Keeping Business Local with Men’s Cuts in Lakewood

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images"Friends don't let friends do business at chains."That is what keeps the smaller guys in business. I personally do not like the BIG store shopping experience. It is impersonal and overwhelming. My shop is a reflection of a personal experience, " One on one." Relaxed, Simple and Friendly. With each man that sits in our chair is a special story. No two men are alike and all are very interesting. We get to know you as a person and not a number. It is more than a hair cut. It is trust. You don't get that with large chains. 

Most recently we had a client in his late 20's whose old barber is about 70 years old and ready to retire. He had been going  to him since he was a kid. With their barber retiring, it forced our client and his friends  to shop around for a NEW barbershop with better hours. He was pleasantly surprised by the kind of attention and service he got from Krsitin. I think he was in awe because he could not contain his excitement and relief. He is going to spread the news about his experience....perhaps his new home.

Josh left with a big smile, a great cut and was ecstatic."This is a major change in his routine to go to a new place. "We love when men make us their new home. Men are creatures of habit. Once they find a place they feel comfortable in, it becomes routine."

It is a crap shoot when looking for a new stylist/barber. Most of our customers find us online, drive by or just plain referral. They know and refer to us as their trusted advisor for hair. 

Mae chose to open her men's salon in Lakewood because she wanted a small, city town feel. The location is perfect ,she is told by many. We are 15 minutes from 90W. and alittle more to downtown Cleveland . Her salon is her interpretation of what men need to feel and look good.

"It seems some men do not enjoy getting their hair cut from past, negative experiences as a kid. We are changing men's views, one head at a time. Men who come into our shop are pleasantly surprised by how they are treated as compared to an old barbershop. I also believe women are more nurturing, so the experience will be more positive. I can only speak for my own shop. Every shop has a different vibe. We are not a hipster shop and we do not do edging or line-ups. That particular service is found in a hipster owned barbershops."

We are here for you if you want a new hairstyle that your old barber can't give. Most recently we attended an American Crew class for men's haircutting techniques to stay on trend. Mae believes in education to keep the mind fresh for herself and staff. We keep things very simple. We want you to look and feel good, which is the reason why more and more men keep referring customers. At Men's Cuts the vibe is relaxed and friendly. Our focus is teen boys and men. 

We are different because unlike most male ,traditional barbershops. We pamper our customers. You won't find a grumpy stylist working on your hair. In addition, we offer neck massage & facial massage, beard and mustache trim and hot lather neck shave. Oh and if you are going grey or want to change your color a bit, we do color.

When you come into Men's Cuts, you'll see the muted earthy colors, handsome custom cabinetry and granite that speaks to men. It really is a nice experience. There is always background music to set the tone and TV for sports muted. We offer wifi to our customers who have to sit and wait a few minutes.

We know you are a busy guy. Gone are the days when men will sit for two hours to wait for one barber. We accept walk-in and appointments are suggested. You can book online if you think that is easier.