Tips for ties and tying a knot

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Office casual allows men to skip the tie. My husband hasn't worn a tie in years. I only have a handful of clients  that wear ties to work because their professions demand it. Most  recently I was at Jos A . Banks looking at ties. I was in there to find a tie to match a shirt for my husband. As visual and creative as I am, armed with understanding color, balance and pattern, I had a tough time choosing the perfect tie. I did what many do,"I bought what I liked from visual memory." Ugh, A mistake!

I got home, showed the tie to my husband and then we matched it up to his shirt and pants. I was so disappointed because what I thought would match, did not. "I thought I could save him the trouble of shopping." What i should have done was brought the shirt and pants to the store in the first attempt. As a result, we ended up going to the store again to return the tie to see if there was a better choice. Only this time we brought the shirt and pants with us.The biggest lesson: Have the shirt and pants with you when tie shopping or you will waste your time. If you have forgotten how to make the perfect tie, below is an illustration to help you.

GQ Steps in How to make a tie

GQ Steps in How to make a tie

 5 Tips to remember when choosing a tie:

  1. Choose patterns that compliment.
  2. Choose colors that create harmony-pull the suit together
  3. No stains or wrinkles.
  4. Width of tie depends on the height and style of jacket. If you are a larger gent with broad shoulders, choose a wider tie.Be sure tie length touches belt.
  5. No holiday ties with graphic pumpkins, christmas trees or snowmen