What's New at Men's Cuts?


Men’s Cuts is Moving From Lakewood to Rocky River

For those men looking for a hair cut, Rocky River now offers a new solution with a familiar face. Men's Cuts, one of the more well known establishments, previously located in Lakewood, is moving into town and bringing with it, its style, trendy cuts, and high end appeal. Starting on December 4, 2017, Men's Cuts will service to both existing and new customers at its new location at 19063 Lake Road, Rocky River, Ohio 44116.

Moving Information for Existing Customers

Men's Cuts has built a strong reputation of providing high quality service and one-on-one personal care to each one of its clients. It's a relaxed and friendly environment that has served it well for some time. Owner Mae Williams opened the current location in December of 2013 and is hoping to reach new clients with the move to Rocky River.

Men's Cuts will be moving from Lakewood to Rocky River at the end of November. The salon's last day of operation in Lakewood will be November 29, 2017 and the first day it will service customers in the new Rocky River location will be December 4, 2017. The good news is this new location is just a matter of minutes – and about 1.5 miles – from the existing, established location in Lakewood.

The new Men's Cut location in Rocky River will be inside Rocky River Business "Eternal Salon & Loft". Men's cuts will be renting a chair at this location for its previous and new clients.

What About the Services Offered at Men's Cuts?

Here's the good news. The high quality service that Men's Cuts has become known for will not change. The company's core mission is to provide men with haircuts in a relaxing atmosphere that offers features like neck massages along with a friendly atmosphere. It's a low key location without all of the rush involved. And, the quality of service provided will not go unnoticed. We will continue to provide specialized services for men due to their high skill level in this area.

Additionally, all of the services offered, along with the pricing and hours of operation, will remain the same. Lakewood clients are encouraged to visit the new location in Rocky River, of course, to obtain the same services they've been obtaining.

Booking an Appointment

Men's Cuts will continue to operate its website and, as a result, its online booking service. This is a popular feature that the company offers and it will continue to be available. The location takes appointments only. To accommodate the flow of customers and clients, Men's Cuts does not take walk-in appointments. Please call prior to arriving.

When it comes to getting a hair cut, Rocky River residents can now rely on the team at Men's Cuts to provide the same exceptional service and care that they provided at the Lakewood location. The new location is within Eternal Salon & Loft, at 19063 Lake Road in Rocky River. Book an appointment today for a trim or a brand new look in the new location.


Haircuts For Men That Take the Years Off

While it may be hard to believe, men have bad hair days too. Although they don't usually complain about their hair, they may notice that they are unable to comb and style it the way they want. Most men care about the way they look, and like many women, their hair can define their looks. The type of men's cut must suit the shape and size of a man's face. There are several men's haircuts that can make a man look years younger. Styles can be short, long or mid-length. However, shorter hairstyles seem to be the most popular for men from all walks of life. Some of the more popular cuts that make men look younger include:

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a very close-to-the-scalp cut and is very popular with law enforcement and military personnel. It is easy to maintain and gives men a fresh look.

Julius Caesar

The Julius Caesar haircut is another popular hairstyle for men. Celebrities, such as Russell Crowe, have sported this haircut. It gives men a charming, boyish look.

Businessman Style

The businessman haircut is a popular cut which features tapered hair on the sides and back with longer hair on top. Men will typically use a gel or mousse to style their hair and create a unique look with this men's cut.

In order to maintain a younger look, a man will need to keep his haircut current. For those with thinning hair, short haircuts, like the ones previously mentioned, are a great choice because the shortness of the hair will make the thinning less noticeable.


A Note on Barbers vs. Hair Stylists

The best way to maintain a current hairstyle is to visit a stylist. Many men get a quick cut at the barbershop so you may wonder, what is the difference between a stylist and a barber when it comes to men's haircuts.

A barber is trained in giving short haircuts that are easy to maintain and do not require styling products. If you want a basic, classic cut then you may want to visit a barber vs hair stylist. However, if you want to keep up with the latest styles and receive a trendy haircut, then a hair stylist is the number one choice. A hair stylist will identify the proper cut for your face that is most flattering. If your hair requires a significant amount of maintenance or you need styling products, your hair stylist will be there to guide you through what is needed to ensure you look your best. A stylist can also add color to your hair if desired. This service is not provided by a barber.

Since hair is the first thing people usually notice, it is no surprise that most individuals, including men, want to maintain a trendy cut and always look his best. The right men's haircut can take years off his age and make him more attractive. If you're a man who's looking for a stylish cut, visit www.menscutslakewood.com to find out more and schedule your appointment.


7 Products That Will Give Your Mens Haircut An Edge Up

It's hard enough finding a mens cut that looks fabulous on you. But having an awesome cut is just half the battle. Before you leave the stylist, ask what products they recommend. If you barely know what gel is, and have never heard of pomade, you're not the only one. However, just like understanding the difference between a barber vs hair stylist, understanding the products that will maintain your look is important for safeguarding your image. Keep reading for a primer of products that show off great mens haircuts.

  1. Pomade
    • You see the word "pomade" on many products because it is now used generically to mean "hair styler." Real pomade produces a medium or high hold, but also gives you shine. Apply it to damp hair. You will love the look on short and medium styles.
  2. Dry Shampoo
    • Washing your hair daily dries it out by stripping away essential natural oils. Instead, dry shampoo absorbs excess oil at the root between washes. It also prevents greasy hair and gives you a little volume.
  3. Wax
    • Wax can be tricky, but can add drama and flair to shorter styles. Apply it only to dry hair. It's great for tousled locks that hold for shorter medium lengths. Get great medium hold without the stiffness and a low matte shine.
  4. Gel
    • Buy your gel from the salon or online. There are too many brands in the drugstore that turn to cement once you put them on. Look for lighter-grade gels that hold your style without killing your follicles. Quality gel gives you maximum hold and high shine. For best results, apply it to towel-dried hair with most of the water removed.
  5. Cream
    • Cream works with medium to long mens haircuts. You get a light hold with low shine after applying it to towel-dried hair. You don't want a lot of hold with longer hair, because you lose too much natural movement. However, light control can keep fly aways in check and give you some control. Keep your longer mens cut looking intentional. A blow dryer helps you get a firmer hold.
  6. Fiber
    • One way to tell the difference between a barber vs hair stylist is whether they willing to show you how to apply fiber. A stylist is more than willing to help & demonstrate so that you can achieve a high hold and a flat finish. For best results, apply it clean, dry hair. Fiber adds texture to messy styles with short and medium hair.
  7. Sea Salt
    • If you ever spent the day by the sea, you know what salt water can do to your hair. Make it work for you. Sea salt spray works with most mens haircuts. You just spray it on damp to dry hair, and it absorbs excess grease like dry shampoo. However, it gives you a little shine, and you look like you just stepped off the beach into the boardroom.

For more information on how to use quality products or for a great mens cut, 
visit Mens Cuts Lakewood. Call to book an appointment today at 440.799.8887.


Looking for a great place with a relaxing vibe where you can work and be in the heart of it all? Search no more. We are a busy salon looking for the right stylist to join us. “Be a part of our growing success in the community. Lakewood is the place to be.

Full-time and part-time available. All applicants must have a current active cosmetology license. No booth rental. “Have fun while making the money you deserve.” To be considered, you must apply online at http://www.menscutslakewood.com/jobs-2/.


Tinder Leads to Marriage

If you had asked me, I would have never thought a dating/hook-up app would lead anyone to matrimony. Surprisingly, there are real people who actually meet the love of their life and get married.

My nephew Richie met Kelsey on Tinder. My first glimpse of them dating was 2 years ago at a wine festival. Both my husband and I love her and knew she was the one. The funny thing that struck us too was, "We thought it was a hook-up app."  Well, they got married several weeks ago. It was a lovely wedding.

A year later my niece Colleen met her man, Michael on the same app. In both situations they all knew of people who were friends of friends, but they had never formally met. Michael and Colleen grew up from the same town. He is several years older than her, so they would have never crossed paths had it not been for Tinder. They are happily dating seriously and spend much of their time together.

So for those of you hoping to find the love of your life, there is hope with Tinder.


The Male Mindset When Choosing a Stylist

In the last several weeks we have had an increase in men who are switching from barber & chain to our salon. I think it is safe to say, they are seeking better service and attention to detail. 

Historically, men have gone to barbers for all their grooming needs. In the old days, it was a place for men to catch-up and chat about the news and things happening in the neighborhood. Fashion for men has given men more options to look outside of the barber to capture a different look with hair, especially men who desire to have longer hair. Today, men have many choices for getting a haircut. Those other choices are discount chains, female salons, men salons. The male mindset has really changed in that, men care more about their haircut longevity, over all appearances and convenience of time. Most salon cuts will hold its style 4-6 weeks, versus a weekly cut at the barber. Guys today do not all want to sit for hours at a barber shop. They want to spend more time doing other things. Clients are busy and with that in mind, men like to book appointments that fit their schedule. With current technology, online booking is available for convenience  at menscutslakewood.com. Not to mention, more men are willing to pay more for a different and gentler experience. Of course, guys won't admit it, but they want a little pampering too. Women sees things esthetically different than a male. Most women are licensed stylists and so the education & training is more about fashion, styling and looking your best. In addition,females stylists are generally more on top of sanitation of tools due to the fact that we are required to take CEU classes to maintain out licensure in Ohio.

Is a ten minute $10.00 cut going to hold its style? I would say, "No." If you want a great cut, invest in yourself and spend a little more. A stylist with 3-5 years who continually is educated will be a better choice.One has to remove the discount mentality. Discount hair chain salon concepts have destroyed the the respect stylist deserve in our salon industry. A  10 minute haircut will never garner the same results as a 30 minute focused haircut. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.  If you get your haircut at Men's Cuts in Lakewood, it will cost you approximately 76¢ - $1.00 per day to look your best.  Don't you think, you are worth $1.00 a day. So go ahead, book online now. We look forward to seeing you.


Men’s Facial Hair Grooming in Lakewood Ohio

Do the stray hairs on your ears, brows and T-shirt collar bug you? You know when the fuzz just pops out of the t-shirt color. Most men are embarrassed by the hair on the back of their neck. Well, look no further. We are here to help. Did you know wax services for men are the norm today? Women are not the only one's who get their facial hair waxed and removed. At Men's Cuts, we provide services from the neck collar up. Most recently we attended a class about Cirepil wax. Can I tell you after our 4 hour, hands-on class, I fell in love with the product. The only way to know a product is to actually experience it on yourself. Anna was equally excited to try the product. She prepped my upper lip and then applied the wax & minutes later lifted the wax off. The results were spectacular. I was not red and it did not hurt. The finest of hairs were lifted and gone. I was so amazed. After seeing these results, I was convinced that Cirepil is the best wax product for our male clients. After all, our men deserve the best. So you are reading this and wondering what stray hairs? Go ahead and grab a mirror and look closely at your face. Men often get stray hairs on the cheeks, some men get fuzzy hair on the perimeter of the ear. Also take a look at your brows. The stray hairs above and below the main brow & between the brows (unibrow). Finally, strays in the area of neckline. The benefit is when you remove all the distracting, stray hairs you look cleaner.This enhances your appearance.

I have been in the business for over 20 years and have tried other wax products by other manufacturers, Cirepil, hands down is the winner. Since we love the product so much for men, for the month of June, July and August, Men's Cuts will be offering complimentary brow, ear and neck to T-shirt collar line waxing services. We only services from the neckline and above.  Ceripil changed my perception of wax and my hope is it will change yours too. So, book now at www.menscutslakewood.com  and get groomed with us.


Hair Thinning Solutions

Hair thinning in men is an occurrence that is as old as time. Unfortunately for us men, it doesn’t only affect men who are as old as time. In fact, it can beImage result for male hair thinning found in plenty of men in their 30’s or even their early to mid-20’s. Some teens even experience thinning! As men, we have a tendency to over analyze these things. A few hair strands on the pillow? The world is ending. The question then becomes, in the face of hair thinning adversity, how do we take control of the situation? It’s easy to hit the panic button and either shave it all off, or go for the Fabio look and try to grow the longest and most luscious hair we can. Both are moves of both desperation with a touch of denial. In reality, we are typically the only ones who notice our hair thinning since we are the only ones taking such a hard look at it every day. Many times, your stylist doesn’t even see your thinning to be as severe as you probably do. 

So why don’t we take a rational step back and take a look at the situation with three key questions: what causes hair thinning, what can I do about my thinning from a haircut standpoint and what can I do from a hair product or medical treatment standpoint?

What Causes Hair Thinning

Typically, hair loss is triggered by dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a breakdown product of the hormone testosterone that causes miniaturization of hair follicles. That’s a lot of science talk… basically, hair thinning and balding is hereditary and if you have the gene, there’s not much you can do to prevent it. On the flip side, studies show there are a few external factors that can push hair thinning, such as smoking, stress, certain medications, poor diet or other unhealthy habits.

Haircut Solutions

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about haircuts for thinning hair is probably the buzz cut. And to some extent, you’re right. The buzz cut is certainly one effective way to hide your thinning hair and forget all about it. But you have options! For example, the high and tight is a great way to make your hair look fuller, while still going short in the thinning areas to make it less noticeable. Try using a blow dryer, rather than product, to give the hair more volume.


Another good haircut for thinning hair is “The Barista”. This is the combover over the back of the head, which has been very common over the past couple of years. This is especially good if your hair is thinning around the crown of your head, because the healthy hair is able to cover the affected area.


For a longer haircut, consider the simple “mop cut”. The messy and busy look of the cut will make your hair look fuller and as an added bonus, it’s easy to maintain. Again, a blow dryer can do wonders for this cut to give your hair that added volume.


Hair Product/Medical Solutions

There is an enormous number of products or procedures out there that claim to be effective means of defending against or recovering from hair thinning. Bosley is a common option and a very effective one at that. There are a number of options offered by Bosley, both surgical and non-surgical. While this tends to be a dramatic and advanced solution, for some men who are serious about preventing any further hair loss or thinning, this can be a great solution. Rogaine is another reputable brand that is highly effective at stopping thinning hair in the process and rebuilding the hair follicles into their once stronger and fuller state.

Like I said, these products tend to be a bit more dramatic and intensive and may not be right for you. In that case, consider the alternative for a better haircut. Schedule an appointment this week with Men’s Cuts and ask your stylist about your options and what they think would be best for you. Every head of hair is different. They understand your concern and want you to look your best. 


Cleveland Summer Events to Look Forward To

Summer is here in Cleveland!

Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone which means it’s officially the unofficial start to summer here in Cleveland! Bring on the hot days, cold drinks and summer fun. Cleveland and the neighboring communities have always been great about providing fun summer events for us locals, especially here in Lakewood. Take a look at some of my most anticipated upcoming local events over the next few months. Let me know what I missed!



June 2nd – June 4th: Murray Hill Art Walk (Little Italy)

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Kick off the summer right with a weekend in historic Little Italy. Come check out over 100 different art vendors, both regional and national, as they display some of their best artwork on the streets of Little Italy. Not much for art? That’s fine – just come for the amazing food and have a glass (or 4) of wine!



June 10th – 11th: LaureLive (Russell Township)

Yes, I know LaureLive isn’t exactly in Cleveland, but it’s close enough… LaureLive is an awesome music festival located at Laurel School’s Butler Campus (Russell Township) consisting of two days of awesome bands, great food and a good cause. With three stages and over 140 acres of land – this is sure to be a weekend to remember. Some of the big names this year include Timeflies, Young the Giant and Blue October.


June 10th: Tater Tots and Beer Festival (Cleveland)

No, you read that correctly. Some absolute genius has decided to combine two of man’s favorite things: tots and craft beers. Kind of sounds like Napoleon Dynamite’s dream. One general admission ticket gets you all the beer you can drink and a good sample of tots, with some front row action to live local musicians.


June 17th: Larchmere Porchfest (East Side)

So, if you aren’t familiar with Porchfest, you definitely will want to be. This is definitely one of the coolest and most unique events in the area. Walk up and down the street of Larchmere Blvd on the east side of Cleveland as 30 different local bands perform on 30 home porches. Yes – bands on house porches jamming out. Enjoy pop up street vendors, food trucks, antique and flea shops, and of course the local music.





July 8th: Lakewood Summer Meltdown (Lakewood)

Right in our backyard, this is one of the best events of the year. Come celebrate in a huge neighborhood block party in downtown Lakewood with activities, a beer garden, food vendors and live music. Activities range anywhere from a sprinkler park to skateboarding to free yoga demos! You aren’t going to want to miss this one.


July 16th: Taste of Tremont (Tremont)

In one of Cleveland’s trendiest neighborhoods, Taste of Tremont provides a great mix of arts, dining, drinking, and socializing. This will be the events 14th year and they are expecting over 30,000 visitors. Wow that is a lot of people. Tremont is especially known for their delicious food so make sure to come with an empty stomach.




August 3rd: Warehouse District Street Festival (Cleveland)

The Warehouse District has been growing rapidly over the past 10 years or so and the street festival encompasses that. Explore new vendors and enjoy the old ones as you walk to streets of the Warehouse District. Enjoy great food, live music and even take an architectural tour of the city!


August 19th – 20th: Flats Festival of the Arts (Cleveland)Image result for the flats festival

The Flats East Bank will host its second art festival this year and it should be amazing. To be fair, anything in The Flats is amazing. Check out local and national artists of all kinds while enjoying the amazing local vendors The Flats has to offer.


Stylists vs Barbers – What is Right For You?

In a previous blog post, we touched on the biggest differences between a stylist and barber to help to determine which is the right fit for you. A barber’s primary strength is short hair styles, such as the buzz or the military cut, and hot lather shaves. Barber shops provide a certain atmosphere that some men are looking for.  The type of atmosphere where we talk sports and cars and not much more. Stylists, on the other hand, have more of a focus on more advanced hair cuts. Stylists use both the clippers and scissors and are trained in longer hair for men. The atmosphere at salons tend to be much more relaxed, laid back and conversational.

Deciding between a stylist at a salon or a barber can be an incredibly difficult decision, as a male myself, I know. But that is only half the battle. The next question then becomes reputable chain vs small, specialized boutique. Men’s Cuts, for example would be a perfect example of a small, specialized boutique. Mae and her staff are extremely knowledgeable on a wide range of styles and cuts and the boutique atmosphere means you’ll pick up the conversation right where it left off at your last cut. On the other hand, a more reputable chain, such as Great Clips, tends to provide a certain level of comfort to us men. We know we won’t be in that chair for longer than 15 minutes at the maximum and we know exactly what we are going to walk away with. No suggestions about new ways to style or new cuts that would fit our head well, just a simple, easy cut. And for some, that is perfect.

Whether you ultimately decide to choose a barber or a stylist to maintain your hair is completely up to you and almost all personal preference. Believe it or not, as of right now, every barber and stylist in the state of Ohio is a licensed professional. This is very important, not only to us men considering we are putting our complete hair trust is these individuals and will have to live with their work for the next 4 to 8 weeks, but also to those in the industry. This keeps the stylists and barbers updated on trends, practices and knowledge. The steps to become a barber, for example, can be rigorous. The first step is education. A barber-in-training must complete 1500 hours of study and practice and before they are able to graduate from barber school. Depending on the state, the next step for a future barber will be testing in the form of both a hands-on and written exam. Once passed, there will be some fees and dues to pay, and then they apply for their license. This ensures credibility and keeps us patrons relaxed knowing our barber is qualified.

The process for a stylist is a bit more advanced. Instead of simply logging a number of hours, stylists are taught through a more structured process. Through a 9 month to 2 year program, stylists are educated and taught to cut with scissors, some clippers, tease, braid, use all types of hot irons, color, blow-dry and finish for a complete look. In the past, it was more common that stylists did apprenticeships in high end salons to gain more knowledge in providing a better cut. Having said that, any stylist who works alongside experienced top stylist become better through that interaction. One can't help but learn and to improve when you are in that surrounding. Stylists are also more interested in fashion and grooming. Expect to spend 30 minutes or less in a chair for a great cut, 45 minutes if you have long thick hair or just hair that is not been cut for 3-6 months. Stylists are more open to change, in fact they welcome it.

Interestingly, chain salons have begun to pop up more and more, focusing on providing convenience. Many of these chains pride their services on time. Somewhere between 7-10 minutes is the allowed time for a cut and convenience. This works for people on a budget and for those who are not as particular about their appearances. I call it the express haircut.

As a boutique stylist, Men’s Cuts opened to give us men a better alternative to a barber and chain. They truly want us to have the freedom to wear our hair short or long, straight or curly.

As of recently, some states have begun eliminating the need for the license. The problem here is that anyone can advertise themselves as a stylist or a barber, with no training or possibly no experience. This leaves us consumers in the dark and creates a hostile industry for those who earned it. Luckily, Ohio is not one of those states considering eliminating the need for a license (as of now).

Image result for men's cuts  lakewood


If you’re ready to make a change with your look, schedule an appointment now with Men’s Cuts. Mae or Anna are ready to give you the best cut you’ve ever had!


Men’s Complete Guide to Hair Product

As men, choosing the right product for our hair can be a nightmare. With some many different options and variations, it’s almost impossible to distinguish what is actually made for your hair style and what is for hair totally different than yours. To make life easier, I went ahead and created a guide to hair product, so we men can easily sort through the options and determine the right product for us.

If you still have questions, ask your local Men’s Cuts stylist what is right for your hair and your next haircut. It’s their job and they know best. 



Pomade can be great not only for the style of your hair, but also the health of your hair, which makes it an attractive candidate in the hair product race. Intended for men with hair on the thicker side, pomade provides a medium to high hold with some shine. Pomade works best in short to middle length hair styles and allows you to restyle throughout the day, allowing you to transition perfectly from the office to happy hour.



WaxImage result for mad men hair

Wax can be used for a wide variety of hair lengths and styles, but it’s typically best for shorter styles that require a comb, such as a side part or spiked hair. Basically imagine any character from Mad Men – that is wax. Typically a medium to high hold with a low, matte shine, wax is for the straight-cut professional. Curly-haired men beware, though, as wax has a tendency to clump in hair that isn’t relatively straight.




Gel is the classic hair product we all know and probably hate. It is almost a rite of passage for men to try hair gel at some point in their life. Gel is a product where quality absolutely matters. The difference between cheap gel and a more expensive gel can be seriously substantial. Gel typically provides the maximum hold and a high level of shine. As you can image, gel is not great for your hair. It can cause anything from flaking, excessive drying leading to dandruff, frizzing, to broken hairs. When done right, gel can look good but once it’s in the hair, it’s best not to touch it again for the rest of the day.




Cream is a subtle product typically for men with medium to longer hair styles. With a light hold and low, natural looking shine, cream simply gives your hair direction without locking it into place. If you’re looking for the classic bed-head look, cream is the product for you. Best for thick, coarse or curly hair, cream is also commonly used as more of a conditioning lotion for hair rather than styling product.




Typically the most versatile of all products, paste is the workhorse of hair products. The beautiful thing about a paste product is that it can work magic in almost any length or style. This allows you to use the same product from one hair cut to another, even as your hair grows. In short, damp hair, paste provides a medium hold with a matte finish. In dry hair, paste gives you more of that messy, bed-head look.




Clay is a pretty comparable product to pomade, however clay is typically a bit stickier and provides a stronger medium to high hold. Clay gives your hair a matte finish with plenty of texture and volume. Clay is a great product for the modern haircuts that require a high hold without losing volume to your hair. As an added bonus, clay can be great for your hair as well, providing minerals and nutrients without drying it out.



Hair Spray

Hair spray is something that maybe should have stayed in the 80’s, but didn’t. More times than not, hair spray is actually used best as a protective helmet applied to already styled hair. The hair spray keeps the styled look in place, even in active or high stress situations. Basically, hair spray makes your hair convertible proof.


And now, a chart that explains everything: