2016 Top Fall College Fashion Tips for Men

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for Men's Fashion

Men's Fall College Fashion Tips

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College students have been back on campus for nearly a month. It’s still been very warm, so the college “uniform” of gym or cargo shorts and t-shirts has been the norm for guys on college campuses. But, as the weather begins to cool, guys need to take a look at their wardrobe to make sure that they have some essentials to cover unexpected events, interviews, and dates.  Some of the basics they should have include:

  • Nice Jeans – Guys should have at least one pair of nice fitting, non-frayed dark wash jeans in their wardrobe. These can be worn when interning at an office or even on a date.
  • Chinos-Flat-front cotton-blended chinos are always in style. Chinos can come in a variety of colors from khaki, brown, blue or black. Having a few pairs of these pants in a closet is a must for dressier occasions.
  • Non-cargo shorts- We’ve said it many times but cargo shorts have been out of style for a few years. However, it is very hard for men to give up this comfortable option. It is important to have at least one pair of dressier shorts in a neutral color to mix and match with your clothes. 
  • Polo Shirts- Polo shirts are always a great alternative fashion choice. They can be worn with jeans, chinos or nice shorts. It is good to have a few collared shirts in your wardrobe from polo shirts to flannels.
  • Button-down Shirt- The button-down shirt is a versatile fashion choice. You can wear a t-shirt under it, keep it unbuttoned, wear it tucked in or lose, or under a sweater, when it gets colder. These shirts can also be worn with jeans, chinos and shorts.
  • Sweaters- Depending where you are attending school, you will need to have heavier sweaters in your wardrobe. A classic V-neck sweater is a good choice as you can layer t-shirts or long-sleeved shirts underneath. Cardigans, half-zip and crew neck sweaters are also good options.
  • Nice Suit-It is important to have at least one nice dress suit in your closet for special occasions such as weddings, funerals and interviews. Compliment the suit with a conservative button-down shirt and tie. Invest in a nice pair of dress shoes to add to the look.
  • Jacket-When it gets colder, a nice dependable jacket is a must. Hoodies do not keep you warm on walks across campus in 20-degree weather. A trench, pea-coat or duffle coat are always in fashion.

These are the basics, but you can always add some trendy styles to your everyday campus wear. Some clothes never go out of style, but with a little flair you can make your own fashion statement as you walk across campus, go out with your pals or just hang out in the dorm room. Make a statement with funky socks, a cool backpack or sunglasses or follow the most recent fashion trends.

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

 For the college student who keeps up with fashion trends, the big things for fall are: 

Shearling Jackets Fall Trend


Shearling Jackets-This has been a trend for quite a few decades, so much so that it really has become a part of the fall/winter wardrobe collection. The types of jackets with sheep’s wool come in a variety of styles.



Fall Fashion Trends-Checks


Checks-While checks have been a trend in more formal wear for a few seasons, this look has now been seen on catwalks in more casual athletic and leisure-time wear. Checks can be seen in shirts, sweaters, pants and jackets.



Fall Fashion Trends-Earth Tonex


Earth Tones-The key color of the fall season is earth tones including clay, copper, russet, sand and moss.




Fall Fashion-Utilitarian Jackets


Utilitarian coats-The duffle coat is back again this season. Jackets and coats that have pockets and look more utilitarian is also a key look for the season.




Keep It Classy

Keeping up appearances with the right wardrobe pieces are important, but it is also very important to have the right hair style and keep up that look. The classic look is always in style, but if you want to show your individuality, there is nothing wrong with that either! The stylists at Men’s Cuts can help you develop the hair style that suits you and your lifestyle both in and out of college. Make an appointment today to see how we can help you have a stylin’ fall!