12 Things A Guy Can Do To Get a Woman’s Attention

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So what do you do to get a woman you like to notice you? Well don't do what every guy does. Think out of the box.

Below are 12 things to consider. 


1.Call her by phone and ask for the first date. That shows you are human and actually are interested in her.

2. If you like her, hand write a little note and spray cologne on it then mail it. The scent is a gentle reminder of you.

3. Get a great haircut from a men's salon.

4.Bathe and use deodorant.

5. Smile

6. Look in her eyes when you talk to her.

7. Act like a gentleman, to her and to those around her

8. Don't use cuss words.

9. Open the doors for her.

10. Remember what she tells you, ( hobbies, likes and dislikes), pay attention.

11. Pay for the first date and tip well.

12. When the evening ends and you say you will call, "Call her in two days."