Great Benefits of Facial Massage for Men Cleveland

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for Men's Fashion, men's grooming, Uncategorized

google images When we think of massage, we think of the body and forget  about our face and scalp. Massage alleviates, stress, it helps  in lymphatic drainage and keeps your face looking healthy  and younger. How is that done? It moves the toxins out and  away so that nutrients can replenish cells. Facial massages  also helps with stress headaches. When guys come in to  experience it, they relax and some to the point where they  can fall asleep. It is an amazing feeling. It's a simple service  that can be added on to your haircut service and takes  about 8 minutes. For men who go to a traditional barber,  you are missing out. "A great shampoo is a relaxing benefit  with all our cuts." You will walk out not only looking good  but feeling good.


     1. Relaxing (headache stress)

     2. Keeps your skin looking younger

     3. Helps cell replenishment