90’s Nostalgia Makes a Come Back Due to Millennial Demands

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for Salon News

imgresEveryone has a favorite time period of tv shows, music and fashion that they relate to. Looks like the 90's are on it's way back due to Millenials who are maturing into a income buying group marketers will be targeting. Here is a list and a glimpse of what to expect. I don't remember any of these trends except the Twin Peaks show. I remember the music of the 80's and I like the music of the 80's and the fashions..but Surge doesn't ring a bell. The stylists that work with me are all Millennials and like my parents, I feel antiquated by their constant need to communicate by text.I use text and i have my phone always with me, but Millennials stare into their phones all day and any chance they get. I much prefer face to face conversation because you lose the actual emotions in texting. I do use email to communicate because I can't store and type all the text in texting. It would be a pain to reference any conversation that is serious in text. Sorry I need folders and filing system that email provides. As a borderline Boomer, I have had to adapt my own perceptions to learn to do things that are more Millennial...It isn't easy as a business owner...I learn something new each day.

Here is a list of the 90's comeback:

1. Shows like the X-Files and Twin Peaks

2. SURGE soda

3. Doc Marten & Birkenstocks Boots and Calvin Klein's (1994 collection) Kate Moss fashions

4. Cinnamon toast and Mars Crispy M&M's

5. N-Sync, Jumanji and Teenage Ninja Turtles

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