Boomer Men 50+ Want to Look and Feel Good

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cbe8ba8214b5afef7d503438ca523d5b_baby-boomer-grandparents-barbara-graham_featuredImageHow was your last visit at the neighborhood barbershop you went to as a kid? Chances are your childhood barber has retired or passed away. So where does that leave you? You are an accomplished guy, kids are grown, you are getting closer to retirement or have retired and want to look good. Your wife or girlfriend tells you to go to her stylist, but you hate the idea of sitting around a bunch of women with foils and nail polish. You float around in search of a a place and try different barber shops, chains and walk-out with a cut, images-2but with NO style and leave feeling like it was a chore.

Maybe, it is time to Google...Men's Cuts Lakewood. Go ahead read the reviews...this is where you need to get your next service. How about checking their Face book page. And if you are tech savy, you can even book your own appointment.  After all, you want service. You want quality and you want a stylist that remembers the details that make your look and feel special.

Why Men's Cuts of Lakewood, OH. We are not a chain. We are an independently, locally owned salon just for men. It is your best alternative to simple grooming needs. Mae, the owner and stylist opened the salon to give men an alternative to styling and grooming. She keeps it simple. You will just have to try it and see for yourself.

So what is the difference between a barber shop and Men's Cuts? We are stylists. We are trained & schooled completely different. A barber goes to barber school. A stylist goes to a cosmetology school to learn about hair, skin and nails. Female stylists are see things very differently than a male barber. Women are  naturally more nurturing, gentler  and more detailed with clients. We want you to look good in short or long hair. A stylist is just more versatile when it comes to service. 

Barber shops are full of testosterone with lots of talk of sports & politics. Most only operate on a walk-in basis. Some offer libations. If you have an hour or more to sit and wait your turn and all you want is a short haircut, then this is the place for you. Many close after 6PM. No wonder you have to wait til Saturday morning.

A chain as we know it, allows you to walk-in, sit for about 5-15 minutes and 99% of the time you get a a stylist, but you get whoever is available. In this instance, you are impatient, you are probably the guy who doesn't care about the cut and is frugal. You see no value in investing in your appearances. 

Men's Cuts friendly, relaxing vibe and convenient hours is what our Boomer customers enjoy. We don't want men sitting around waiting. So we now offer a solution, on-line booking. You can see what is available before driving to us and or walking - in.  It saves you time and gas. 

We know you would rather be golfing, doing yard work, the gym, or relaxing at home. Most men use a smart phone for everything, now you can book your appointment and see what is available from where ever you are. Another easy option we offer is rebooking when you leave. Don't worry, we will send you an email and text reminder. 

"It is more than a haircut" says Larry Gilbert, who is Mae's regular client. Larry is boomer, a semi-retired professional who discovered he could not get into his barber one day and did not want to wait in line. So he picked up his phone and made an appointment for Men's Cuts. He has never looked back. Larry had been going to the same barber for over 30 years." Most men can get a haircut anywhere. But when you walk into Men's Cuts, they treat you with care. The conversations are fun and light, its relaxing, especially the facial and neck massage. When you go to a traditional barber, you sit and wait your turn, it is perfunctory. You don't feel special."

Many of our clients relish getting a shampoo with the aroma therapy towel because it is relaxing. The Fix Plus with a facial massage  is the perfect solution to a boomer male who would like a little pampering and hot lather neck shave. When was the last time your barber pampered you?

Larry  is a perfect example of a very busy man, with  very active lifestyle and who wants to look and feel good when he leaves his appointment.  He always rebooks his next appointment just before he leaves so that he can specify the time that works for him.  Men's Cuts sends out a email and text reminders. Best of all, Larry gets a Larry got a got a thumbs up from his wife. 

imagesWe don't exclude men who are bald. Why let the guys with hair have all the fun. Men who are thinning or bald can come in and enjoy a scalp,  facial massage and beard trim. If you are in a wheel chair, don't fret, we are wheel chair accessible. There is no reason why any man can't look and feel good. Have you been recently hospitalized at Cleveland Clinic or University Hospital? There is nothing like a scalp & facial massage  to remove the scalp oils  and to add circulation back into your skin after being bed ridden. You will feel refreshed.

Have you gone completely grey and up for a job promotion? Hair color for men has changed. It isn't what your mother did and you won't look like you stuck your head in an ink well. We have color specific for men that will enhance. We do not DYE your hair. The best is it takes about 20 minutes and you can do it with every hair cut. Some men actually color their beards to match their hair. It creates handsome finish.

We value your time and expect the same in return. With that in mind, we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Should you need to change your appointment,  just edit your appointment on-line. However, if you make a same day appointment and suddenly need to cancel, you will need to call us to cancel. 

Ok enough said...go our reviews and book now.