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The Right Hair Cut For The Right Impression

A man's haircut is more than just trimming off excess growth; it's about signaling a new venture, introducing a new career in your life, and moving forward with a positive outlook on your physical self. It also has real-life impact. Most people will make a first impression within three seconds of first meeting you, with a person already having some sort of understanding as to who you are and what you are in mere moments– even if it's an inaccurate assessment. Whether looking for a first date, moving forward with a new career, or even meeting the in-laws, a thoughtful man's haircut projects an image of self-confidence and organization, factors that anyone can appreciate.

There is also a transformative power of a haircut. A haircut can accentuate your features, make you look like you lost weight, and can even make you look younger. I recently got a client who went for an interview out in San Francisco for a position at Apple – his new haircut gave him the confidence he needed to nail the job. Another client went to New York City for a job after a haircut and got the position, with another getting a promotion in downtown Cleveland after struggling to find an agreeable haircut. Here are some hairstyles to consider.

Short length on the sides and a bit of length on top. A reiteration of the traditional pompadour, this type of haircut tends to be universally agreeable with most face shapes. A slight side part gives a intelligent, almost affluent look, which can be an asset to boost your confidence during job interviews.

Get rid of the gray hair. Gray hair is more acceptable nowadays, with many men rocking it – especially when it is paired with a stylish haircut. However, if you want to look younger, then removing the gray hair or toning it down can make quite a difference. It's important to consider the cost and maintenance of removing gray hair, but the stylist will be able to recommend a regimen that is unobtrusive and friendly to your wallet.

The true value in natural hair coloring for men:

  • It adds depth to otherwise white hair.
  • It adds movement and helps to define the cut.
  • It is distinguishing for men.
  • The colors we use today do not make you look artificial and can be done every 4 weeks.
  • It fades out gradually giving a very natural appearance to the eye.

Cut and color $65.00 for an average cost. For facial hair it is $15.00 and up. Consultation is always recommended.

It's also about your facial hair. A bit of trimming of your beard gives you a refined look, compared to unruly facial hair that can be distracting. We can recommend beard styles that will make it less distracting. Remember that people want to look at your face, not at the wall of hair.

The short clean-cut. This is the quintessential haircuts for many businessmen. If you want to secure a job position, make sure that you emulate the style and look of potential coworkers. It gives you a step in compared to others.

To get a complete rundown of the styles that we offer or to see our recommendations, contact us at Mens Cuts Rocky River 440.799.8887


Hair Cuts for The ‘New DAD’

Who is today's "Dad?" If you, like so many other men, have found that the traditional sense of going to work 9 to 5 is just not what you wanted to do, you are not alone. There are many men who have decided that life is more rewarding or better fitting by simply staying at home. Whether you are a stay at home dad that spends most of his days moving kids from place to place or you are a man that works from your home, it's always good to know how to take care of yourself.

Why Are So Many Men Enjoying Being Stay at Home Dads?

  • More men are valuing staying home with their kids.
  • There are more positions than ever that allow for work at home positions, giving them the freedom to be both the breadwinner and the caretaker.
  • For many men, being a stay at home dad really is the best role for them.
  • For others, it's necessity because their spouse or significant other is building a business or a career.

Some men have found themselves in this position just out of sheer luck. And, it feels great! There's no need to change it.

But, You Do Need to Take Care Of Yourself

While spending time enjoying your children is important, it is also essential to spend time on yourself. Men who are at home working or taking care of the house, kids, pets, and long list of to-do items, need some time every few days for themselves. Go out for a lunch date with a few friends. Spend some time at the rec center on your "days off." Or, unwind with other dads in a play group.

Most importantly, take time for your personal needs. Make an appointment for your next haircut. Because of the time constraints you have in place, you don't always have the ability to drop in and wait for a haircut. You don't have to. You can book your appointment when it fits your needs whether that's when the kids are napping or when the kids are in school.

When you need some downtime or just a fantastic haircut, give us a call. We're happy to give you the beset looking haircut out there while also giving you a break from being the best dad in the city.


Haircuts For Men That Take the Years Off

While it may be hard to believe, men have bad hair days too. Although they don't usually complain about their hair, they may notice that they are unable to comb and style it the way they want. Most men care about the way they look, and like many women, their hair can define their looks. The type of men's cut must suit the shape and size of a man's face. There are several men's haircuts that can make a man look years younger. Styles can be short, long or mid-length. However, shorter hairstyles seem to be the most popular for men from all walks of life. Some of the more popular cuts that make men look younger include:

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a very close-to-the-scalp cut and is very popular with law enforcement and military personnel. It is easy to maintain and gives men a fresh look.

Julius Caesar

The Julius Caesar haircut is another popular hairstyle for men. Celebrities, such as Russell Crowe, have sported this haircut. It gives men a charming, boyish look.

Businessman Style

The businessman haircut is a popular cut which features tapered hair on the sides and back with longer hair on top. Men will typically use a gel or mousse to style their hair and create a unique look with this men's cut.

In order to maintain a younger look, a man will need to keep his haircut current. For those with thinning hair, short haircuts, like the ones previously mentioned, are a great choice because the shortness of the hair will make the thinning less noticeable.


A Note on Barbers vs. Hair Stylists

The best way to maintain a current hairstyle is to visit a stylist. Many men get a quick cut at the barbershop so you may wonder, what is the difference between a stylist and a barber when it comes to men's haircuts.

A barber is trained in giving short haircuts that are easy to maintain and do not require styling products. If you want a basic, classic cut then you may want to visit a barber vs hair stylist. However, if you want to keep up with the latest styles and receive a trendy haircut, then a hair stylist is the number one choice. A hair stylist will identify the proper cut for your face that is most flattering. If your hair requires a significant amount of maintenance or you need styling products, your hair stylist will be there to guide you through what is needed to ensure you look your best. A stylist can also add color to your hair if desired. This service is not provided by a barber.

Since hair is the first thing people usually notice, it is no surprise that most individuals, including men, want to maintain a trendy cut and always look his best. The right men's haircut can take years off his age and make him more attractive. If you're a man who's looking for a stylish cut, visit www.menscutslakewood.com to find out more and schedule your appointment.


Comfortable Cotton Boxer Underwear for Men

Comfortable Cotton Boxer Underwear for Men

photo courtesy of www.mackweldon.com

I wish there was a Men's version of a Victoria Secret. This is because when I am shopping for my husband's underwear, I can only find one brand that fits he needs. He prefers cotton, poplin with a fabric covered waistband. Sure, there are many brands that offer uncovered waistbands with exposed elastic. The exposed elastic causes skin irritation and it doesn't breath. It appears in the last 10 years manufacturers cut costs by eliminating a covered waistband. It lowers cost because you use less fabric and detail. I think they need to bring back covered waistbands for men.

I have never understood why men's underwear so expensive. Perhaps it is because Ralph Lauren is the only one not skimping on fabric. This is the only brand I have been able to find where the elastic is covered. It is no joke that I spend $28.00 for one pair. Unless I am able to find it on clearance for $19.99.  Imagine buying a weeks worth of new underwear and spending $200.00 plus tax.

I have looked online and only a few manufacturers I have found offer something close to my husband's needs.

Below: are a few sites you can try...

  1. Mack Weldon makes a woven poplin with 2% stretch for comfort.  https://www.mackweldon.com/t/underwear
  2. Duluth offers 96% cotton with 4% spandex to help with movement. http://www.duluthtrading.com/store/mens/workwear/free-range-underwear/44716.aspx?processor=content

What is Your Watch Style?

Men's watches styles

Photo by David Arky courtesy of forbes.com.

Watches are still a big part of a man’s wardrobe. It is a good finishing touch to any outfit from casual to dressy. Watch styles can also very based on the need and the type of outfit. Watches are one piece of jewelry that a man can splurge on (if he desires) without feeling self-conscious.

Men can buy watches nearly everywhere from department stores to discount stores to high-end shops and jewelry stores. Men can be very choosey when it comes to finding the perfect watch. They would rather pick out their own watches and there are so many to choose from. Luxury and very high functioning and fashionable watches, which can cost thousands of dollars, are making a comeback. In fact, there was a private watch show  held in Europe in late 2016, which revealed some very expensive watches, but also shared some new trends of slimmer styles, and innovative watch technologies.  

Watch Movement

Traditional watches are defined by their “movement”. This not only means the movement of the hands around the face, but it also explains the inner mechanisms of the watch. There are three types of movements of a watch: mechanical, automatic and quartz.

  • Mechanical: A mechanic watch has movement that is powered by a mainspring and is wound by hand. These watches are usually the most expensive due to their engineering and quality and craftsmanship. The inside of the mechanical watch is filled with tiny gears and springs that make the watch have smooth hand movement and a battery is not needed. It is recommended that a watch is wound every day and kept out of water, dust and near magnets.
  • Automatic: Automatic watches are very similar to mechanical watches as they use gears and a mainspring to move the hands of the watch. But, these watches do not require daily winding, they are known as self-winding watches. There is a small weight, called a rotor, that moves as a man’s wrist moves throughout the day. When the watch is not being worn, it should be put in a watch winder. This device moves the watch in a circular motion in storage, so it stays wound. Automatic watches do not need batteries and have smooth movement, but they can be sensitive to the environment and expensive.
  • Quartz: The most common, accurate and affordable watch are manufactured with quartz movement. The quartz watch contains a battery which sends and electric signal through a small quartz crystal causing vibrations, which are converted into a pulse that causes the second hand on the watch to move. Most field and sport watches have quartz movement. Beside changing the battery, there is little to no maintenance and these watches are very durable.

Why Men Should Wear Watches

Most expensive watch

World's most expensive watches. Photo courtesy of worldstopmost.com

Most men wear a limited amount of jewelry: a watch, wedding band and possibly cuff links, for dressier occasions.  In addition to giving the wearers a sense of time, watches can also give insight to the wearer’s personality. There are many styles of watches including dress, field, aviator, diving and racing which can project which are a form of self-expression for the wearer.

Watches are a perfect accessory items for men. It is an item that can be worn for years. But, a watch must be chosen carefully based on the need and the function. Dressy watches should only be worn with formal wear, while field, aviator, diving and racing watch styles can be worn with more casual looks.

Real Men Style listed some reasons that men should wear a watch.  Below are just a few of these reasons:

  • Time Telling Convenience: Watches are the most convenient way to tell the time. There has been talk that watches are losing favor because a person can easily pull out their mobile phone to get the time. However, it looks much “classier” to look at your wrist than to try to find your phone.
  • Functionality: Watches are functional and the power lasts much longer than a smart phone. Wrist watches were first used in the 19th century during military maneuvers, so they must function properly and be precise. Watches also contain functionalities, called a complication beyond just showing the time and date. Two popular complications are the chronograph, which a stop watch function and the moon phase, which displays the lunar phase.
  • Craftsmanship: Watches are a symbol of tradition and history. They also can be a piece of art, especially the higher end, luxury watches. There are many watch makers that are household names including: Rolex, Tag heuer, Brietland, Omega, Cartier, Swiss Army Phillip Patek and Tudor. Mechanical and automatic watches are a complex piece of gears and springs working together to keep time.
  • Heirlooms: A watch is an extremely popular gift item, but they can also be considered an heirloom. A good well-made watch can be passed down to future generations for many years of use.

Compliment Your Style with a Great Haircut

A watch is the perfect accessory to complement a man’s wardrobe. To balance these accessories, it is important to have the right hair style for your look. Men’s Cuts offers a relaxing, friendly, low-key alternative to the typical men’s haircut approach. Our stylist consult with our clients to discuss their look and style and give the customers what they want. Find out more about our services by booking an appointment online or by calling us at 440-799-8887 today!



Tips for Picking the Right Men’s Shoes and Belts

Shoes and Belt Styles and Tips

Photo courtesy of 1musicnetworks.com.

It has been said that the shoes make the man. Having the right accessories complement a men’s fashion style and brings their look all together.  Hats are a very important part of a man’s wardrobe as we mentioned in an earlier blog post, but what a man puts on his feet will determine their look.  On the other hand, a belt serves two purposes: to correctly hold up pants and to share a certain look.

Shoes have very different needs from utilitarian to dress-up depending on where a man works throughout the day. Therefore, what a man wears on his feet are very important. There are many brands of shoes and belts on the market including Johnson and Murphy, Allen Edmonds, Calvin Klein or Tommy Bahama. These brands can be found at various stores in the Cleveland area including Macy’s and Dillard’s. If you prefer shopping online, check out My Subscription Addiction for fun socks and great birthday or Father’s Day gift ideas. 

Choosing the Right Shoe Style

Most men are comfortable in certain types of shoes and rarely vary from that style.  There are others that don’t know what type of shoes they should choose for occasions, so they just avoid doing so. There are casual shoes such as sandals (no flipflops) and sneakers to boots and dress shoes and everything in between.

When choosing shoes, there are a few rules to follow:

  • Conservative styles always look good over edgy. These styles will last longer and won’t look dated after a few months.
  • Choose a shoe that matches or is darker than the pants you are wearing
  • Types of shoes: Loafers, Wingtips, Brown Oxfords, at least one nice pair of boots.
  • Always choose fit over style.
  • Shoes should be the most expensive part of the wardrobe. Spend more on a good pair of shoes then on shirts and pants. Shoes are an investment.
  • Don’t wear socks with sandals ever.
  • Do not wear flip-flops at work or if you have gross-looking feet.
  • Invest in new flip-flops every year or a new pair of sandals every year.
  • Don’t wear sneakers with khakis. It makes a person look older than they are.
  • Get fitted for running shoes if you are serious about running or working out. Don’t just buy these shoes off the rack.]
  • Dress shoes should always be shined and look good.

Matching Shoes with Clothing

Shoes should be chosen to wear with specific types of outfits. Obviously, sneakers or even cowboy boots should not be worn with a nice suit. Below are a few more tips of what types of shoes to wear with certain clothes.

Jeans:  Almost any color or style of shoes can be paired with jeans, but do not wear very shiny dress shoes what are more fit for dressier occasions. Boots, sneakers, loafers and sandals work well with jeans, so the type of shirt being worn will come into play with a shoe choice. A polo shirt will work with a loafer, t-shirts with sneakers or retro-style shoes and long button downs work well with sandals.

Khakis or Casual Pants: There are a variety of shoe styles that can be worn with khakis, chinos or casual pants. Loafer, oxfords work very well with these styles of pants.  Black shoes match well with navy, grey or black pants. Brown shoes go well with tan, brown, beige, greens and other darker earth tones. Tan shoes work well with lighter earth tones, blue, beige, lighter tan or white.

Dress Pants: When wearing dress pants, men should wear the same type of shoe that they would wear with a suit. Shinier materials indicate a dressier shoe. Shoes should be the same color or darker than the pants. 

Don’t Forget the Belt

There is and ongoing debate about matching shoe and belt color. Some don’t think that matching shoe and belt color is needed, while others believe it is a requirement. A brown belt should never be worn with black shoes.

There are some basics about wearing a belt that needs to be remembered:

  • Belt Length: Dress belts should have a few inches of leather to the left of the buckle once it is fastened. Just enough length to tuck under the first belt look. It is better to err on the side of shortness than wrapping a long tail of a belt around the hip another time. The looks for casual belts are a bit more flexible, but an overly long belt tail is an awkward look.  Dress belts are usually measured with the same size range as pants. However, a belt should be two to three sizes larger than the usual pant size to get a good fit.
  • Belt Colors: As mentioned earlier, a belt color should match the shoe color. Leather belts should match the color of leather shoes. Glossy belts should go with dressier shined shoes.
  • Belt Buckle: The bigger the belt buckle, the more casual it is. Dress belts will have a gold or silver colored finish. The most common belt buckle is one with a tongue where the belt slides through a loop of metal and a metal tongue is slipped through a hole in the belt to hold it in place. There are also buckles with a hook, sliding hatch and a braid.

To go along with having the right accessories, it is important to have the right hair style for your look. Compliment your style by updating your hair style at Men’s Cuts.  We offer a relaxing, friendly low-key alternative to the typical men’s haircut approach. Our stylists consult with our clients to discuss their look and style and give the customers what they want. Find out more about our services by booking an appointment on line or calling us at 440-799-8887 today!


Be In-Style for the Cold Months With These 2017 Winter Trends

Mens's Winter Fashion Trends

Photo courtesy of newtrendmania.com.

We are in the middle of winter with a few more months of cold weather on the way. Now is the best time to find these trends post the holiday shopping season when winter clothes are on sale as the stores. Post holidays is the perfect time to find the best in winter trends, such as a new winter coat and winter accessories.

Since winter in Cleveland last sometimes to May, there are still many more months of wearing winter styles. GQ, The Trendspotter  and The Idle Man listed the biggest trends for men’s 2017 winter styles. Below are just a few of the trends that might be seen on the streets of Cleveland:


Winter Colors

Emerald Green is a big color for winter 2017

Photo courtesy of thetrendspotter.net.

A big color for autumn for 2016 was copper. This color adds to the popular winter earth tone colors that are always popular. Copper was added to the traditional autumn colors of blacks, greys and dark greens. Speaking of green, emerald green is another popular color for the winter. Emerald green is a very versatile color and can be paired with many different winter hues including copper, grey and black. The color can be seen in suits, jackets and winter coats. An emerald green scarf can also add a pop to any winter style.



Prints and Patterns

Men's Floral Prints and Patterns

Photo Courtesy of thetrendspotter.net.

One of the best things with winter style is that it is so varied. Tartan continues to be a popular pattern for men’s clothing. Men on the streets of London or New York are wearing tartan suits in more traditional colors. However, some bolder colors have been added into the tartan mix including reds, mustards and bright greens have been seen being worn to make a more daring fashion statement. Another winter print trend for the more daring men is the floral print. Floral prints can come in a variety of bold colors that can add a bit of brightness to the dullness of winter. These patterns can also be worn in the spring and summer months.


Polo Layers

Polo Layers

Photo courtesy of. gq-magazine.co.uk.

The winter is also a perfect time to layer up different styles of shirts. A knitted polo shirt is always in style, but in the winter, this shirt is a great layering tool. Wear the polo over a long sleeve button-down shirts or t-shirts. To dress up the look, add a jacket over a polo. Colorful polo shirts also add a splash of color to the darker winter colors.




Winter Coats Trends

Men's Duffle Coats

Photo courtesy of gq-magazine.co.uk.

The few months after the holidays is a great time to buy winter coats. There might be a limited selection, but the jackets are usually highly discounted. Most winter coast style trends do not change, so buying one now is a good investment for the future. There are a few jacket and coat trends that are big for Winter 2017. The duffle coat is very popular for this winter.  Duffle coast are made from duffle, a heavy wool, usually are hooded and fastened with toggles. It is a style that has been in and out of style for decades. This winter, earth tones are the popular color for duffle coats. Another trend for winter coats are statement jackets, which are covered with bold graphics and statement slogans with bright colors. These jackets are found on the streets of New York and perfect for people who like making their own statement.

Shawl Neck Cardigan

Shawl Neck Cardigans

Photo courtesy of thetrendspotter.net.

One of the most popular sweater style this winter is the shawl neck cardigan. This sweater is a staple piece for the winter. The sweater is good for layering and gives the man who wears it a more rugged look. The sweater is very versatile and can be worn with dress pants or jeans. The sweater can come in a variety of colors and fabrics.




Wide Legged Trousers

Wide Legged Trousers

Photo courtesy of theidleman.com.

Wide Legged Trousers have made a comeback. Skinny jeans and trousers are officially out. Trousers can come in all color, cuts and fabrics, but the most popular style is khakis. A popular look for these pants is to roll up the cuffs and wear with sneakers or dress shoes.




Newer Fabrics for Men’s Pants

This year, several stores started introducing wicking fabric and stretch into threads of men's pants. Pants do not require dry cleaning, do not wrinkle and they can be worn for all occasions. This fabric is especially great for guys who need pants that “give a little” in the seat. The pant styles range from five-pocket to flat-front. The fabric wicks so men never sweat. The pants are wash and wear, shrink-resistant feels smooth to the touch and do not pill. Men traditionally are used to wearing nylon and a polyester mix for dress pants. Casual pant fabric for men usually has been stiff and just uncomfortable to the skin. With new technologies, fabric mills are continually looking for ways to improve fabric. Manufacturers and designers also want to offer a better product at a better price. It’s a win-win for consumers.

 Men’s Hair Styles for 2017

We recently wrote on the variety of men’s hair styles for 2017.  The hair styles are more casual and messier than they have been in the past. Consult with your stylists at Men’s Cuts to discuss a new look for the New Year.



The Hat Makes the Man

Men's Hat StylesHats have been a part of our wardrobe for centuries. Men and women have worn hats for celebratory, decorative or utilitarian purposes. Today, hats are worn to show support of a favorite sports team or to keep warm during the winter months.  Men’s hats are practical, cozy, eternally stylish, functional and a great addition to a men’s wardrobe. It is one type of accessory that most men have in different styles or types to wear in any situation.


Pros and Cons of Wearing a Hat

Men wear hats for many reasons from wearing a hat instead of taking the time to work a hair style to showing support for favorite sport, movie or place. Hats are beneficial for protecting the head during both the winter and summer months. In the winter, they protect the head from the cold, keeping body heat “in” instead of letting in cold hair. During the summer and warmer months, hats protect the head and hair from dangerous UV rays. The sun could dry out the hair causing it to fade and could cause sunburn on exposed scalp.

There have been debates for years that wearing a hat will cause baldness. There is a continuing myth that wearing a hat will make you lose hair. Genes have a much bigger role in hair loss than wearing a hat will as it has been found that wearing a hat does not cause major damage to the hair. However, hair can get damaged if you wear a hat so tight that it can cut off circulation for the hair causing it to get greasy at the roots, but dry at the ends and could break If the hair is already in a delicate state due to male pattern baldness. Plus, removing and replacing a hat often could pull or aggravate delicate hair.

Types of Hats

Men’s hats come in all different shapes, sizes and fabrics, but there are a few basic hat styles that have evolved over the decades. Below are a list of just a few of the most popular styles including some of the variations of the traditional styles


Fedora Hat






The fedora has been a part of a stylish man’s wardrobe since the beginning of the 1900’s. The hat’s “heyday” was during the 1920’s to early 1950’s. The fedora can be made from many different materials from straw to felt to leather. A fedora is creased lengthwise down the middle of the crown, then pinched near the front on both sides. The fedora has a flexible brim that can be molded to an individual’s style by snapping down the front of the back. A fedora can come in all colors, but the most versatile fedora comes in shades of brown. There are different types of the fedora including the homburg, trilby and the porkpie. Each of these styles have different brim width and length to give each a distinctive look.


Panama hat







The panama is a traditional brimmed straw hat similar in shape to a classic fedora. Panama hats were traditionally made in Ecuador from plaited leave of a palm-like plant. The best panama hats could have between 1600 to 2500 weaves in the hat. This hat is worn mostly in warmer climates or during the summer months.


Newsboy Hat

Photo courtesy of villagehatshop.com








The newsboy is also called the working man’s cap. This is a flat cap that were extremely popular for men and boys of all classes during the early 1900’s. The hat is still being worn today as an accessory or to “top off” a “look”. The driving cap is a version of the newsboy without the floppy 8 panels and button on top. The driving cap is made of wool, tweed, and cotton. The inside of the driving cap can also be lined for extra comfort or warmth.

Baseball Cap

Baseball Cap

Photo courtesy of sport-smart.com.








The baseball cap comes in a variety of styles and material from more formal-looking wool hats to mesh-backed casual looks.  Baseball caps are one of the most popular styles of men’s hats, worn by men throughout the year. Baseball caps can be fitted by head size or can have slots in the back to create the “perfect” fit. The brims of baseball caps can be large, small, flat or bended. It all depends on your style. The front of the hat can be blank, representing a favorite team, city, place or even artist.


Beanie Hat

Photo courtesy of villagehatshop.com








The beanie has also been around for decades. This style of hat comes in wool, cashmere or cotton. This hat keeps the head and ears warm, but isn’t the best to keep hair in place. The beanie is mostly worn in the cold winter months.

2017 Hat Trends

According to Hatsworks.com, there are some interesting trends for men’s hats in 2017. For cold weather climates hats are important to keep warm, but men still want to be fashionable. Winter hats trends include cuffed wool beanies with patches, nature images knitted into hats and poms on the top. Another trend is retro branding and classic logos on hats to give them a vintage look with thick textured fabrics. Large and small printed plaids or hats with stripes, geometric patterns and generic camouflage are popular for the winter months. For this winter, hats are being made in a variety of durable fabric including wool, corduroy, denim, suede and leather.

it is important to have the right hair style for your look. Compliment your style by updating your hair style at Men’s Cuts.  Men’s Cuts offers a relaxing, friendly low-key alternative to the typical men’s haircut approach. Our stylists consult with our clients to discuss their look and style and give the customers what they want. Find out more about our services by booking an appointment on line or calling us at 440-799-8887 today!


Winter Coats and Accessories Style Tips

Men's winter coats and accessories

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Article Photo for Denim Jeans Observer

The Farmer’s Almanac  is predicting a cold and wet winter for November 2016 to April 2017. Are you prepared? Before it starts to get too cold now is the time to get your winter coat and accessories.

Men’s winter coat style doesn’t change that much, but there is always adjustment each winter season to the cut, color and type of coats that are the most popular. If you buy the right winter coat, you can wear that coat for many years, depending on how “rough” the weather is and on how you wear the coat. It is important to choose a coat with good quality, that is stylist and versatile. Coat styles vary from overcoats to more casual, but utilitarian winter jacket. Which coat and accessories you choose depends on the occasion or event you are attending, where you are attending the event (styles are different for Midwestern winters compared to southern and west coast winters!) and how cold it is.


Winter Coats and Jackets

Some of the styles of winter coats that men’s style websites such as Fashion Beans say are must-haves for this winter season:

The Trench Coat


The Trench coat was originally designed in the mid 1800’s, but Burberry adjusted the style into army officer’s raincoat during World War I. The style adjusted through the decades from military style to the coat of TV’s private eyes to Misha Collins on “Supernatural”. The trench coat is versatile and easy to style. It can be dressy or dressed down. Trench coats should fit well at the shoulders and flow with a man’s build. The material should be lightweight, water-repellent with the length ending at mid-thigh.


The Shearling

shearling winter coatThe shearling coat also has a military history; it was worn by pilots to keep them warm in uncovered cockpits. Today, the shearling jacket comes in many style from denim to felt to wool to leather. Shearling can match well with many different fabrics. The style is usually more informal and can be worn with khakis and jeans. The higher end leather shearling jackets are an investment that a man can wear for many years.


The Technical Rain Jacket

Technical RaincoatShearling jackets, while quite stylish and warm are not great to wear in the rain and snow. A rain jacket should fit true to size. It shouldn’t be too slim as this jacket can be worn over a couple of layers of clothing. If a jacket is too big, it can overwhelm the body shape and let rain in. It is important to have waterproof fabric for this type of jacket. Water repellent jackets will let some water roll off, but heavier rains could soak through.  These types of jackets are not usually very stylist as they are made more for practicality, but you can still find some great looks.

The Parka

Men's winter coat-parkaThe most popular style of parka is called “the Inuit”. This style also has a background in the military. It was a staple for the U.S. Army during the 1950’s especially during the Korean War. Trendy “mods” in the 50’s and 60’s made the parka popular as an overcoat as they wore it over their suits as they rode on their bikes and scooters. Today, the parka is a modern, wardrobe staple with versatility and functionality. Water resistant and repellant parkas in natural fabrics are a must to guard against snow, wind and rain.  These jackets should be loose, but not too oversized. The jacket should hit mid-thigh to knee-length.

The Overcoat

men's winter overcoatFor cities with more temperate environments, the overcoat has become a fashion as well as functional piece of clothing for men. Overcoats can come in a variety of fabrics, colors and shapes from lightweight wools to heavier winter looks. As with the other styles of coats, it is important for the coat to fit properly. An oversized jacket might not always be the look you are looking for. But, the good thing about an overcoat is that it can go with a suit or dressed down with jeans and a light sweater.



men's leather glovesHats, gloves and scarves are a major part of a man’s winter wardrobe. Men need all of them to keep their extremities protected from the rain and cold. However, you can’t just pull on that beat up knit cap every time you go out. Plus, ski gloves will not match your nice overcoat and suit when you are heading to an interview or a formal affair. Gloves have become the go-to accessory for men during the cold winter months. They are barrier to dry winter skin, they can add a pop of color to outfit and be functional. There is a variety of styles of gloves that are stylish every year, including, leather and wool and even fingerless. What gloves you choose will depend on your event or occasion.

men's knit winter hatMen’s winter hat and scarves styles vary depending on the occasion as well. For hat styles, you could be casual with a wool baseball hat or keep warm with knitted caps. If you wanted to go to extremes to stay warm, you might consider the pilot hat with shearling ear flaps to keep your head very warm during the cold winter months. For scarves, it is always important to keep a variety of styles of scarves in your closet to let you go from hip to function with a chance of your scarf. You can also go fun and colorful, but the scarf should also be functional as well as go with the outfit and occasion that you are wearing it for.

As you get prepared for the winter season by purchasing your winter coats and accessories, make sure that you take care of your hair and skin as these also change during the winter months. Ask your Men’s Cuts  stylist for suggestions about products to help your winter skin and hair.



Keep Wrinkle Free


Keeping a suit wrinkle free

Photo courtesy of fashnglamour.blogspot.com.


A suit should be a part of every man’s wardrobe. Starting during college, young men should invest in at least one suit to have for weddings, funerals and job interviews.  Also, it is very important for a groom and his groomsmen to be wrinkle-free on the big wedding day. The biggest issue with suits is how to keep them wrinkle-free after wearing or when packing. When driving, the most important tip to keeping a suit look wrinkle-free is to remove the suit jacket and hang it in the backseat of the car.

Tips for Keeping a Suit Clean

Suits can also be difficult look fresh and at times to keep clean. Most suits require dry cleaning, but you dry cleaning after every wearing can be expensive. How can you keep the suit looking and feeling clean between dry cleaning? Follow the tips below for easy tips to follow:




  1. Hang a suit on a wooden hanger away from clothing. Doing so will help retain its shape and allow it to air out.
  2. After each wearing, brush the suit off with a suit brush to remove lint or hair. Brush lengthwise from top to bottom.
  3. Steam clean your suit after wearing to clean it and remove wrinkles. Only professionally clean a suite if it is dirty or stained.
  4. Only dry clean the suit a few times a year. Excessive dry cleaning will cause the suit to lose shape.
  5. Always store a suit in a ventilated garment bag. This will allow air to move through the garment bag and prevent the suit from getting musty or moldy.
  6. Use wrinkle-free sprays to get rid of wrinkles. Spray the solution over the clothes and smooth out the wrinkles with your hands.
  7. Do not leave clothing in a dryer for too long. If they are left in a dryer for a long time, cool air will start setting creases in them. As soon as they are finished in the dryer, take the clothing out and hang on a hanger.

How to Pack a Suit

Keeping a suit wrinkle free

Photo courtesy of lockerdome.com

One of the biggest challenges is to keep a suit wrinkle free when traveling. Many travel sites such as Travel and Leisure and Fodor’s offer tips on how to keep a suit and other clothes wrinkle-free. One suggestion that is seen throughout the many sites is not over-packing a suitcase. Putting too many items in a bag is one sure way to have wrinkled items. Lighten the load in the bag to give a bit more space to the clothing in the bag. For additional space when packing roll items such as pajamas, jeans, t-shirts and socks. Socks can be placed into shoes. Place rolled items and shoes in empty spaces in the suitcase.

With today’s new microfibers and material, some suits can actually survive travel with no much of a wrinkle. Two-ply combed cotton and stretch micro fiber of poly viscose and lycra do not wrinkle easily. For those suits that are cotton or linen based you will need to take extra precautions when packing it for travel. But, if you pack it correctly, the suit will look fresh when you remove it from the suitcase.

Start with the pants: Hold pants upside down from the bottom hem and find their natural break. Then lay the pants down along their natural creases and fold them in half, then fold in half again.

Packing a suit jacket: Hold the jacket upright with hands on the shoulders and the liner facing you. Fold the jacket in half, shoulder to shoulder then turn one shoulder inside out over the other shoulder so that the lining is facing outward.

Pack together: Fold pants inside a jacket and pack in the suitcase.  

Doing these simple things will decrease the chance of having a wrinkled suit when you are traveling.

Complete the Look

When wearing a suit, you want to have a complete professional look. The stylists at Men’s Cuts are here to consult with you about your professional (or even everyday casual) hair style. The fall is also a big season for weddings. Ask your stylist about groom haircuts, beard trims and freshen-ups so you and your wedding party will look great on your wedding day.