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Men’s Complete Guide to Hair Product

As men, choosing the right product for our hair can be a nightmare. With some many different options and variations, it’s almost impossible to distinguish what is actually made for your hair style and what is for hair totally different than yours. To make life easier, I went ahead and created a guide to hair product, so we men can easily sort through the options and determine the right product for us.

If you still have questions, ask your local Men’s Cuts stylist what is right for your hair and your next haircut. It’s their job and they know best. 



Pomade can be great not only for the style of your hair, but also the health of your hair, which makes it an attractive candidate in the hair product race. Intended for men with hair on the thicker side, pomade provides a medium to high hold with some shine. Pomade works best in short to middle length hair styles and allows you to restyle throughout the day, allowing you to transition perfectly from the office to happy hour.



WaxImage result for mad men hair

Wax can be used for a wide variety of hair lengths and styles, but it’s typically best for shorter styles that require a comb, such as a side part or spiked hair. Basically imagine any character from Mad Men – that is wax. Typically a medium to high hold with a low, matte shine, wax is for the straight-cut professional. Curly-haired men beware, though, as wax has a tendency to clump in hair that isn’t relatively straight.




Gel is the classic hair product we all know and probably hate. It is almost a rite of passage for men to try hair gel at some point in their life. Gel is a product where quality absolutely matters. The difference between cheap gel and a more expensive gel can be seriously substantial. Gel typically provides the maximum hold and a high level of shine. As you can image, gel is not great for your hair. It can cause anything from flaking, excessive drying leading to dandruff, frizzing, to broken hairs. When done right, gel can look good but once it’s in the hair, it’s best not to touch it again for the rest of the day.




Cream is a subtle product typically for men with medium to longer hair styles. With a light hold and low, natural looking shine, cream simply gives your hair direction without locking it into place. If you’re looking for the classic bed-head look, cream is the product for you. Best for thick, coarse or curly hair, cream is also commonly used as more of a conditioning lotion for hair rather than styling product.




Typically the most versatile of all products, paste is the workhorse of hair products. The beautiful thing about a paste product is that it can work magic in almost any length or style. This allows you to use the same product from one hair cut to another, even as your hair grows. In short, damp hair, paste provides a medium hold with a matte finish. In dry hair, paste gives you more of that messy, bed-head look.




Clay is a pretty comparable product to pomade, however clay is typically a bit stickier and provides a stronger medium to high hold. Clay gives your hair a matte finish with plenty of texture and volume. Clay is a great product for the modern haircuts that require a high hold without losing volume to your hair. As an added bonus, clay can be great for your hair as well, providing minerals and nutrients without drying it out.



Hair Spray

Hair spray is something that maybe should have stayed in the 80’s, but didn’t. More times than not, hair spray is actually used best as a protective helmet applied to already styled hair. The hair spray keeps the styled look in place, even in active or high stress situations. Basically, hair spray makes your hair convertible proof.


And now, a chart that explains everything:


Why You Should be Using Acupuncture

The concept of acupuncture has always intrigued (and confused) me. It follows such a different philosophy than that of typical Western medicine and adds an almost spiritual element to healing. How could simply sticking dozens of hair-thin needles into your body act as a true medical substitute for surgery or painkillers or even mental illness? That doesn’t make sense, right? Well, the truth is, acupuncture is a completely legitimate medical practice and is actually being used by many world class performers every day. If world class performers are using it and are, well, world class performers – I should probably be using it.

acupuncture for men, positives to acupuncture, is acupuncture good, mens cuts lakewood

Technically speaking, acupuncture aims to correct the “imbalances of energy in the body”. I know what you’re thinking and I had the same thought: what does that even mean? Since acupuncture is a deeply rooted Chinese tradition and practice, it is used to modify and enhance the flow of energy (known is the Chinese culture as chi) throughout the body giving you strength, energy and a clear head. Although there is no scientific data to back something like this up, it is an interesting concept none-the-less.

One of the most fascinating aspects of acupuncture is how many different illnesses or complications it can help cure. Whether you are experiencing mental pain such as anxiety or depression, or digestive trouble, or even migraines or Parkinson’s disease, acupuncture can be a terrific tool for you. In fact, many professional sports teams have begun using this form of medicine as alternatives to practices with longer recovery time.

Imagine being an MLB pitcher and you start experiencing elbow pain after a few games with high pitch counts. You have a few options: you can rest for a few weeks and only throw at 70% during practice, you can consider surgery with a couple months of rehab, or you can immediately see an acupuncture doctor for 2 or 3 weeks with immediate results. It just makes sense. Many teams now have acupuncture doctors travel with the team and be ready on site for any player who may be experiencing pain. Two top advocates of acupuncture you may have heard of include Kobe Bryant and Aaron Rodgers. Two of the greatest athletes of all time for their respective sports and they swear by acupuncture. Sandra Bullock and Robert Downey Jr. also both insist acupuncture has impacted many areas of their life.  

So how can acupuncture help you, a normal, not-professional athlete? Acupuncture can be great for common pains or annoyances that we everyday men experience. Acupuncture has been a proven solution for skin care, stomach pain, over-anxious nerves, headaches, stress, and even infertility. A typical visit takes about one hour and is no more expensive than a massage. The Cleveland Clinic has finally picked up holistic medicine over the past 4 years, although it has taken them over 20 years to include acupuncture in their umbrella of services.


Top Podcasts for Men Right Now

I’m on the road a lot, so podcasts have become a big part of my daily life. The coolest thing about podcasts is, just like most forms of entertainment these days, there is a podcast for every topic and every guy. Whether you’re looking for self-growth, sports talk, health and fitness tips, or anything in between, there’s probably 10-15 podcasts right up your alley. With thousands of podcasts out there, it can be a bit overwhelming. Below are the top five podcasts I’ve been listening to. Come them out and let me know what you think!

The Tim Ferriss Show

If you aren’t familiar with who Tim Ferriss is, I highly suggest checking him out. You could basically call Tim a “life-Tim Ferriss Show, Tim Ferriss Podcast, 4 Hour Work Week, 4 Hour Body 4 Hour Chef, Life Hack, top podcasts for menhacker”, however I would probably steer more towards a “life-optimizer”.  In his self-named podcast, Tim interviews world-class performers in everything from business to sports to entertainment, and everything in between. Some of the guests tend to be really well known, such as Ed Norton or Tony Robbins, while others are very behind-the-scenes unknown. Throughout the course of anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, Tim picks the brain of his guest, dissecting tactics, tools or habits these performers use that make them so successful. Honestly, I walk away from each podcast feeling motivated and ready to tackle just about anything.

Freakanomics Radio

Freakanomics is just phenomenal. Have you ever heard the phrase “explain this to me like I’m 5”? Well, this podcast is essentially that. For starters, if you haven’t seen the Freakanomics movie, stop what you’re doing and go watch it right now. For those who have seen the documentary, you’re going to love their podcast. Continuing with the refreshing, pop culture rapport, the Freakanomics team explores the riddles of everyday life and the strange, yet intriguing, habits of human nature. Throughout the podcasts, the hosts will bring in some of the most intelligent, yet relatable guests to help compliment that week’s topic.


We all have the TV series that we love. You know, the one you spent 48 straight hours binge watching, only getting binge watching, netflix, podcasts, top podcasts to bingeoff the couch to use the bathroom or pay the take-out Chinese delivery driver. We’ve all been there… right…? Well, consider Serial the Breaking Bad or the Game of Thrones of podcasts, except true. Throughout the entirety of a season, Serial’s host Sarah Koenig tells one true story Each week a new episode is release and leaves on the edge of your seat by the end of it. Lucky for you, two seasons of Serial are completely out and available to listen to here. Binge 4 full work days away with these captivating stories, but fair warning: don’t expect to get much work done. Or, be a responsible adult and listen to one or two episodes during your daily commutes (this option is way less fun).  

99% Invisible

Big date tonight with someone way out of your league, and need to get cultured – fast? Need a few talking points other than how nice the weather is? Well, 99% Invisible is right for you.  Centered around architecture and design, 99PI (lingo for 99% Invisible) basically takes a look at the thought that goes into everything we never think about. From the origin of the fortune cookie to how the space race is affecting archaeologists, 99PI notices the unnoticed. Most episodes are between 20 and 40 minutes long, making it easy to learn enough about 2 or 3 topics to talk about it on that big date tonight.

The Bill Simmons Podcast (The Ringer)

You may remember Bill Simmons from his time on ESPN. He was Bill Simmons Podcast, ESPN Podcast, Sports Podcast, Podcast for Menpretty great on ESPN, I thought. Well, Bill now runs his own podcast and he’s so much better now. Why? Well when Bill was with ESPN, he was restricted on what he could say and who he could criticize due to ESPN’s corporate interest. Now, Bill has gone rogue and tackles every sport and every league and shows how easy it is to be a sports commentator and still be a fan. Bill also moves away from sports and just talks pop culture. Whether you agree with his takes or not, The Bill Simmons Podcast is the ultimate sports guy podcast.


My Experience with Dollar Shave Club

The life of a modern man is complicated and chaotic (sort of). I barely have time to remember to eat, let alone remember to buy groceries. And I most certainly don’t have time or the patience to remember to buy menial products, like razors. In fact, ever since I’ve been shaving, purchasing razors has been a struggle. Was I paying too much or was I not paying enough? Did the quality of expensive razors outweigh the value of cheap disposable razors? All the while I was having this ongoing internal debate, I had another thought: this is not what I want to be worrying about.

Dollar Shave Club, Dollar Shave Club Experience, Review of Dollar Shave Club, Men's Salon Shaving, Mens Lakewood Salon, Shaving for Men

Like most of you, I had seen the viral YouTube video and the commercials for Dollar Shave Club. It sounded like a great concept, but isn’t that what marketing departments are paid to do? Eventually, I decided to give it a go.

Here’s my take:

When you first sign up for DSC, you can your razor from three tiers: “good, better, best”. I read this as: “slightly hairy, moderately hairy, and very hairy. The “good” tier is a one blade razor called “The Humble Twin”, a classic two blade razor. The “better” tier is called “The 4x”, a, you guessed it, four blade razor, equipped with a 90 degree pivot head. Finally, the “best” tier, called “The Executive”, is an advanced six blade razor with a built in trimmer. Being the baby-faced blonde that I am, I elected to go with the middle tier. Regardless of the tier you choose, your first month is $1. What’s the catch? No catch… yet. For $1, I received the razor handle and 4 blades. I think it’s important to note that each tier has a different handle that is only compatible with the blade you select. So while you get a free handle at first, if you were ever to want to switch to a higher or lower tier razor, you would have to purchase a new handle.

About 8-10 business days, which is longer than I would have hoped, my first DSC delivery arrived. For a company like Dollar Shave Club to truly stand out and make their mark, presentation is crucial… and they nailed it. Inside my package was not only my handle and four blades, but also a free sample size bottle of Dr. Carver’s Shaving Butter and a copy of DSC’s monthly magazine, called The Bathroom Minutes (which is a phenomenal read).

Dollar Shave Club Review, DSC Review, Salon for Men Shave, Mens Salon, Shaving, Art of Shaving

My first shave was basically everything I hoped it would be. I had a close, smooth shave and because I used the Dr. Carver’s shaving butter, my skin felt refreshed and moisturized after. Over the next few weeks, everything seemed to work perfectly. Each blade lasted the allocated week and I was ready with the next blade on deck. My after work bathroom breaks had also become more enjoyable, thanks to The Bathroom Minutes – seriously, a phenomenal publication. It was a perfect month… well, as far as shaving and using the bathroom go…


One of the biggest selling points of DSC is supposed to be the automation. Never having to worry about making sure I was covered on razors and only having to use each blade for seven days is why you join. Unfortunately, this is where I ran into trouble. I received my first box was delivered on February 8th. In an ideal world, I should have gotten my second box on March 8th. But life is not ideal. I received my second box on March 15th. While it’s not the end of the world, I was forced to use my last razor blade for two weeks instead of one. My third box arrived on April 20th. My forth box just arrived this week… May 9th. Yes, I know, this is the ultimate first world problem, but if Dollar Shave Club is going to use constant automation as one of its core differentiating values, at least do it right. 

On a more positive note, I did utilize the feature of purchasing other shaving products from DSC to be included in my box. I ended up purchasing a full tub of Dr. Carver’s Shaving Butter and even splurged on the Repair Serum. In my opinion, this is one of the best perks of Dollar Shave Club. They offer a wide variety of great products not only for shaving, but for hair cleaning, hair styling and skin care. Conveniently, I managed to time up my DSC delivery to be about a week after my monthly haircut schedule, so I’m able to get feedback from my Men’s Cut Lakewood stylist about what type of product I should be using, and included it in my DSC box.

Aside from my slight automation trouble, I would say I am very pleased with my time with Dollar Shave Club. I haven’t tried the competitors (Harry’s), and am curious, but for now I’ll stick with DSC. Have experience with subscription based shaving products? Share your thoughts!


Comfortable Cotton Boxer Underwear for Men

Comfortable Cotton Boxer Underwear for Men

photo courtesy of www.mackweldon.com

I wish there was a Men's version of a Victoria Secret. This is because when I am shopping for my husband's underwear, I can only find one brand that fits he needs. He prefers cotton, poplin with a fabric covered waistband. Sure, there are many brands that offer uncovered waistbands with exposed elastic. The exposed elastic causes skin irritation and it doesn't breath. It appears in the last 10 years manufacturers cut costs by eliminating a covered waistband. It lowers cost because you use less fabric and detail. I think they need to bring back covered waistbands for men.

I have never understood why men's underwear so expensive. Perhaps it is because Ralph Lauren is the only one not skimping on fabric. This is the only brand I have been able to find where the elastic is covered. It is no joke that I spend $28.00 for one pair. Unless I am able to find it on clearance for $19.99.  Imagine buying a weeks worth of new underwear and spending $200.00 plus tax.

I have looked online and only a few manufacturers I have found offer something close to my husband's needs.

Below: are a few sites you can try...

  1. Mack Weldon makes a woven poplin with 2% stretch for comfort.  https://www.mackweldon.com/t/underwear
  2. Duluth offers 96% cotton with 4% spandex to help with movement. http://www.duluthtrading.com/store/mens/workwear/free-range-underwear/44716.aspx?processor=content

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PLAY BALL! Baseball is Back!

Cleveland Indians Opening Day in Cleveland is April 11thThe first day of baseball is when hope springs eternal for any baseball fan. Any team starts at a clean slate with dreams of winning a championship in their heads. The 2017 Major League Baseball season has officially begun! The first game (Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals) was played Sunday, April 2nd. The rest of first games in both the American and National League start on Monday April 3rd. As I type this, the Cleveland Indians are playing their first game of the season against the Texas Rangers in Arlington, Texas, which they ended up winning 8-5. Next on the schedule, the Indians travel to Arizona to play the Diamondbacks. 

Cleveland Indians Line-up

Hitting, Offense and Off-season Deals

The team roster has been set for opening day and the Indians are ready to go. Two key players are starting the season on the 10-day disabled list: Jason Kipnis and Lonnie Chisenhall.  But, the big news is that after nearly a year of surgery and recovery, Michael Brantley is back in the line-up and playing center field.

Edwin Encarnacion signed with the Indians after the post season. He was a free agent from the Toronto Blue-Jays.  Encarnacion and Carlos Santana will switch off playing designed hitter and first base. Edwin Encarnacion’s powerful bat and defense at 1st base is welcome to the team. In fact, Encarnacion hit his first of what we hope are many homeruns in the opening game of the season.

Roberto Perez and Jose Ramirez both signed new extended contracts with the Indians that will keep them with the team for at least four years a piece. Both players have become vital parts of the team. Roberto as the secondary catcher and Jose Ramirez at third base. A new addition to the infield this year is rookie, Yandy Diaz. The 25-year-old player was picked to be on the opening-day roster. He will be starting at 3rd base for Ramirez who is covering 2nd while Kipnis is out.


Corey Kluber was designated as the opening day pitcher. He has been the team pitching ace for at least the past few years. His incredible, calm and on-target pitching during the playoffs and World Series lead the Indians to many victories. He was also a finalist for another Cy Young Award (He ended up coming up in 3rd in the voting for the 2016 season).  

As for the bullpen, there are a few new faces this year on the bull pen staff: Shawn Armstrong and Boone Logan. The bullpen is full of great arms from the 2016 season including Andrew Miller, Cody Allen, Bryan Shaw, Zach McAllister and Dan Otero.

Will the Cleveland Indians repeat last season? Baseball writers across the board predict that the Indians will win the American League Central Division in 2017. Only time will tell, but as a long-time fan, I would love to see them make a return to the World Series again.

Opening Day in Cleveland

Did you get tickets to Opening Day at Progressive Field? The tickets to the first home game sold out in 5 minutes! For this year’s game, the team will be receiving their American League Championship rings, so it will be an extra special event.  Opening Day is like a holiday in Cleveland.  The restaurant and bars around Progressive Field will be packed with Indians fans getting ready for the game-if or if they don’t have tickets. It is a party attitude and everyone wants to join in on the fun: rain or shine.

There are still tickets for the single games throughout the season, but the weekend game tickets are selling out rather quickly. Get out and support the Cleveland Indians as they try to repeat the magical 2016 season, but this time with a World Series win! Go Tribe!



What is Your Watch Style?

Men's watches styles

Photo by David Arky courtesy of forbes.com.

Watches are still a big part of a man’s wardrobe. It is a good finishing touch to any outfit from casual to dressy. Watch styles can also very based on the need and the type of outfit. Watches are one piece of jewelry that a man can splurge on (if he desires) without feeling self-conscious.

Men can buy watches nearly everywhere from department stores to discount stores to high-end shops and jewelry stores. Men can be very choosey when it comes to finding the perfect watch. They would rather pick out their own watches and there are so many to choose from. Luxury and very high functioning and fashionable watches, which can cost thousands of dollars, are making a comeback. In fact, there was a private watch show  held in Europe in late 2016, which revealed some very expensive watches, but also shared some new trends of slimmer styles, and innovative watch technologies.  

Watch Movement

Traditional watches are defined by their “movement”. This not only means the movement of the hands around the face, but it also explains the inner mechanisms of the watch. There are three types of movements of a watch: mechanical, automatic and quartz.

  • Mechanical: A mechanic watch has movement that is powered by a mainspring and is wound by hand. These watches are usually the most expensive due to their engineering and quality and craftsmanship. The inside of the mechanical watch is filled with tiny gears and springs that make the watch have smooth hand movement and a battery is not needed. It is recommended that a watch is wound every day and kept out of water, dust and near magnets.
  • Automatic: Automatic watches are very similar to mechanical watches as they use gears and a mainspring to move the hands of the watch. But, these watches do not require daily winding, they are known as self-winding watches. There is a small weight, called a rotor, that moves as a man’s wrist moves throughout the day. When the watch is not being worn, it should be put in a watch winder. This device moves the watch in a circular motion in storage, so it stays wound. Automatic watches do not need batteries and have smooth movement, but they can be sensitive to the environment and expensive.
  • Quartz: The most common, accurate and affordable watch are manufactured with quartz movement. The quartz watch contains a battery which sends and electric signal through a small quartz crystal causing vibrations, which are converted into a pulse that causes the second hand on the watch to move. Most field and sport watches have quartz movement. Beside changing the battery, there is little to no maintenance and these watches are very durable.

Why Men Should Wear Watches

Most expensive watch

World's most expensive watches. Photo courtesy of worldstopmost.com

Most men wear a limited amount of jewelry: a watch, wedding band and possibly cuff links, for dressier occasions.  In addition to giving the wearers a sense of time, watches can also give insight to the wearer’s personality. There are many styles of watches including dress, field, aviator, diving and racing which can project which are a form of self-expression for the wearer.

Watches are a perfect accessory items for men. It is an item that can be worn for years. But, a watch must be chosen carefully based on the need and the function. Dressy watches should only be worn with formal wear, while field, aviator, diving and racing watch styles can be worn with more casual looks.

Real Men Style listed some reasons that men should wear a watch.  Below are just a few of these reasons:

  • Time Telling Convenience: Watches are the most convenient way to tell the time. There has been talk that watches are losing favor because a person can easily pull out their mobile phone to get the time. However, it looks much “classier” to look at your wrist than to try to find your phone.
  • Functionality: Watches are functional and the power lasts much longer than a smart phone. Wrist watches were first used in the 19th century during military maneuvers, so they must function properly and be precise. Watches also contain functionalities, called a complication beyond just showing the time and date. Two popular complications are the chronograph, which a stop watch function and the moon phase, which displays the lunar phase.
  • Craftsmanship: Watches are a symbol of tradition and history. They also can be a piece of art, especially the higher end, luxury watches. There are many watch makers that are household names including: Rolex, Tag heuer, Brietland, Omega, Cartier, Swiss Army Phillip Patek and Tudor. Mechanical and automatic watches are a complex piece of gears and springs working together to keep time.
  • Heirlooms: A watch is an extremely popular gift item, but they can also be considered an heirloom. A good well-made watch can be passed down to future generations for many years of use.

Compliment Your Style with a Great Haircut

A watch is the perfect accessory to complement a man’s wardrobe. To balance these accessories, it is important to have the right hair style for your look. Men’s Cuts offers a relaxing, friendly, low-key alternative to the typical men’s haircut approach. Our stylist consult with our clients to discuss their look and style and give the customers what they want. Find out more about our services by booking an appointment online or by calling us at 440-799-8887 today!



Recent Grads and Millennials Call Lakewood Home

Lakewood Ohio is a great destination for recent college grads and millennials.

Photo courtesy of cleveland.com.

Lakewood, a suburb of Cleveland, just a few miles west of downtown, has always been a great city for families of all ages, but young professionals are drawn to the city for its proximity to many places in and around Cleveland. Lakewood is an affordable suburb which offers many amenities from food to culture to sports and outdoor parks. The city has been recognized nationally as a “cool suburb” by Thrillist and Travel and Leisure. Lakewood can be described as an urban suburb with a diverse community, century homes, apartments with historical character, cultural experiences, great food and a welcoming attitude.


Lakewood is a magnet for recent college graduates and millennials. According to Movoto, 18 percent of the residents of Lakewood are aged 22 to 29 with 26 percent having a bachelor’s degree. Lakewood has affordable housing for new graduates and houses for those ready to buy their first homes. The city is close to downtown and other business center, (Beachwood and Independence), and is in close proximity to multiple parks including Lakewood Park and the Rocky River MetroParks.   

Lakewood Living

Destination Lakewood  shared that Lakewood’s city planners want to preserve the sense of history meets modern life with street front shops, businesses and new home building projects. There are many community events for young and old that take place in Lakewood. Lakewood Alive, a non-profit community and economic development organization hosts events throughout the year including the Front Porch Series of concerts on the porch of Lakewood Library, Lakewood Summer Meltdown, Lakewood Chocolate Walk, Light Up Lakewood (for the holidays) and much more.


Lakewood has over 17,000 housing units in the city including 12,600 one and two family homes. The over 4,000 apartments come in a variety of sizes from one bedroom suites to luxury penthouse apartments that overlook Lake Erie. The cost of living in Lakewood is very affordable compared to other inner ring large city suburbs, which makes it a great destination for recent college grads who are starting out their professional career.

The housing market has rebounded in Lakewood, making it a very popular place to buy a home. Redfin recently shared a 2016 Cleveland State University study on the how millennials are moving to downtown Cleveland, into surrounding Cleveland neighborhoods and to the inner-ring suburbs such as Lakewood. Redfin called Lakewood the hottest neighborhood in Cleveland. There might now be as many houses on the market in Lakewood, but they sell quickly. The survey found that Lakewood home sellers were receiving 99.5 percent of their asking price with one out of every three homes in Lakewood being sold over asking price. Homes in Lakewood are on the market for an average of 50 days, which matches the national average.

Eating Out in Lakewood

We have discussed the many restaurant options in the city of Lakewood. The 5.5 square mile city is a  culinary destination with a variety of food options from bar food to high-end delights and everything in-between. Having many different places to eat close by to where you live is a major draw for residents of Lakewood. Many restaurants are within walking distance for many residents, which is great for the summer months. Because Lakewood is a very diverse community, you can try foods from cultures all over the world.

Cultural Scene

Lakewood has a thriving cultural scene from artist studios to theater productions. The city is home to Beck Center for the Arts, a local theater group producing local and national productions as well as teaching future generations art, dancing and theater.  If you are looking for high quality productions look no further than Beck Center. Lakewood has many venues, such as Mahall’s , to see popular or up-and-coming bands and entertainers. Lakewood High School theater, with its great acoustics, has hosted everything from comedy shows to rock bands.

Small Businesses in Lakewood

Businesses of all sizes from smaller industrial companies to candy shops, such as Fears Confections or Sweet Designs  make their homes in Lakewood. The city of Lakewood encourages small businesses and shops along its main streets. Some recently opened shops include STEM and Cuyahoga Collective. If you are looking for Cleveland t-shirts, stop by GV Arts and Designs  new location. There are long time businesses that are fixtures in Lakewood including Rozi’s Wine Shop  and Lakewood Hardware. If you are looking to furnish your home in a unique way, stop by Plantation Furnishings. 

The city wants to help entrepreneurs and new businesses by offering many grants and funding to get their businesses started in the city. A great way for young professionals to become part of the Lakewood community is going to events and joining the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce. The Lakewood Chamber is one of the sponsors of the Taste of Lakewood, which takes place at Madison Park on June 11th. They have a monthly speaker series with local businesses, politicians and entrepreneurs who share their challenges and success stories. It is a great way to network when you are just moving to the community.

Men’s Cuts is proud to be located in Lakewood.  Our Detroit Avenue location is central in the city and close to downtown Lakewood shops, restaurants and gathering places.  Stop in to see our salon and make an appointment today!!



A Sure Sign of Spring: Cleveland Indians Spring Training Camp

Goodyear Park, the home of spring training for the Cleveland Indians.

Photo courtesy of http://cleveland.indians.mlb.com.

Spring is just around the corner. It might not seem like it with the up and down winter weather that we have been having in the Cleveland area, but one true sign of spring is baseball teams reporting to spring training camp! The Cleveland Indians players reported to spring training camp in Goodyear, Arizona just a few weeks ago. The team just completed its first full week of their spring Cactus League play.



Indians Spring Training

The American League Champion Cleveland Indians are preparing to make a return to the World Series this year. The start of every spring training camp brings hope for a great season. This year more than most. During the off season, the Indians signed Edwin Encarncion as a free agent from the Toronto Blue Jays. Encarcion’s bat is just what the Indians need to take their offense to the next level. The starting rotation will be back at full force with the return of Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar in combination with Corey Kluber, Trevor Bauer and Josh Tomblin. The bullpen remains strong behind closer Andrew Miller and Cody Allen. There is a competition for positions within the bullpen that will be sorted by the end of camp.

Goodyear Park

The Cleveland Indians spend their spring training  at Goodyear Ballpark in Goodyear, Arizona. The facility is a state-of-the-art player development complex that is shared with the Cincinnati Reds. The Indians have held spring training in both Florida and Arizona in multiple locations. In 2009, the team returned to spring training at the new Goodyear training facility. Spring training is a great destination for Cleveland baseball fans looking to escape winter weather. The ballpark features 8,000 stadium seats and 1,500 berm (or grassy outfield) seats.

Cactus League

During spring training, The Cleveland Indians compete in the Cactus League against a mixture of American and National League teams that train at various facilities around Arizona. Since 1947, the Cactus League has hosted spring training camps, thousands of baseball fans and tourists. There are 15 teams that train in ten facilities with most the parks located around the Phoenix area. The teams spend the first couple of weeks with physical training and special training exercises. Then the Cactus League season opens February 25th with games being played until the end of March.

Spring training games have been a bumpy road for the Tribe so far. On Friday, they were handed a 16-7 loss from the Colorado Rockies. On Saturday, they turned it around and beat the Oakland A’s 15-5. Currently, they have  4 wins and 4 loss record (as of Sunday, March 5th). Some of the bigger names haven’t played yet. Corey Kluber starts his first game on March 6th. Jason Kipnis has missed the first week of games due to a rotator cup strain and Michael Brantley hasn’t yet returned to play. Players at all levels or development are trying to get a spot on the 2017 Indians roster.  Those that don’t make the 2017 Indians team will be split to the minor league teams for further development and training or players can be released to be picked up by other teams.

Single Game Tickets Go on Sale

Single game tickets go on sale online for the 2017 season on Monday, March 6th. The game tickets will be available exclusively online until March 13th.  After that date, the tickets can be bought in person at the Indians Team Shop and the Progressive Field box office. The Indians will start their season away on April 3rd against the Texas Rangers. The home opener is Tuesday, April 11th against the Chicago White Sox. The home opener sold out in five minutes, but tickets for other games throughout the season are still available. Get your tickets now to support your American League Champions.