Birthday & Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Special Man in Your Life Cleveland

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Are stumped for a cool Father's day gift or Birthday gift?  I think some father's are really hard to shop for.He says,'he has everything he needs, don't buy anything, yet inside you are thinking, you want to get him something special."He's dad, the man you admire and love."

If you are dating someone new and you don't know him well or if the guy you are with is just picky, buying the right gift can present a challenge. You want to buy a birthday gift that is meaningful, different and memorable. Oh, it depends on the  "How serious factor the relationship is and what stage you are both in". Then there is the guy who has it all. What do you get him?

The special man in my life, my husband doesn't hunt, golf, collect watches, or go camping, so for me it is particularly challenging. He loves football and exercise and likes things he can use. So we get him work out clothing. In the past I purchased a football art from a local artist in Rocky River who also is the wrestling coach from St. Ed's.

For those of you who have a Dad, Grandfather or special man in your life who deserves a little pampering when he gets his haircut and doesn't want a body massage, Men's Cuts is the place to be. It is an affordable luxury. You know he needs to get his haircut every 4-6 weeks. You can add a relaxing Facial massage or a Skin Rejuv to the Fix + to make his haircutting experience special. Consider getting him into a regular routine of skin care. We have products designed especially for him. If you need more ideas, I stumbled upon and