7 Products That Will Give Your Mens Haircut An Edge Up

by Mens Cuts for General Information

It's hard enough finding a mens cut that looks fabulous on you. But having an awesome cut is just half the battle. Before you leave the stylist, ask what products they recommend. If you barely know what gel is, and have never heard of pomade, you're not the only one. However, just like understanding the difference between a barber vs hair stylist, understanding the products that will maintain your look is important for safeguarding your image. Keep reading for a primer of products that show off great mens haircuts.

  1. Pomade
    • You see the word "pomade" on many products because it is now used generically to mean "hair styler." Real pomade produces a medium or high hold, but also gives you shine. Apply it to damp hair. You will love the look on short and medium styles.
  2. Dry Shampoo
    • Washing your hair daily dries it out by stripping away essential natural oils. Instead, dry shampoo absorbs excess oil at the root between washes. It also prevents greasy hair and gives you a little volume.
  3. Wax
    • Wax can be tricky, but can add drama and flair to shorter styles. Apply it only to dry hair. It's great for tousled locks that hold for shorter medium lengths. Get great medium hold without the stiffness and a low matte shine.
  4. Gel
    • Buy your gel from the salon or online. There are too many brands in the drugstore that turn to cement once you put them on. Look for lighter-grade gels that hold your style without killing your follicles. Quality gel gives you maximum hold and high shine. For best results, apply it to towel-dried hair with most of the water removed.
  5. Cream
    • Cream works with medium to long mens haircuts. You get a light hold with low shine after applying it to towel-dried hair. You don't want a lot of hold with longer hair, because you lose too much natural movement. However, light control can keep fly aways in check and give you some control. Keep your longer mens cut looking intentional. A blow dryer helps you get a firmer hold.
  6. Fiber
    • One way to tell the difference between a barber vs hair stylist is whether they willing to show you how to apply fiber. A stylist is more than willing to help & demonstrate so that you can achieve a high hold and a flat finish. For best results, apply it clean, dry hair. Fiber adds texture to messy styles with short and medium hair.
  7. Sea Salt
    • If you ever spent the day by the sea, you know what salt water can do to your hair. Make it work for you. Sea salt spray works with most mens haircuts. You just spray it on damp to dry hair, and it absorbs excess grease like dry shampoo. However, it gives you a little shine, and you look like you just stepped off the beach into the boardroom.

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