles into their once stronger and fuller state.

Like I said, these products tend to be a bit more dramatic and intensive and may not be right for you. In that case, consider the alternative for a better haircut. Schedule an appointment this week with Men’s Cuts and ask your stylist about your options and what they think would be best for you. Every head of hair is different. They understand your concern and want you to look your best. 


Stylists vs Barbers – What is Right For You?

In a previous blog post, we touched on the biggest differences between a stylist and barber to help to determine which is the right fit for you. A barber’s primary strength is short hair styles, such as the buzz or the military cut, and hot lather shaves. Barber shops provide a certain atmosphere that some men are looking for.  The type of atmosphere where we talk sports and cars and not much more. Stylists, on the other hand, have more of a focus on more advanced hair cuts. Stylists use both the clippers and scissors and are trained in longer hair for men. The atmosphere at salons tend to be much more relaxed, laid back and conversational.

Deciding between a stylist at a salon or a barber can be an incredibly difficult decision, as a male myself, I know. But that is only half the battle. The next question then becomes reputable chain vs small, specialized boutique. Men’s Cuts, for example would be a perfect example of a small, specialized boutique. Mae and her staff are extremely knowledgeable on a wide range of styles and cuts and the boutique atmosphere means you’ll pick up the conversation right where it left off at your last cut. On the other hand, a more reputable chain, such as Great Clips, tends to provide a certain level of comfort to us men. We know we won’t be in that chair for longer than 15 minutes at the maximum and we know exactly what we are going to walk away with. No suggestions about new ways to style or new cuts that would fit our head well, just a simple, easy cut. And for some, that is perfect.

Whether you ultimately decide to choose a barber or a stylist to maintain your hair is completely up to you and almost all personal preference. Believe it or not, as of right now, every barber and stylist in the state of Ohio is a licensed professional. This is very important, not only to us men considering we are putting our complete hair trust is these individuals and will have to live with their work for the next 4 to 8 weeks, but also to those in the industry. This keeps the stylists and barbers updated on trends, practices and knowledge. The steps to become a barber, for example, can be rigorous. The first step is education. A barber-in-training must complete 1500 hours of study and practice and before they are able to graduate from barber school. Depending on the state, the next step for a future barber will be testing in the form of both a hands-on and written exam. Once passed, there will be some fees and dues to pay, and then they apply for their license. This ensures credibility and keeps us patrons relaxed knowing our barber is qualified.

The process for a stylist is a bit more advanced. Instead of simply logging a number of hours, stylists are taught through a more structured process. Through a 9 month to 2 year program, stylists are educated and taught to cut with scissors, some clippers, tease, braid, use all types of hot irons, color, blow-dry and finish for a complete look. In the past, it was more common that stylists did apprenticeships in high end salons to gain more knowledge in providing a better cut. Having said that, any stylist who works alongside experienced top stylist become better through that interaction. One can't help but learn and to improve when you are in that surrounding. Stylists are also more interested in fashion and grooming. Expect to spend 30 minutes or less in a chair for a great cut, 45 minutes if you have long thick hair or just hair that is not been cut for 3-6 months. Stylists are more open to change, in fact they welcome it.

Interestingly, chain salons have begun to pop up more and more, focusing on providing convenience. Many of these chains pride their services on time. Somewhere between 7-10 minutes is the allowed time for a cut and convenience. This works for people on a budget and for those who are not as particular about their appearances. I call it the express haircut.

As a boutique stylist, Men’s Cuts opened to give us men a better alternative to a barber and chain. They truly want us to have the freedom to wear our hair short or long, straight or curly.

As of recently, some states have begun eliminating the need for the license. The problem here is that anyone can advertise themselves as a stylist or a barber, with no training or possibly no experience. This leaves us consumers in the dark and creates a hostile industry for those who earned it. Luckily, Ohio is not one of those states considering eliminating the need for a license (as of now).

Image result for men's cuts  lakewood


If you’re ready to make a change with your look, schedule an appointment now with Men’s Cuts. Mae or Anna are ready to give you the best cut you’ve ever had!


Men’s Complete Guide to Hair Product

As men, choosing the right product for our hair can be a nightmare. With some many different options and variations, it’s almost impossible to distinguish what is actually made for your hair style and what is for hair totally different than yours. To make life easier, I went ahead and created a guide to hair product, so we men can easily sort through the options and determine the right product for us.

If you still have questions, ask your local Men’s Cuts stylist what is right for your hair and your next haircut. It’s their job and they know best. 



Pomade can be great not only for the style of your hair, but also the health of your hair, which makes it an attractive candidate in the hair product race. Intended for men with hair on the thicker side, pomade provides a medium to high hold with some shine. Pomade works best in short to middle length hair styles and allows you to restyle throughout the day, allowing you to transition perfectly from the office to happy hour.



WaxImage result for mad men hair

Wax can be used for a wide variety of hair lengths and styles, but it’s typically best for shorter styles that require a comb, such as a side part or spiked hair. Basically imagine any character from Mad Men – that is wax. Typically a medium to high hold with a low, matte shine, wax is for the straight-cut professional. Curly-haired men beware, though, as wax has a tendency to clump in hair that isn’t relatively straight.




Gel is the classic hair product we all know and probably hate. It is almost a rite of passage for men to try hair gel at some point in their life. Gel is a product where quality absolutely matters. The difference between cheap gel and a more expensive gel can be seriously substantial. Gel typically provides the maximum hold and a high level of shine. As you can image, gel is not great for your hair. It can cause anything from flaking, excessive drying leading to dandruff, frizzing, to broken hairs. When done right, gel can look good but once it’s in the hair, it’s best not to touch it again for the rest of the day.




Cream is a subtle product typically for men with medium to longer hair styles. With a light hold and low, natural looking shine, cream simply gives your hair direction without locking it into place. If you’re looking for the classic bed-head look, cream is the product for you. Best for thick, coarse or curly hair, cream is also commonly used as more of a conditioning lotion for hair rather than styling product.




Typically the most versatile of all products, paste is the workhorse of hair products. The beautiful thing about a paste product is that it can work magic in almost any length or style. This allows you to use the same product from one hair cut to another, even as your hair grows. In short, damp hair, paste provides a medium hold with a matte finish. In dry hair, paste gives you more of that messy, bed-head look.




Clay is a pretty comparable product to pomade, however clay is typically a bit stickier and provides a stronger medium to high hold. Clay gives your hair a matte finish with plenty of texture and volume. Clay is a great product for the modern haircuts that require a high hold without losing volume to your hair. As an added bonus, clay can be great for your hair as well, providing minerals and nutrients without drying it out.



Hair Spray

Hair spray is something that maybe should have stayed in the 80’s, but didn’t. More times than not, hair spray is actually used best as a protective helmet applied to already styled hair. The hair spray keeps the styled look in place, even in active or high stress situations. Basically, hair spray makes your hair convertible proof.


And now, a chart that explains everything:


My Experience with Dollar Shave Club

The life of a modern man is complicated and chaotic (sort of). I barely have time to remember to eat, let alone remember to buy groceries. And I most certainly don’t have time or the patience to remember to buy menial products, like razors. In fact, ever since I’ve been shaving, purchasing razors has been a struggle. Was I paying too much or was I not paying enough? Did the quality of expensive razors outweigh the value of cheap disposable razors? All the while I was having this ongoing internal debate, I had another thought: this is not what I want to be worrying about.

Dollar Shave Club, Dollar Shave Club Experience, Review of Dollar Shave Club, Men's Salon Shaving, Mens Lakewood Salon, Shaving for Men

Like most of you, I had seen the viral YouTube video and the commercials for Dollar Shave Club. It sounded like a great concept, but isn’t that what marketing departments are paid to do? Eventually, I decided to give it a go.

Here’s my take:

When you first sign up for DSC, you can your razor from three tiers: “good, better, best”. I read this as: “slightly hairy, moderately hairy, and very hairy. The “good” tier is a one blade razor called “The Humble Twin”, a classic two blade razor. The “better” tier is called “The 4x”, a, you guessed it, four blade razor, equipped with a 90 degree pivot head. Finally, the “best” tier, called “The Executive”, is an advanced six blade razor with a built in trimmer. Being the baby-faced blonde that I am, I elected to go with the middle tier. Regardless of the tier you choose, your first month is $1. What’s the catch? No catch… yet. For $1, I received the razor handle and 4 blades. I think it’s important to note that each tier has a different handle that is only compatible with the blade you select. So while you get a free handle at first, if you were ever to want to switch to a higher or lower tier razor, you would have to purchase a new handle.

About 8-10 business days, which is longer than I would have hoped, my first DSC delivery arrived. For a company like Dollar Shave Club to truly stand out and make their mark, presentation is crucial… and they nailed it. Inside my package was not only my handle and four blades, but also a free sample size bottle of Dr. Carver’s Shaving Butter and a copy of DSC’s monthly magazine, called The Bathroom Minutes (which is a phenomenal read).

Dollar Shave Club Review, DSC Review, Salon for Men Shave, Mens Salon, Shaving, Art of Shaving

My first shave was basically everything I hoped it would be. I had a close, smooth shave and because I used the Dr. Carver’s shaving butter, my skin felt refreshed and moisturized after. Over the next few weeks, everything seemed to work perfectly. Each blade lasted the allocated week and I was ready with the next blade on deck. My after work bathroom breaks had also become more enjoyable, thanks to The Bathroom Minutes – seriously, a phenomenal publication. It was a perfect month… well, as far as shaving and using the bathroom go…


One of the biggest selling points of DSC is supposed to be the automation. Never having to worry about making sure I was covered on razors and only having to use each blade for seven days is why you join. Unfortunately, this is where I ran into trouble. I received my first box was delivered on February 8th. In an ideal world, I should have gotten my second box on March 8th. But life is not ideal. I received my second box on March 15th. While it’s not the end of the world, I was forced to use my last razor blade for two weeks instead of one. My third box arrived on April 20th. My forth box just arrived this week… May 9th. Yes, I know, this is the ultimate first world problem, but if Dollar Shave Club is going to use constant automation as one of its core differentiating values, at least do it right. 

On a more positive note, I did utilize the feature of purchasing other shaving products from DSC to be included in my box. I ended up purchasing a full tub of Dr. Carver’s Shaving Butter and even splurged on the Repair Serum. In my opinion, this is one of the best perks of Dollar Shave Club. They offer a wide variety of great products not only for shaving, but for hair cleaning, hair styling and skin care. Conveniently, I managed to time up my DSC delivery to be about a week after my monthly haircut schedule, so I’m able to get feedback from my Men’s Cut Lakewood stylist about what type of product I should be using, and included it in my DSC box.

Aside from my slight automation trouble, I would say I am very pleased with my time with Dollar Shave Club. I haven’t tried the competitors (Harry’s), and am curious, but for now I’ll stick with DSC. Have experience with subscription based shaving products? Share your thoughts!


18/18 Customers of Avon Commons Travel to Men’s Cuts in Lakewood For Similar Service

We want to welcome all those men  from Avon lake & Avon who are lost and wandering around looking for the same hair cut/grooming service. We offer beard trim, facial massage and hot leather neck shaves. We won't offer you the membership fees that some have told us are now non-refundable because the doors are closed. What we will offer you are great haircuts, attentive service and convenience.

15613 Detroit Ave. between Lakeland and Westwood Ave. Book Now!

At Men's cuts We "Keep it simple."  We are locally owned and operated. The vibe is relaxed. Our hours of operation are Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 12-8PM, Thursday 11-7 and Friday 9-5PM. Metered parking is available. So, have a few quarters on hand.

Book online or call us.  www.menscutslakewood.com or call 440 799-8887...We would love to have you.


What to Do if You Have Thinning Hair?

Styles for men's thinning hairIs your hair thinning? You are not alone. According to Web MD nearly 85% of men will have major hair thinning by the time they are 50. Some guys start to lose their hair before they turn 21. Male pattern baldness can begin as early as the teenage years, but most commonly occurs in adult men and can take 15-25 years to go bald.

Causes of Male Pattern Baldness

The main cause of male pattern baldness is genetics. It is inherited through the family’s genes and DNA. Men who have close relatives on the maternal side of the family with male pattern baldness are at a higher risk than other men. Another factor baldness in men is taking too much of the chemical hormone, Dihydrotestosterone or DHT, which causes thinning and baldness. More recently, research has found that male pattern baldness is associated with men’s sex hormones called androgens, which has many functions including regulating hair growth.



How It Starts

The hair on our heads have a specific growth cycle that is a product of our hormones and genes. With male pattern baldness, the growth cycle weakens producing finer and less strands of hair. Over time the actual growth cycle for that specific hair ends and no new hair grows in its place.

What You Can Do

There is no known way to prevent male pattern baldness. But there are many different approaches to treatment from holistic to medical that are offered.

  • Wearing a baseball cap will not bring on male pattern baldness. Neither will combing, brushing, running fingers through the hair, twisting or styling hair.
  • One theory is that reducing stress by participating in relaxing activities will slow the hormones that speed up male pattern baldness.
  • Hair loss doesn’t signal a medical problem and doesn’t harm a man’s health. But worrying about it how it affects one’s “looks” is very common.
  • According to Web MD, there is a clean link between lighting up a cigarette and how fast male pattern baldness gets worse.
  • Eating correctly might help. Eating protein-rich foods and healthy fats can make the hair that is there thicker and shinier. Consuming protein-filled food including spinach, chicken, fish, eggs and pork are just a few items that can help the hair look better.
  • Remember that hair doesn’t make the man. Take care of things that you can control like being healthy and staying in shape.

Just because a man is bald or his hair is thinning doesn't mean he can't enjoy a facial massage or a scalp massage. Stop in to Men’s Cuts and ask about our hair products including Bosley shampoo for men as well as a Bosley Hair thickening powder. These products are great to add the appearance of thicker hair in those areas that are thinning. Bosley performs hair restorations that is natural looking, permanent with a fast recovery time. There is a Bosley location in Beachwood where hair surgical treatments are performed.

Men’s Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

For men that are losing their hair, there is a way to compensate by changing up your hairstyle that goes with the baldness pattern instead of having that work against you. There are many hairstyles that work well for thinning hair. One of the biggest mistakes that men make when their hair starts to thin is to fill in the gaps by growing their hair longer. However, the truth is that the shorter the hair, the more the chances of camouflaging the loss of the hair. One style is having longer hair with more volume on top and then slicking back the hair. This is a good choice for men whose hair is just beginning to recede at the crown.

Another great hair style for thinning hair is the messy hair style. This look works because the hair goes in all direction covering the scalp. The undercut hairstyle, which is still extremely popular works well for this long with short sides and bad and longer hair at the top and at the hairline.  Spikey hair is not good for thinning hair as it makes is seem even thinner. Some might opt to buzz the hair very short or entirely shave the head to combat thinning hair.

Men’s Cuts Can Help

Consult with your hair stylists to find hair styles that are more suitable for your specific hair loss and your face. The stylists at Men’s Cuts are here to help men with limited hair loss find a style that can hide hair loss. Make an appointment today to see how you can look your best through hair loss.


Men’s Cuts is a Sponsor for Lakewood Alive’s Lumberjack Bash

Lakewood Alive's Lumberjack BashMen’s Cuts is very proud a member of the Lakewood business community. Lakewood is a thriving community with many small and large businesses, restaurants, pubs, parks and things to do. Lakewood Alive is a non-profit community and economic development organization that fosters vibrant neighborhoods in Lakewood by hosting large-scale community events, pursing community development initiatives and administering a Housing Outreach Program. Lakewood Alive promotes community in Lakewood by sponsoring such events as Lakewood Wine & Craft Beer Festival, Lakewood Chocolate Walk, Light Up Lakewood and the summer concert series on the porch of Lakewood Library.

Loving Lakewood: Lumberjack Bash

On Saturday, February 25 from 7:30 pm to 11 pm Lakewood Alive is hosting their winter fundraiser, Loving Lakewood: Lumberjack Bash at Bottlehouse Brewery in Lakewood. Guests to the event are invited to wear their best Lumberjack attire and grow their best beard to help support Lakewood Alive’s programming throughout the year. The Lumberjack Bash will have lumberjack-themed drinks, décor and entertainment including music, games and activities fitting a lumberjack. The event is co-sponsored by Geiger’s, Cleveland Property Management Group, MVP Valet Parking and more. Tickets, ranging from $40 to $75 a piece, are available via Lakewood Alive.org. 

Lumberjack Bash Epic Beard Contest

Men’s Cuts is excited to sponsor the Epic Beard Contest at the Bash Attendees can compete for the opportunity to win prize packs in four bearded categories:

  • Most Unique Beard
  • Sexiest Beard
  • Longest Beard
  • Best in Show

Any attendee, both men and women, are eligible to participate in the contest. This “Most Unique Beard” category rewards the most creative beard that is not necessarily comprised of hair. Participants can register for the contest during the event with judging taking place at 9:30pm. The winner of each category of the contest will win a prize. There are specific rules  for the contest at the Lumberjack Bash.

Beards Are Still Big

Beards continues to be a big trend for men in 2017.  Men are continuing to try growing a beard to see if it fits their style. The winter months are especially good months to grow a beard as it helps to keep a man’s face warm, but there are certain tips that men should follow when growing a beard. The important thing to remember is that if you want to grow a beard, you need to commit to doing so. It could take a good 6-8 weeks to fully grow a beard (depending on how fast a man’s facial hair grows). If a man wants a longer beard, it will take a longer time to get to the proper beard length. To keep the beard looking good, it is vital to keep them properly groomed and trimmed.

What about the Moustache?

Men's moustache styles for 2017

Photo courtesy of hairstyleonpoint.com.

What is about the moustache that it still continues to be popular as part of a beard or on its own? A proper moustache look needs to be paired with a great haircut to achieve a man’s certain look. Moustaches are very distinct and there are some top styles that continue to be popular for 2017. They require the same grooming as a moustache. A messy overgrown moustache will just not do. Some of the popular moustache looks include the following:

The Horseshoe: This type of moustache stretches across the upper lip and reaches down either side of the mouth to the chin. Its shape is similar to a horseshoe.

Moustache Meets Beard:  This style goes along with growing a beard, but the moustache is longer and grows over to the beard. Longer moustaches and beard give the man a more “lumberjack” look.

Full-Length Moustaches: Since facial hair continues to be a popular look, men are growing out their moustaches to run the length of their mouth and longer. These styles still need to be tidy and groomed.

Trimmed Moustaches: Men can grow their moustaches, but keep it thin and trimmed, but not overbearing and full. The edges of the facial hair are kept neat and clean. The style works with a beard or without one.

Keep it Groomed

When growing facial hair, it is very important to keep it properly groomed. Trimming helps to maintain the type of beard you have decided to grown as well as help it grown in the right shape. Have a professional trim and shape the beard the way that you want it with scissors or clippers. Men’s Cuts offers beard and moustache trimming and shaping.  Consult with your stylist for the beard and moustache look for you. Men’s Cuts is looking forward to judging the ever-popular beard at Lakewood Alive’s Lumberjack Bash!



Men’s Hair Trends for 2017

Men's hair style trends for 2017

Photo courtesy of modern-hairstyles.net.

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to update your look? An easy way to do that is to get a new hairstyle!  Just like with fashion, each season brings new trends in hair styles and looks. Changing a hair style is an easy, cost-effective way to update your look. It is cheaper than investing in an entire new wardrobe and easier than doing every day workouts (even though this is good for you to do for health reasons).

According to Men’s Hair Style Trends, 2016 was a year of creativity and experimentation in men’s haircuts and they predict that 2017 will continue that trend. There was a wide variety in men’s hairstyles and men want more and more to have a look that could make them stand out in the crowd.


Men’s Hair Style Trends for the New Year

Fashion Beans listed some of the big trends for men’s hair in 2017 include longer hair-including all along long hair or just longer hair on top. Faded and undercut haircuts are still popular for straight, thick and curly hair. Below are a few of the trends that started off on the fashion walkways and are now appearing on the streets in cities around the world:


Textured hair styles are trendy for men in 2017

Photo courtesy of fashionbeans.com.

The slick, neat and tidy look has been on the outs for the past few years. For 2017, the messy look is becoming much more popular. The look includes keeping the sides and back of the hair short with longer length on top as the main focus point. The longer hair is cut with scissors for an uneven, textured look.





Longer Hair


Long hair men styles for 2017

Photo courtesy of fashionbeans.com.

Longer hairstyles for men are popular on the fashion catwalks and streets of London and New York. Longer looks include shaggier hair to hair that reaches the shoulder and beyond.   An example of this longer look would be Kit Harrington as Jon Snow on Game of Thrones. For the more daring, the “bigger” hair styles of the 80’s and 90’s are making a comeback. No, we don’t mean the mullet, more the grunge look.  As men get more adapt using hair styling tools and products there will be more complicated longer styles.



The Undercut

Men's Classic Undercut Hair Style

Photo courtesy of thetrendspotter.net.

The undercut has been a staple look for men’s hair for a few years. It is popular in fashion magazines, popular with film and television stars and still popular for street style, particularly with younger generations. This style works well for most hair types from straight to wavy to curly and can be adapted into either a classic or more modern look. The Trendspotter lists different undercut styles that still remain popular in 2017. These looks include: the classic, slicked back, side-swept or pulled forward.



Disconnected Undercut

In the past, men who had the disconnected undercut slicked back their hair. Today, this style is cut and styled in a variety of ways with different lengths of hair on top and in the front. The disconnected undercut haircut is defined as having a contrast between very short or shaved sides and longer hair on top. The disconnection of the short sides and more hair on top is exaggerated even more with a hard part or a shaved side part. This style does now have a fade.



Lightweight Products

With men moving away from the slick look and the growth in popularity of the messy look, there will be a need for lightweight products that achieve a more natural finish. If you go with the textured look, you will need a hair product that will enhance that look that won’t weigh down the hair. Men’s Cuts carries a variety of styling products. Ask your stylist which is the best product for your hairstyle.

With so many different hairstyles, 2017 will bring new men’s looks to the streets around the world that could be considered throw-backs to the 50’s, with the undercut, and the 80’s or 90’s with longer, messy hair. The best thing with a change in hair style is that you can always change up the look after a few months of growing the hair. Consult with your stylists at Men’s Cuts for ideas for your new look for the New Year.